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Sunshowers CH5 (a Prompto Soulmate AU)

A.N: Another trigger warning: Prompto very vividly FEELS some stuff because of the ‘bond’. Again, if you feel depressed or triggered after reading this- feel free to DM me and we can chat it through <3

This chapter is full of drama, full of Prompto Argentum’s story, and full of fluffy mother-son stuff <3 Ivy and Tobias Argentum are made up names for Prompto’s parents- #yolo.

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Tagging my soulmate AU inspirations: @cupnoodle-queen, @blindbae and @nifwrites <3 Also tagging @chocohoess and @alicemoonwonderland :D

Sunshowers- Chapter 5: Best Friends?

Prompto frowned at Noctis’ phone before handing it to the prince, standing up with the motion. He glanced at Ignis and shot Noctis’ advisor a half-hearted smile as his heart rate picked up speed, hammering against his chest.

“H-hey, thanks for that. I’m gonna head home now- damn!” Prompto swayed as he stood up and landed on Noctis as he lost his balance. He felt dizzy, nauseous, and incredibly scared. Although… there was no reason for him to be feeling such a way. Was there?

Noctis grunted under Prompto, and Ignis immediately shot forward to pull Prompto off the prince. Setting the blond upright, Ignis placed his hands on Prompto’s shaking shoulders as the youngest boy in the room began to shiver out of fear in his grasp.

“Prompto? Are you alright?” Ignis asked, his refined tone hinting at a touch of panic as he lowered himself down before Prompto- kneeling in front of him. Prompto shook his head, feeling bile rise up his throat. He swallowed as his stomach dropped in terror- unexplainable terror.

Something was wrong.

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