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alright so I know that it’s VERY unlikely but I want to get this out before the air date

This fusion is a fusion of three peridots, a sapphire, Pink Pearl, and Pink Diamond.

Here’s why:

I don’t know how she would have formed, but peridots, a sapphire, and a pearl would be something that a Diamond would always have with her for her ship, advisory, etc.

If you look at her coloring, she is predominantly a GREEN, BLUE, and purplish from the PINK. Sapphires are blue, peridots are green (green being the most prominent color), and a pale pink with a more vibrant pink blending in on the end.

The gem placement of the Diamond is on her stomach, and the pearl is on her chest. While it’s a THEORY that pearls have the same gem placement as their masters, we’ve only seen two examples of that, and they have the same placement. Alternatively, pearls could have a standard placement on their chests when they are issued (due to being wholeheartedly devoted to their masters), and that is what made Pearl defective (incorrect gem placement). So that could very possibly be Pink Pearl, or just a traveling pearl that Pink Diamond would happen to have with her.

The more we hear about Pink Diamond, the less I feel like she was shattered. Zircon said in the leak for “The Trial” that everyone had heard RUMORS of the shattering, but with Eyeball’s claim of Rose’s sword shattering her when the sword’s maker, Bismuth, confirmed explicitly that the sword can’t cut through gems, it just seems unlikely that Rose actually successfully shattered Pink Diamond.

If you look at the designs for other fusions containing Sapphire and Pearl, you can see the oversized nose, and the fact that (like in both Sardonyx and Alexandrite) the Sapphire portion retains the arm sleeves and the gloves. Also, her hair is roughly triangular (like a peridot), but is poofy (like a sapphire) and pushed back with those little SU-patented curls on the sides of her face (like a pearl, or how we believe Pink Diamond’s hair looks.)

Her arms and legs vary in length and thickness, but I can very clearly see Pearl and Sapphire’s arms in there. The legs look Ruby-like, but I think those are Peridot legs with Pearl socks on them.

She has enough sets of eyes for all of them, too. The largest would be Pink Diamond’s, then her pearl’s, and then the peridots, being the same gem type, would share one. The sapphire, being a one-eyed gem, would probably be eliminated in a fusion, like in Sardonyx. There is also a possibility that that sapphire, due to her gem placement, didn’t have an eye.

I guess it would be hard for her to speak, with six gems, but it sounds like Pink Diamond, in great pain, but stoically, is speaking. Also, it looks like she’s rather stable for a caterpillar, implying that she trusts who she’s with and they have been together for a while… somewhere upward of 5,000 years, perhaps?

Any of y'all have thoughts?

Pinky makes life
  • <p> <b>YD:</b> Pink, what are you doing?<p/><b>PD:</b> Just creating my new gem: Rose Quartz.<p/><b>BD:</b> And what powers will she have?<p/><b>PD:</b> I'm still undecided....<p/><b></b> (PD accidentally pours the "resurrection and healing powers" bag onto the new gem)<p/><b>YD:</b> Would that be a problem?<p/><b>PD:</b> Nah<p/><b></b> (Centuries later)<p/><b>Rose Quartz:</b> Long live Pink Diamond<p/><b>YD:</b> I knew it<p/></p>

Steven Universe started out as a light-hearted and happy show about an inexperienced magic boy trying to fit in with his mother’s powerful, Earth-defending teammates. 

Now it’s about a distressed boy trying to atone for his war criminal mother’s crime of killing one of the leading members of her Homeworld. 

Damn, sh*t got real. And it’s good. Real good. 

White diamond is not going to be a fusion.

White diamond is NOT a fusion of all the diamonds. There are like 4 reasons just off the top of my head why it doesn’t make sense.

1. White light was one of the lights in the corruption song. Along with the other two.

2. She has only one gem placement. Fusions show all of the gems.

3. Some people think she was the Gem in the pyramid. Which – sorta – makes a little sense.

4. In the mural rose is shown holding what some believe to be pink diamond. She’s fighting what appears to be white diamond. So if it is a fusion of all the gems they couldn’t co exist.

You know, I’ve always been really confused about what the initial point of Rose Quartz’s were to Pink Diamond/Homeworld. Because, really, if the plan for earth was this:

then what is the point of having a gem who has the ability to create life the way Rose is shown to be able to do? And if every other Quartz type we see is built like a freaking body builder (with the exception of the gems from the Beta kindergarten we see in That Will Be All, but according to Peridot nearly all of the gems there “came out wrong” so…) and have weapons that can be used offensively:

then why have this single type of Quartz who looks soft and approachable and give them a shield as a weapon? Then this bomb came along and…I noticed a couple of things about that zoo. The first thing was these flowers on the door.

Five petalled flowers with what looks like the centre of Rose’s gem upside down in the middle. Does that look familiar? How about now.

These look startlingly similar to the flowers Rose grows on earth. On top of this, we have the room where Yellow and Blue Diamond discuss Pink Diamond’s death. When I watched this I couldn’t help but think it was strange that all of the Rose Quartz’s were here for some reason.

Like, if this room was Pink Diamond’s version of the temple, why are there no other gem types anywhere? Surely she didn’t only bubble Rose Quartz’s in her time alive. And if they were put here…in memory of Pink Diamond or something then someone would’ve had to take the time to move all of these bubble gems to this location.

Unless, they were already there.

Unless, the zoo is where Rose Quartz’s used to work.

The zoo is meant to be calming to humans. A place where they live a life of complacency and safety. Would it not make sense that the gems working there would be approachable to humans should they ever need to go into the enclosure? Would it not make sense that they would be able to grow new wildlife should something happen to the ecosystem in the enclosure? Rose Quartz’s would make the perfect guards for such a place.

At least until one of them decided she liked humans a little too much and didn’t want the planet they came from to be destroyed.

time to analyze the fucking trailer

Ok… so let’s go scene by scene…

Here we see the cuties talking about how fucking intense Steven’s life is…

And then we hear the bombshell… "Sadie… never came home last night?”

Onion’s gone missing too! But wait…


“Steven… do you know what you’re doing?”

So he’s probs gonna go and rescue everybody…

But here’s the kicker… remember this from that article that came out a couple of weeks ago?

“"Spending time with the Diamonds”

What if Steven doesn’t come back to Earth by the end of the season?

What if this is how we learn about the Diamonds? After all, this show is from his point of view, and it would make sense if we learn about them that way.

As for this, this is probably from “"I Am My Mom”. The Diamonds don’t know about Steven yet, as far as they know he’s just a kid.

What if in this episode they learn that’s the son of Rose Quartz? And then they take him to Homeworld… and that’s how this bomb ends?

And as for that voice at the end asking “"Are you… my dad?”… I really don’t know.

This is gonna be huge.


Tumblr, I understand why you have a ten image limit, but it’s annoying as balls. Human gem edits to get out those headcanons. Will do the fusions next, here’s a preview of those with Garnet bc it couldn’t upload her(or Holly Blue but shhh) with the rest

[Aquamarine and Topaz]