rose darling


“You know, my dream has always been to just chuck it all and become an artist…living in a garret, poor but free! Listen, buster…I hate caviar! And I’m tired of people dismissing my dreams with a chuckle and a pat on the head. Well, alright. There’s something in me, Jack. I feel it. I don’t know what it is, whether I should be an artist, or, I don’t know…a dancer. Like Isadora Duncan…a wild pagan spirit…or a moving picture actress!

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Lucien Vanserra - Illyrian Fighting Leathers

Ballpoint pen

My first ever sketch of this darling fox cub, dressed in the scaled armour of the Night Court. This is how I picture him, with gorgeous long auburn hair and braids, shoulders back and eyeing up Tamlin as he walks into the Archeron manor.

I’ve got a feeling this will turn into a larger piece dedicated to him.


Mating Bonds?

This might be a minor detail that I’m looking too far into with no merit.. but in ACOMAF when Feyre and Rhysand are in the inn, Rhysand doesn’t hand Feyre the food he brings up. He puts it on the bed. Would handing her the food have sealed the mating bond? It’s confirmed that a female offering her mate food means the female accepts the mating bond but I don’t know that it touched on it the other way around. And if so, Rhysand intentionally did NOT offer Feyre the food because he’s just too damn good for this world and didn’t want to lock her into something she didn’t know about yet. And if that is indeed the case, Rhys is just too perfect and caring and it kills me.

I know Rhys gets SOME bad blood from some people for not telling her right away but I personally believe he was just trying to do the right thing. He didn’t want to rush her into a mating bond. She needed time to heal her heart. It’s admirable really. Imaging having to control yourself for 5??? Months?? When your mate, your soul bonded partner is literally breathing because you saved their life, letting your mate live with the one she loves with you silently pine and try to let her live her life and tell yourself she’s happy? If that is not the definition of perfection and patience or even admirable, I don’t know what is.

Feysand Headcanons #2

- After the war, Feyre and Rhys have the wedding they deserve, obscenely happy to be together again, and able to have their family bear witness to that happiness.

- Lucien is the minister, and he keeps getting distracted by Elain with flowers in her hair, in her bridesmaid dress.

- Feyre doesn’t wear white. She wears something dark and flowy with an endless train that sparkles like the night sky. She bears her tattoos proudly, uncovered for all to see, especially the High Lady tattoo. And she’s wearing a crown, not flashy, but reminiscent of the the ones Rhys had her wear what seems so long ago. The skirt of her dress is made up of layers of sparkling tule, with slits up the sides that show off her legs in her lace-up heels.

- and Rhys—RHYS OH MY GOD. DOES HE LOOK DELICIOUS. He’s wearing a black suit, the tie matches Feyre’s dress, and he can’t stop smiling, he just can’t and he doesn’t ever want to. He cries when he sees his Mate in her dress for the first time; it’s nothing like the last time he saw her in a wedding dress. This time she doesn’t look gaunt and sad and hollow. She looks beyond happy, and HEALTHY.

- Mor is beaming as she and Amren walk side by side down the aisle before Feyre, co-maids-of-honour. Her High Lady is home safe, and her cousin is happier than he’s ever been. She can’t keep her eyes off of Az.

- Cassian gives a toast at the reception, half drunk and halfway to crying, and Mor keeps trying to shut him up, but he on,y stops when Nesta begrudgingly drags him by the arm from the podium and back to his seat so Mor can give her maid of honour toast.


  • Azriel: *pets a cat lovingly and talks with it with a baby voice
  • Cassian: feelings? Azriel? Mor I think you've been drinking too mu-
  • Cassian: *sees Azriel*
  • Cassian: ..
  • Mor: I know
  • Cassian: Okay nope I'm going to sleep I've seen too much already.