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stormpilotgarik  asked:

If you ever made a stormpilot fanzine or had the Finn fanzines restocked I'd buy the hell out of those

OHHHH BOY, I totally have a Stormpilot zine on my mind (as well as a possible vol. 2 of my Finn zine??? maybe???), so I’m happy to hear that!

I’m going to have my Finn zine restocked in September after Rose City Comic Con, and I’ll be sure to do a hefty restock so people who can’t make it to the con are able to get a copy!

Signal boost for a precious dragon

Hey folks! I very rarely stray from anything daily cat related but I am going to make an exception for one of my friends. Her bearded dragon Draco had to make a vet visit recently (the lil’ buddy is on the mend!), and she’s trying to promote Etsy sales to cover the cost of the trip. 

Some of you may be familiar with her work, for the last two years we’ve been working Rose City Comic Con together. She does some phenomenal colored pencil work! Please if you have a moment go take a look at her shop, I’m sure she’d appreciate the patronage.

The original post

Jillian Lambert Art Etsy

 I have this print, had to get the cat one of course!

This is Draco. Ain’t he a cutie? 

Thanks again folks, now back to the daily cats!  ❤

Here’s a shot of my “off-duty” Pharah cosplay from RCCC. I don’t know who the Dad 76 cosplayer is but I wish I could credit them because their cosplay was just perfect. Baby gremlin even has Dorito dust all over her mouth 😂

In the future I’d like to do a full suit Pharah cosplay, cuz when I saw Pharah for the first time I thought, “why does she have my face?” …Blizzardpleasenoticeme.

Rose City Comic Con 2017

Hey guys! Just FYI tickets are on sale now for RCCC 2017. It’s going to be 3 days this year too! This lil’ con is growing up fast, so exciting to be part of it. 

I’ll be back in Artist Alley this year with my friend @jillianlambertart. I’ve got a lot of new things planned to spice up my convention game. Can’t wait for September!

My upcoming con schedule:

May 27-28: Arkansas Anime Festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas
June 8-11: A-KON in Dallas, Texas
July 1-4: Anime Expo (for OneShot promotion) in Los Angeles, California
July 7-9: Indy PopCon in Indianapolis, Indiana
July 14-16: Tokyo in Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklaholma
July 27-30: Florida Supercon in Miami, Florida
September 9-10: Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon​