rose city comic convention

so today is the start of Rose City Comic Con, and the main cast of RWBY, Lindsey, Kara, Arryn, and Barbara are attending it, and it just so happens that I’ll be at the convention. 

so I decided to make Team RWBY at the convention center, including some familiar things from Portland. Even gave Blake a comic based on the Rose City Comic Con shirt.

Hope you all like it, and look for me at the convention.

Rose City Comic Con is NIGH!

Stop by Booth 1052 and say hi to @dailycatdrawings and me. We would love to meet you! We’ll have a huge variety of art prints for sale, buttons, post cards, and commission opportunities. See you there! <3

SHOUT OUT to our friends @razzen-art and @allysonwillsey for helping us run our booth this year!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.

For my last convention of this season, I’m headed to Rose City Comic Con! I’m at Booth C-09, which is very close to the east entrance and the dealers!

It’s not my first time to Portland, but it is my first time to Rose City, so I’m looking forward to it!  

Since I’ve already been to two other conventions some of my items are in extremely low stock(especially charms!), so if you’ve been wanting something, you might want to visit my booth as early as possible!

I’m looking forward to seeing you any of you guys there!

Hey beautiful babes, I’ll be working Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR all weekend come visit me (looking at you lovely dude that stopped and let me know you follow me on Tumblr and reminded me that I need to pay more attention to you lovelies), I’m at table H12 in Artist Alley, with my OWN table.
That’s right. I took over a whole table. I’m growing as a person.

i don’t think i ever posted about this, but, when i went to comic-con (rose city yea bby) i saw this really good tony stark cosplayer walk in front of us, and i hid behind my friend and said “oh my god it’s tony stark!!!!!” pretty quietly and he turned around, looked at me with this 10/10 accurate RDJ smirk, raised his eyebrows and slid his shades down his nose and I DIED A THOUSAND GEEK DEATHS

Such a fun convention experience at Rose City Comic Con. I got to hug all the RWBY ladies (some more than once cos I started getting teary eyed from being in the presence of my faves, so Lindsay hugged me to comfort me.) Got all their autographs and got Barb and Arryn to sign my art and I gave them their own copies. Arryn liked the Bumbleby comic so much she put it on her table for display for people to look at and Barb said I was so talented and I died. They had a panel today too which was fantastic. And artist’s alley was packed with so many beautiful things I wish I was made out of money.

414: Post Convention

I did it, I survived both attending and tabling my first convention. It was exhausting but worth it. Rose City Comic Con was a blast and I hope to attend more conventions in the future. 

I was delighted to see a few followers there, thanks again for stopping by! 

For anyone who couldn’t make it out, I do have extra prints I may make available soon. And some extra kitty buttons! Stay tuned ;)

The proper, Fem Shepard. 

I don’t know the model, but I’d love to add credit.  Eagle eyed tumblr folk have let me know that this is Sa_Roux, but I can’t seem to find her page to link her!

Photo by AS aka Wren in 2014 and it belongs to me. For more go to

Adventure Time Family. 

Photo by AS aka Wren in 2014 and it belongs to me. For more go to I don’t know the models, but I’d love to add credit.