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Got7: First kiss.

~Request: Can you make a got7 boyfriend first kiss please ? 

~Also, this is kinda long.


It happened on your second date with Jaebum. As he walked you to your door, you noticed he had this big grin on his face (gif).

“Why are you smiling like that?” you asked.

“I just..I really like you Y/N,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. You smiled widely and blushed. He breathed deeply and stepped closer to you. He ran his hands down your arms and took yours in his when he reached them. You looked up at him just before he leaned in and kissed your lips firmly. He pulled away after a few seconds and stroked your cheek with his right hand.

“Goodnight Y/N,” he chuckled, letting his hand slip as he turned and walked away. You shook your head, grinning like an idiot.

Jaebum doesn’t seem like the type of guy to wait around, so I definitely see him going for the first kiss on like the second or third date. He’d be gentle but firm. He’d either hold your hands, cup your face or rest his hands on your waist. He’d make it memorable though by saying something cutesy before it or maybe after it. It’d be a really good kiss.


You’d been dating for a little over a month and hadn’t kissed yet. You were getting a bit impatient but didn’t want to push him in case he thought it was too soon. You were in the dorms one day and the two of you decided to watch a movie and you offered to go make popcorn. As you were getting up, you leaned down and pecked Mark’s cheek then continued walking to the kitchen like nothing happened. You peaked around the doorframe and laughed at how blushy and shy he was. You got the popcorn and made your way back to your previous spot on the couch beside Mark. 

“Em..what was that for?” he asked shyly and glanced up at you.

“What was what for?” you countered innocently and shoved a handful of popcorn into your mouth.

“The kiss,” he said quietly. You swallowed what was in your mouth and shrugged.

“What, am I not allowed to kiss you?” you teased.

“It’s not that. I just wanted to kiss you before you kissed me,” he said and you smiled, putting the popcorn on the table and moving closer to him.

“Mark that wasn’t a kiss, it was a peck. So technically, neither of us have ‘kissed’ the other yet,” you reassured him with a small smile that he mirrored. His eyes fell down to your lips then back up to meet yours. You raised your eyebrows expectantly and he leaned in slowly, cupping your right cheek with his hand. Your eyes fluttered shut simultaneously and your lips met his in a soft, sweet kiss. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped an arm around his neck. Seconds passed and he pulled away reluctantly.

“Well that was certainly worth the wait,” you laughed as you leaned in to kiss him again.

Mark would take his time. He’d have you thinking he’d never kiss you. You might have to take matters into your own hands but he’d probably prefer to be the one to initiate the kiss. It’d be a really sweet, soft and gentle kiss with a slight hint of hesitation. Mark would either cup your cheek or face with his hand(s) or have a hand on the back of your neck. It’d be such a cute kiss and would leave both of you feeling all warm and fuzzy.


5th date of your courtship with Jackson Wang and he took you out for ice cream. You were sitting across from each other, laughing and talking as you ate. He suddenly started giggling quietly to himself, his eyes fixed on your face. You furrowed your brows in confusion.

“What?” you asked.

“You’ve got some ice cream there,” he said gesturing to the corner of your mouth. You blushed and reached up to wipe it away but Jackson grabbed your hand.

“I’ve got a better idea,” he said with a cheeky grin and mischievous glint in his eye. He leaned across the table, grabbing your chin gently and tilting your head upwards slightly. He kissed you and moved his lips against yours, thus removing the ice cream from the corner of your mouth. He pulled away and immediately fell into a fit of giggles at your rose tinted cheeks and red tipped ears.

“Ah Y/N! You’re so cute,” he giggled as he kissed your forehead. 

Jackson would want to wait for the right moment. Whether that came early on or later didn’t really matter to him. He’d find an excuse or ‘logical’ reason to kiss you. It’d be sweet and playful but firm. He’d grab your chin or the back of your neck or pull you flush against him by your waist. It’d be a good kiss and would certainly leave you a bit dazed afterwards.


The two of you were laying next to each other on your bed, just talking about everything and anything. You were laughing at a story he’d told you about his members and he was looking over at you adoringly. You glanced at him and blushed when you found him looking at you. Before you could say anything, Jinyoung had his left hand on your hip and his right by your head supporting him as he loomed over you. Your eyes met and you both grinned sheepishly. He leaned down and captured your lips in a soft yet passionate kiss. Your arms wound around his neck and the kiss deepened. Time slipped by and eventually you broke apart purely for the reason that you both needed oxygen. He smiled down at you sweetly then kissed your forehead before rolling back onto the bed. 

Timing wouldn’t really be a thing that Jinyoung would think about. When it happened, it happened. He’d be more passionate about it than the others and would let it carry on so the kiss wouldn’t be just a peck. His hands would be either on your waist or the small of your back or maybe one on your waist and one cupping your cheek. It’d start off as a soft kiss but would soon deepen and get more passionate. It’d be the kind of kiss that leaves you breathless.


You’d always found Youngjae’s shyness endearing and cute but you also knew you’d have to take the lead when it came to any form of skinship or relationship stuff, well most of it at least. After Youngjae attempted to kiss your cheek but just ended up laughing awkwardly in your ear instead, you decided to take matters into your own hands.

You were in a park, walking hand in hand and talking about everything that had happened in your respective lives since that last time you’d spoken. As you were walking, Youngjae caught sight of a playground. He headed straight for it with you in tow. You laughed fondly as you watched him make a mad dash for the swing set and launch himself onto one of the swings. He looked over at you with his signature sunshine smile.

“Y/N! Hurry up!” he called and you jogged over to him. You sat on the swing beside him and you two resumed talking as you both started swinging. The day had faded into evening and you’d both stilled your swings. ‘Well now’s as good a time as any,’ you thought to yourself as you got off your swing. You walked over to Youngjae and stood in front of him, your hands on the chains of the swing. He continued talking but blushed profusely. You smiled softly and leaned down to his level. Youngjae immediately started giggling.

“What are you doing Y/N?” he asked between giggles.

“You’ll see,” you smirked and leaned in. Youngjae’s eyes widened as yours closed and you kissed him gently. He smiled and closed his eyes, moving his hands to your waist. When you pulled away, he looked up at you with adoring eyes and the biggest smile humanly possible.

“Thank you,” he whispered softly and you both laughed.

“Did you really just thank me for kissing you Choi Youngjae?” you laughed and he poked your sides gently, laughing with you. Now a bit more confident, he leaned up and kissed you, pulling you closer by your waist.

Youngjae is so adorably shy and awkward, there’s very little chance of him being able to work up the nerve to kiss you without you having kissed him first. Initiating the kiss would be kinda awkward but the kiss itself would be really sweet and gentle. He’d probably only put his hands on your waist at first and would just let you take the lead. It’d be one cute kiss though and you’d both be shy afterwards.  


You always found it funny how Bambam acted so arrogant and self-assured when you knew how he really was. You knew he was just an adorable goofy dork. And today was no exception. You were sitting next to him on your couch, smiling adoringly at him as he animatedly described something one of the 97′ liners had done. He was getting so into telling the story and you found it so cute that you couldn’t resist leaning over and pecking his cheek. He froze mid-sentence (gif) and turned to you with wide eyes and a slightly smug smile.

“I’m just too irresistible aren’t I?” he smirked as you blushed slightly and rolled your eyes.

“Wow Bambam, great job. You’ve ruined the mo-” You were cut off by his kiss. His hands ghosted down your sides and came to rest on your hips. He pulled you closer and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your fingers found their way his hair and you entwined them with his locks. Bambam smiled softly into the kiss then pulled away but kept a firm hold on you.

“You really like my hair, don’t you?” he laughed as you scoffed and shook your head with a smile. You merely nodded then looked back at him. The way he was looking at you made you feel like you were the most precious thing on earth and you felt your heart swell as he blushed before looking away shyly. A blushing Bambam was a rare sight and you loved that you had that affect on him. 

The kiss would happen when it happens. Whether it was initiated by him or his partner wouldn’t really matter to him all that much. It would be a sweet and playful kiss, that would definitely bring out his shyer side. His hands would probably be at your waist or he might wrap his arms around you. It would be accompanied by a cute lead up and a cuddle session afterwards, all contributing to a memorable first kiss.


Yugyeom decided that today was the day. After weeks of his hyungs hyping him up, he’d finally decided it was about time he kissed you. And sweet Jesus he was nervous. You’d noticed he seemed a little off during dinner but put it down to tiredness and stress. You knew something was up when he walked straight past the café where you always went for dessert.

“Yugyeom, where are you going?” you asked in confusion. He grinned at you sheepishly as he slid his hand into yours and wove your fingers together. Okay, now you were really confused. Yugyeom hadn’t held your hand like that in public before. You looked up at him and he winked at you cheekily before he began walking again, pulling you along behind him by your hand. You walked on for a while and soon you recognised your surroundings. ‘Why is he taking me to the dorms?’ you wondered, more intrigued than before. Eventually, you reached the dorm and Yugyeom pulled you inside then shut the door behind you. The first thing you noticed was the soft music that replaced the usual bustle of the place. You turned away from the door and gasped. 

The living room was illuminated by soft fairy lights strung from the ceiling’s corners. The coffee table had been replaced by a fluffy blanket and a multitude of throw pillows. The blanket was littered with boxes of your favourite pastries and cakes from the café, accompanied by your usual drink and Yugeom’s side by side in the centre of the blanket. You smiled, almost giddy with happiness.

“Happy one month anniversary Y/N,” Yugyeom said from behind you. You turned back to him and hugged him. He giggled at your cuteness and hugged you back. You pulled away slightly to look at him.

“This is so sweet Yugyeom. You really didn’t have to do all this,” you said softly and Yugyeom’s bright smile dimmed slightly.

“Do you not like it?” he asked worriedly.

“I love it Yugyeom. Really, I do. Thank you,” you reassured as his face light up instantly and he blushed. He led you over to the blanket and you sat down next to each other.


After eating one to many baked goods, you and Yugyeom were telling each other random childhood stories. You both leaned towards each other as you laughed. The laughter died down when you realised how close you were. Yugyeom’s eyes darted from yours to your lips and he licked his nervously. He took a deep breath and leaned in closer to you. Your breath hitched as his became uneven.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered and you nodded more eagerly than you meant to. He chuckled lowly then closed the short distance between you two, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

Yugyeom would be the one to plan it out. He’d do something really cute and romantic to set the mood before the kiss. He would want to make it perfect as it would very likely be his first but mainly because it would be his first with his partner. After having an amazing date beforehand, the kiss itself would just happen naturally. It would be a very sweet kiss. 

~A/N~ I really loved writing this. I love these kinds of requests; they’re so cute. Requests for ships are now closed but requests for everything else are open so, feed the inbox!

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Sub harry who is just discovering his kinks and your fucking him one day and put your hand on his neck and he says tighter in a breathy little whimper and so you do and that's how he finds out he likes getting choked


okay so he’s come home from a day of recording at the studio and he’s all tuckered out but feeling really needy as well so he practically begs you to fuck him.

He’s so docile you don’t even need to tie him down. He’s laying out all sweaty across the bed, sheer black shirt unbuttoned all the way and his pants and briefs are discarded on the floor at the end of the bed. You’re riding him hard and fast, bouncing on his cock roughly with the back of your thighs slapping down on his, feeling his balls against your ass every time you sink down. His arms are above his head, splayed out limply with his fingers messing at the ends of his mussed up hair, whining softly as you bite down his neck and scratch up his chest, blowing on the stinging red lines and causing him to whimper all throaty and high.

“God, you’re amazing, y'know that?” Harry’s voice is soft and timid, eyes glued to your chest hungrily as it bounces in your perky lace bra– one he’d bought you at a fancy boutique when he was off shooting for the film in France.

“And you’re extremely thick. Did you know that?” You drag your lips sloppily down the spine of the butterfly tattoo, tongue peeking out to lap at one of his puffy nipples.

He answers with a short, wispy hiccup of, “Maybe.”

Your arms are holding his elbows down against the mattress, making sure he doesn’t move to touch you. Your knees are pressed up against his hips to give you balance as you slam down on him, his entire body jolting against the bed, cracked moans and soft keening stuttering from the heavy movement. He looks absolutely enthralling, with his cheeks tinted rose and his big green eyes all doe-like and innocent, swollen bottom lip tucked under his front two teeth as he thrums out shaky hums of gratitude, filled with, “Fuck me so good, darling. No one takes m'cock like you do.” and “You’re so tight, peach. Snug little cunt gonna fuckin’ ruin me for good, innit? Gonna make your baby boy come so hard it hurts…”

You’re hand reaches towards his neck out of instinct, fingers wrapping around the back as your thumb presses softly against his bobbing Adam’s Apple, using your palm to bring him towards your mouth. You keep his throat stuck to your lips, teeth sinking in sweetly and marking deep purple bruises into his soft, tanned skin. Something to look forward to seeing on him tomorrow morning as he’s spread out over the pillows with the side of his face pasted to the cushion, hair in a fluffy, wild halo with the sheets hanging low on his hips, revealing all of the maroon and violet love bites scattered down the tight muscles of his back, across his broad shoulders and speckling his delicate neck.

You’re so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t realized you’d tightened your grip, thumb pressing down harder into his juglar and causing his breathing to shutter.

You immediately release your hold, apologies spilling from your lips as you kiss at his flushed ears with care, worried to death.

“More.” Harry’s croak is airy and quaking, but insistent nonetheless.

You stare at him for a second, surprised by the new development. But you grant him his wish, wrapping your fingers around his throat and tightening like before. “Like this?”

He nods feverishly, suckling his bottom lip into his mouth, bright, canopy green eyes rolling into the back of his head as the edges of his mouth twitch up into a teeny, satisfied smile. “Jus’ like that.”

You continue rocking against him, other hand cradling the side of his face as you gradually close your fingers further around his neck, relying on his body language and sounds of pleasure to guide you on this new territory. And what a discovery this is.

Harry looks incredibly sexy with his head tilted all the way back against the pillow, jaw flexing alluringly as his ruby lips are parted, heavy whimpers and short gasps rawing his lungs. His eyes are barely cracked open, heavy lashes brushing the tops of his simmering cheeks as he looks down on you with so much lust it burns. He pouts his bottom lip out pleadingly, talking meekly. “Can I have a kiss?”

You respond by flushing your lips against his, tongue dipping in teasingly and pulling out to skim his upper lip temptingly, drawing a deep, needy whine from him, air puffing out shallow and quivering.

“Such a naughty boy. Getting kinkier every day, y'know that?“

Harry returns your comment with a coy grin, tilting his head forward so that your fingertips dig deeper against his throat, bruising himself in the process and smiling as he feels the marks blossoming. He softens his eyes into looking all watery and innocent, but you can see a devilish glint in the specks of gold that shimmer in his irises.

“And you’re a pretty little thing with a tight cunt and a knack for returning my kinks. Did you know that?”

New Girl || p.p

Summary: In which Peter Parker embarrasses himself in front of the new girl.

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 1407

Comments: Sooo, this is basically really, REALLY cliché, but we all need a little cliché in our lives, amirite???

ALSO, get ready for an adorably flustered Peter b/c I live for that. Alright, moving onto the actual imagine.


He wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Not when he was so concentrated on school. He had no incline to find “true love.” No, not when all that was on his mind was that damn pop quiz last period - I studied for hours Ned and I still somehow forgot that formula - the piles of papers that were stacked up on his desk, suffocating in the work he honestly couldn’t care less about. There were people out there who needed saving - who needed him - but he was stuck writing another paper on some dead guy. He was too busy being stressed, being responsible, being a superhero than to concentrate on anything else in life.

He was a star student - honour roll, valedictorian? Kid, you’re gonna go places - pats on his shoulder from yet another A and the answers he said with such ease. He was a prize student - handsome too, but no one seemed to say that to his face - and he was planning on keeping it that way.

Late study sessions, spares used to remember something that was already seared into his mind - you can never be too sure. Peter spent so long to perfect everything he did, some deemed to question his sanity at times.

No one found it peculiar that Peter didn’t have many friends. He was always alone, always studying and balancing his second life to have time for them anyways. He liked being alone, swimming in thoughts that sparked up in the pits of his mind.

But not once had love popped up his mind.

Not until he met you.


You could call it cliché.

How this new girl would idle into the wrong hallway, too distracted by her surroundings to notice the boy rounding the corner just in front of her. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you want, but in that moment - distracted eyes and bustling thoughts - in that moment you both ended up where you needed to be.

On the ground, staring up into two brown eyes.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Your eyes gaze up at the boy in front of you, head spinning at the impact you had with him. You don’t know how to respond in all honesty; too caught up in your thoughts and feelings to even think about words forming on your lips.

“I - I’m fine. It’s no big deal.”

He stares down at you, nervously biting down on his lip. He hasn’t seen you around before - knowing he’d remember those eyes if ever saw them -mentally face-palming at the horrible first impression he gave to this girl. He scrambles to help you up, albeit and awkward in his demeanour.

You both stand in silence, quietly gathering your belongings as you both try to get away from this very… awkward situation.

He stares at you for a minute, not finding any words coming to mind. Just a minute ago, he was sprinting down the halls, mind set on getting to his AP Algebra class before the bell. But now that he’s here - with you - he finds that his class was long forgotten.

“Are you new here? I mean, I know I would’ve recognized you if you went here because, well, you are really pretty - I mean, er, um, I’m sorry. It’s just hard to forget a face, especially one like yours, I mean - wait, I -

Peter stares at you for a minute, before letting the words tumble from his lips, words too fast and sentences smushed together. He sighs loudly, mentally slapping himself at how lame and awkward he must sound. Before he embarrasses himself once more, he turns, letting a small sorry, see you around leave his lips before sprinting in the other direction.

He shakes his head, before turning back to you, a stunned look etched don your face.

“My class is this way.”

It’s the last thing he says before he’s off in the other direction, silently muttering curses under his breath.

You’re an idiot, Peter Parker.


“And you just… left her there?”

The figure stood dumbfounded at him, questioning the state of Peter’s brain capacity. Ned sent a glance over his shoulder, eyeing you as you sat alone at a table not too far from their own.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know! I guess I just panicked…”

Peter’s mind was filled with thoughts of you, lightly smacking his head every time he heard your voice in his mind. He wasn’t supposed to feel like this. No, he was too busy for girls, especially those with beautiful smiles and bright eyes and perfect hair and -


He couldn’t be thinking like this. No, no, no, no. He had to focus on his own life, not on this girl he didn’t even know the name of. He felt attacked, wanting to just rid himself of the many thoughts of you. You meant nothing.

And he wished his brain got the message too.

Soon, he pushed away from the table and stood, sending a farewell to Ned before walking out. He hit the side of his head multiple times, trying to rid his mind of your voice that seemed to be recorded in his head.

“It’s no big deal.”

He wishes that was the case. He really did.


He walked out of school feeling defeated.

He had not a clue of any of the homework needed for classes, nor did he remember if he was even assigned any in the first place. All he could remember was your face - a delicate cloud that floated around his head, too fragile and feeble that he was scared to touch it. He smiled at just the thought of you, his stupid, little sigh being replaced with a grump groan as he remembers how he completed blew you off in the middle of the hallway.

He thinks he saw you in math, but he’s been seeing you all day in the most absurd places, so he doubts it. He quickly runs his fingers through his hair, before turning a corner and running into a small figure.

Oh God, not again.

He stares at the girl sprawled across the floor in front of him, before catching her gaze, hearing a laugh recede from her throat.

“Is this just how we’re going to meet now?” You smile brightly, picking yourself up and off the gravel, rubbing the dirt from your pants. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were doing this on purpose.”

He’s speechless, to say the least.

“What? No, no, I swear I don’t want to bump into you. It’s just - well, I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to see you, but bumping into you really wasn’t my intention. Oh God, um, you see, you’re - how do I say it?  Um -” He looks up for a minute, catching your gaze before sighing in defeat. “I’m really not the best at talking to people, which I guess you’ve already caught onto.”

His hair is a mess from the countless times he ran his hand through his hair - you’re calling ten in his last ramble, though that truly wasn’t what you were focused on - seeing his rose tinted cheeks rising higher. You smile brightly, quite amused at how flustered you made such an attractive boy.

“No, I totally didn’t catch on,” you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest. “Is this always what happens when you talk to new kids?”

“Just the pretty ones.” His eyes go wide for a second, before squeezing shut, body hunching into itself, hopefully being able to shrink small enough to never be seen again.

Peter would really like that right now. Very badly.

You laugh, before stretching your hand out. “Well, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Any words that could’ve left Peter’s mouth got stuck at the base of his neck, awkwardly attaching his hand to yours. He doesn’t say anything, prolonging the silence that filled the air. His thoughts are throbbing, heart beating up in his ears, watching you stare at him. Oh god, just say something!

“I’m Peter.” He clears his throat, swiftly removing his hand from yours and scratching the back of his neck. “Uh, Peter Parker.”

The smile on your lips grow, exceptionally happy to finally find out the name of the mystery boy who’s occupied your thoughts all day.

As your name slips past your teeth, Peter feels his cheeks heat up, replaying it over and over in his head.

He swears it’s nicest thing he’s heard all day.

Under One Condition: Chapter One

Originally posted by amsimaria

So, this is the first fic I will have posted. Go easy on me aha.

I hope you enjoy it!!  I recommend reading the parts in order. :)

I will continue to uplaod weekly, if not this fic, one of the other four currently active. thank you!

This fic is a Jimin x reader, featuring Taehyung.

warnings: mature content, smut, kinks, swearing

Chapter List:

Chapter one            Chapter two           Chapter three           Chapter Four      Chapter Five (In progress)


(Chapter One)

You nervously tapped the edge of the table as you waited, checking your phone every now and then. He was late, with not even a text to explain or comfort you. Taehyung had never been late for one of your meet ups before, and you’d known each other since the early years of school. This seemed odd to you, and you started to feel extremely anxious. 

Keep reading

Teacher’s Pet || Jin

Request - Anonymous said: Are requests open? Can I request a smut/fluff romance scenario where Jin is your college professor and later one you find out your parents and his set an arranged marriage with him when you were kids. Your relationship with him cannot be found out by the univ and he makes things hard for you because Jin teases you a lot and wants to spend time with you even during school hours. The two of you gets nearly caught inside and outside school sometimes but when univ finds out Jin defends you. Tnx^^            

(I’m so late this came in like two months ago [???] and i was stuck for three full weeks trying to figure out how to write this im so so so sorry, i hope you like it T_T)

Pairing - Professor!Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre - Fluff, Smut

Summary - With Jin to be your future husband regardless of being your college professor, his grading isn’t too hard to influence.

‘His name is Kim Seokjin.’ Your mom had the the most cunning yet genuine smile worn as she clapped her hands in excitement, you standing in front of the mirror, inwardly groaning and totally not looking forward to the official meeting of the groom. Why you’d accepted this in the first place, you had no idea.

Oh wait, you never even had a say in it. Somehow, your parents along with the boy’s parents had decided the two of you would get married to each other once you’d come of age. And now that you were of age, you were already hearing wedding bells at a distance, coming closer to haunt you in your dreams, which was soon to become reality.

‘Cool.’ You gave her a totally-not-interested lift of your brows, your face screaming volumes of I Feel Like I’m Going To Die.

‘Come on, sweet, it’s not that bad.’

Oh really? You wanted to ask. It’s bad enough his name is just the xerox of your teacher at University, over whom almost the entire campus was swooning over.

A man of ideal age with striking good looks and a body ration of perfection? Sign me up!

Except, you were probably going to be stuck with some random IT dude or a plumber for all you know, for the rest of your life.

You shuddered at that thought. You’d rather live with a house full of leaks than marry a plumber.

You could definitely kiss your dream of becoming a professional pianist goodbye!

It pissed you off even further, really.

Just then you heard another voice adding fuel to the fire, ‘They’re here!’ Your brother, Hoseok announced. Great! Now to absolutely humiliate yourself in front of the groom and his family so they’ll call of the marriage and you can live happily ever after.

You stood at the door, your hands folded perfectly over your stomach and your lips curved into a smile which soon faltered the moment the door opened, your sight greeted by none other than the Kim Seokjin himself.


‘Mr. Kim?’


You collected your books from the locker and turned around to leave when you bumped into someone, making your back crash into the locker. Startled, you were about to apologize when you saw who you’d bumped into, ‘Jin?’

‘We’re still in campus, Miss Y/L/N.’ He smiled, a hand raising to rest by your head against the locker. You sighed. He always had fun whenever he tried to corner you during school hours.

‘Jin, someone will see-’ You paused to look around, having to awkwardly crane your neck to see past his broad shoulders. ‘-and in case you don’t remember, nobody is supposed to see us.’ You frowned, crossing your arm over your books.

He clicked his tongue, the other hand now cupping your cheek as he stared intently at your lips. Gosh, you were blushing in anticipation already.

Leaning in, you couldn’t take his slow pace so you raised your chin higher, and he pulled back right then, smiling cunningly at you.

‘I thought nobody was supposed to see us, hmm?’ His thumb grazed your lip, and you shuddered. You hated his teasing. But you enjoyed it nevertheless.

‘Yes but we’re alone so-’ You went on your tip toes and pecked his lips, caching him slightly off guard, his eyes widening a little as he watched you with amusement. You smirked, ‘See you in class?’

Recovering, Jin pushed your shoulder gently, pinning you back against the locker, leaning in so close that your lips brushed his as he spoke, ‘My student is so naughty. I think she deserves a punishment, don’t you think?’

Exhaling your need, you whispered, ‘Maybe, maybe not. But who found me here first?’

The two of you threw teasing questions back and forth until you heard the bell ring. Your eyes widened in panic because you knew about the flood of students that would pour out of classes within seconds, but Jin didn’t seem to remember to pull away. So you began pushing him, ‘Jin! Oh my gosh, now you’ll seriously get us in trouble. Move!’ You pushed harder as you heard doors open.

And like some jammed door, he finally moved, causing you to stumble forward.

‘Good afternoon, Professor Kim!’ You remained bent over and wished loudly so students standing five feet away could hear you. When you rose back up, your cheeks tinted even further when you noticed him staring at your chest

‘Jin!’ You whispered sharply, his eyes darting away instantly. Pulling your top discreetly, you faked another smile and almost sprinted to the washroom.

Locking yourself in a stall, you calmed yourself down, your racing pulse literally pounding in your head. You heard the door open and then followed the giggling sounds of two girls whom you later identified as your juniors.

‘Oh, my gosh! Did you see Professor Kim? Unbuttoned collar is definitely his style.’

‘Tell me about it. We literally drool all over our tables in his class.’ The second girl commented, her voice such like you were sure she was re-applying her lipstick. They gossiped a little more, talking heaps about the eligible guys at campus. Deciding to remain in the stall until they were gone so as to not embarrass yourself - or them, for that matter, you waited. It gave you time to calm yourself down as well, your pulse finally returning to normal. The bell rang again - but you were free for the day.

Hearing the door open and close, the footsteps receding, you unlocked the stall just as the door opened again, startling you. Your eyes darted towards the door, wide with unknown panic.

No way.

Jin?!” You hissed, and your heart dropped for a moment as you considered if you were in the men’s washroom. But the girls who came before…oh, God.

“Get out!” You strained your voice, trying not to raise it as Jin advanced towards you, unchanged and indifferent. More than him, you were bothered by his presence in the girl’s restroom. He only showed off his smug, cocky school-boy grin, having you both wobbly at the knees and agitated at the same time. He had you backing away, and soon enough, you were trapped inside the same stall you’d hidden in not too long ago.

“Oh my God, Seokjin, you’re going to get us in trouble!” You were panicky, and he was only finding this situation amusing. He reached behind him, and you noticed what he was doing: closing the door, which he then locked. You were about to faint.

“Hmm, but everybody else are in their classes, and I’m pretty sure we could have a little alone time.” He whispered, his voice enticingly seductive. You were so close to giving in, yet so far.

No!” You exclaimed sharply as you noticed him leaning in, Jin unfazed by your reaction. He knew how easy you were to convince.

“I…” You began, your hands trying to move him out of the way, while at the same time racking your brain for some legitimate excuse.

“I have class!” You said, and hurriedly reached for the door which he blocked with his broad frame, his hand getting a hold your wrist. You looked up at him, your attempt without doubt going down the drain.

“Yeah, sure, and I have a meeting. I know you have the entire day free, Y/N.” He said, chuckling towards the end like a humorous way of encouraging your vain attempt at trying to leave. Jin’s eyes trailed down your eyes and rested on your lips, his tongue darting out the slightest, to moist his own, “You know,” He grunted, his voice edgy, “All you have to do is be quiet.” And right then you felt his lips collide against yours, your bag dropping to the floor within moments of submissiveness.

The situation wasn’t entirely getting out of hand. It was, in fact, turning you on even further. A quickie in a girl’s restroom of the same college where you studied and he taught - who knew that could list as one of the many kinks the two of you shared in secret?

His lips trailed down your jaw, teeth nibbling at the nape of your neck and tongue getting you wetter and wetter with every stroke. His hand made no delay in trailing down your waist, and up the skirt of your dress, your hands digging into his hair and holding him closer to you. You moaned silently as you felt his hand slip into your panties, Jin’s fingers instantly finding your pleasurable spot.

Your lips found his again, one of your hands now working it’s way down his chest with every button being let lose, before reaching for his belt. Unbuckling it, you felt your hands tremble with anticipation and nervousness, while Jin’s other hand worked on unzipping your dress. In one movement, he had your dress falling to the floor, the clank of the metal buckle, too, sounding along with it. You pushed apart his shirt, the material hanging off his shoulders, and you found yourself aiming right for his neck.

You must’ve been good at whatever you were doing because you had Jin cursing under his breath, it getting shallow and heavy.  In the heat of the moment, you pushed him a little aggressively, his back hitting the wall before you kissing him again, so feverishly you didn’t now where the…enthusiasm was coming from.

But as though he couldn’t handle the thought of you having control over him, Jin growled and picked you up from under your thighs and turned you around, so now your back was against the wall. Somewhere along the way, his pants went down and his member was just shy of your entrance. For a moment, Jin stopped, his eyes gazing at you as the two of you breathed heavily. He looked at you as if to ask: Is this okay?

You nodded, biting your lip in anticipation. Pressing his mouth to yours, you felt him enter you.

Gasping, you pulled away and held onto him tighter, your arms almost going numb from the strength you were using. He let one of his hands run the length of your thigh, trying to reduce the temporary discomfort in whatever way was possible. When you felt the stinging subside, you let him know it was okay to move.

“You sure?” His voice was gruff but gentle, his head hidden in the crook of your neck. You nodded, and pressing an assuring kiss to your neck, he moved slowly.

Your head that rested on his broad shoulder, came back up as he picked up his pace on your request, the pleasure so satisfying you were finding it almost impossible to hold in your mewls. You let out long drawled gasps that was edging towards breathless moans and you noticed it was getting hard for Jin to hold in his grunts as well with the way he bit his swollen lip. So you kissed him, trying to get both your minds off from making any noise, the two of your tongues sloppily colliding while he thrusted away into you. That was sound enough.

He could feel himself brimming, and you felt a knot in your stomach, tightening with more thrusts. Just as you were about to let him know you were going to come, you heard the door open.

Jin stopped abruptly, both your eyes snapping open as the person walked towards what seemed the direction of your stall. Neither of you moved, nor did you dare to breath. Whoever she was, was in a stall right adjacent to yours. Right then, you couldn’t have been more thankful for there being barely any gap under the stalls - leaving no room for prying eyes.

A whimper caught in your throat and Jin’s hand instantly cupped over your mouth, clamping it shut. You heard the person leave the stall and stop at the washing sink, the running water serving as distraction for you to let out a sigh. Then you heard retreating footsteps and the opening and closing of the door.

“Shit.” Jin mumbled, before looking at you. And then you both found the situation hilarious. You had to almost bite Jin’s shoulder to stop yourself from laughing too hard and Jin was trying to get you stay quiet.

Your laughs turned to sharp gasps as he began moving, his hand back over your mouth to muffle your groans, his hand at your waist holding you steady. This time he wasn’t merciful and set a fast pace against which you were finding it hard to hold back.

“Jin…” You moaned, your eyes shut tight. He grunted as he pushed harder, and just as when he felt himself close to letting go, he purred your name. That itself was enough to unravel the tightness in your stomach, your legs almost unwinding from around his waist at the feeling as you both let out pleasurable sighs.

He kissed your fervently, his lips swollen and red. Pulling back, you noticed the marks you left on him unintentionally. Suppressing a giggle, you let yourself down from his waist. The moment your legs touched the floor, they buckled, Jin’s arms instantly wrapping around your waist and holding you against his chest. Blushing, you giggled as you held onto his strong arms, his eyes grazing over your half naked body to make sure you were all right. Assuring him you were, he let you go hesitantly.

“So, Mr. Kim, how have I fared your…class?” You teased, while you zipped your dress and watched him button his shirt. Tucking his shirt into his pants, he put the belt around his waist before answering you.

“I think, Mrs. Kim,” He began, winking at you flirtatiously, “you deserve an A plus.” Your cheeks reddened instantly at the name, your head turning to let your hair hide your face. Wrapping his tie around his wrist, he grabbed your jaw and turned your face to look at him, making you lock eyes with him before he pecked your lips, “And how far do you think I’ve fared?”

You unlocked the door, and right before leaving the stall, you made sure you looked at him seductively enough, making him think you were going to give him a much better grading.

Shrugging your shoulders, you said, “I’m not so sure, Mr. Kim. Perhaps, a…D minus?” You almost choked on your lame joke.

Jin looked so scarred, you had to laugh. He let out a disbelieving scoff and stared at you, as though promising a good deal of punishing you.

“Did you just…insult my dick?”

Missed//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Originally posted by zeynep1905

Your throat felt as if it would explode from the pressure. You wanted nothing more than to claw it open, to do something to help you breathe. Your nose burned, it reminded of you of the summers with Stiles. The ones where you stayed at the town pool open to close. You felt like every part of your body had filled with water. That’s when you gave up.

You died. It was that simple. Stiles begged Scott to bite you, in hopes that it wasn’t too late. He hoped you could pull through with whatever strength a bite could give you. He was right to ask Scott because here you lie in a hospital bed. You’ve been stuck in a coma for about a week and a half. There’s been no positive improvement. That was, of course, until you woke up.

The bright lights hit you as your eyes slowly opened. You winced and squeezed them shut. You open one eye, trying to see where you are. You spot Stiles asleep in the chair beside your bed.

“Stiles?” You rub your eyes before sitting up.

“Stiles?” You reach over and nudge him.

He sits up and looks at you, half-asleep still.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” His eyes jolt open, “Y/N? I’m going to go get a doctor. Stay here, okay?”

“I don’t know where else I’d go, but okay.”

He jogs down the hallway and you look around the sanitized room. Bits and pieces flooded your head as you slowly remembered the night you died. You’re just about to go crazy from curiosity when Stiles returns with a nurse.

They do a full work-up before deciding to keep you overnight. Stiles stays by your side the whole time.

“You were in a coma.” He simply states.

“Um…what?” You look over at him, “For how long?”

He looks at the date on his phone. “A week and a half? Almost two.”

“Jesus…what’d I miss?”

He purses his lips, “Nothing. A couple good memes but that’s about it.”

You grin, “I was in a coma and all you can tell me is that I missed good memes?”

He shrugs, a goofy smile on his face. “I don’t know what else you expect from me.”

You laugh, “Honestly, me either.” You turn into your side and look at him. “Why didn’t I die? I know I was supposed to.”

He leans forward, like the question pained him. “I…don’t be mad at me. I told Scott you bite you, so you might be a werewolf?”

“What? Stiles!”

“Y/N, you were dead! You had no pulse.”

You sigh, “Okay fine, I’ll worry about that later.”

“We were supposed to meet at the lake. We were going to hang out. I got there a bit late but your car wasn’t there. I called and texted you, but..” He stopped talking, his eyes flicked up to yours and he had tears swelling. “I saw you floating. You were face down…Y/N, when I tell you this…don’t be weirded out. But, my heart broke. I thought I’d lost you forever, and to be totally honest with you, I don’t think I’d ever even look at another girl if I’d lost you. You’re mine, I know we aren’t dating or anything, but you’re mine. I just..” He sighs and turns out the window.

You reach over and touch his hand, “Stiles, I’m okay. I’m okay thanks to you.”

“Yeah, you’re okay now..I thought I’d lost the love of my life. I was numb. I’ve slept here every night, but it was painful to see you.”

“The love of your life?” You smile.

He groans softly, “I just said that, didn’t I?”

You smile in response, his cheeks tinted rose. You pat the bed and he gets up and lies beside you. He wraps his arms around you and you turn to face him.

“Y/N, you died.”

You look up into his eyes, “I know. I know I did.”

He pushed your hair from your face, “Y/N?”

“What, Stiles?”

“You are the love of my life. I know that it’s a lot right now, considering the whole dead thing…but you are. I hope that we can talk about that after you’re discharged.”

“I…what about Lydia?”

“What about her?”

“I thought she was the love of your life.”

“She’s…great, y'know. She’s a good friend. I had a crush, that was it. I never really felt like it could go anywhere. I was never in love with her.”

“And you’re in love with me?” You smile.

“Yeah. I’m in love with you.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to hear it again.”

He chuckles, “So…sorry if that’s weird.”

“Nope. Not weird. What’s weird is that I kinda love you too?”

He smiles, “Kinda?”

“Well, see, it was a gradual thing. I didn’t really realize it until I had come to the conclusion that the reason that I hated Lydia was because I was in love with you.”

“You hated Lydia?” He raises an eyebrow.

“For like a week.” You shrug.

“You’re best friends.”

“Yeah, now.”

“So, why wasn’t this discussed a long time ago?”

“Because when it comes to things like this we’re both extremely non-confrontational. I didn’t want to say anything because of Lydia.”

He smiles, gazing into your eyes, “I didn’t want to lose you, but when I thought about the fact that I could lose you anyway…I mean, who cares right?”



You lean up and kiss him, the shock on his face making you laugh.

“Let’s retry that one.” Stiles says lowly and you smile as he leans in. He kisses you gently, like this is something he’s been waiting to do. He knew what he was doing, it felt right. You knew this was a good thing, and this was just the start.

Shift [1]

“There was a man who I once knew, for me, there was no other. The closer to loving me he grew, the more he would grow further”  - Lang Leav


A warm breeze. That’s how you remembered your first encounter.

When your eyes met his that windy, spring day, they had almost as powerful an effect as the strong gust that fatefully pushed you right into his arms.

The contact threw him off guard but he was quick to wrap his arms around you, stabilizing your body while quickening your pulse simultaneously.

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anonymous asked:

I just thought about doctor!Phil and patient!Dan and like,,, maybe Dan attempted suicide and is in the hospital and slowly falls in love with Phil ahhh


It started slowly.

Phil felt bad for him. That was all- obviously, of course he would feel bad for the poor boy who tried to drown himself in his own bathtub.

But it was something else as well.

The way he looked, the way he stared at everything like it owed him something. He watched the world as if there was something else there, something deeper and more important than the naked eye could see. His eyes caught in flames, the heat warming and sometimes burning everything around him, which was not the way people who attempt suicide usually look.

And it broke Phil’s heart to see how he looked at people, like he had given up all hope of a single bit of good in the entire human race.

It was completely unprofessional, but it made Phil want to kiss him breathless until he saw how good people could be.

It was soon distinguished that Phil was the only person Dan would talk to. No one really got why, maybe because Phil was the first person he spoke to when he first came to the hospital; the only person he had looked at, really.

He looked at Phil the same way he looked at everyone else; blankly. Only with a tiny hint of curiosity behind those chocolatey irises. Captivated.

And that’s what Phil was in Dan. Enchanted, captivated. Curious as to why this broken boy made his heart flutter so bad.

They put him in a room right beside Dan’s, when they finally moved him to the mental ward. Phil was always on the night shift anyways, he didn’t have a family to go home to, and any extra time he got to spend with Dan was something he would fight for.

The first night, Dan had a night terror.

Phil woke up to screaming, broken sobs coming from the walls by his head. He shot up, grabbing his glasses from the bedside table. He had fallen asleep dressed, just in case something like this happened.

When he pushed open Dan’s door, the boy was curled into a ball by his pillows, his knees hugged to his chest. His eyes seemed to flash in the darkness.


Phil nodded, and then realized Dan probably couldn’t see him very well.

“Yes,” he said softly, and then cleared his throat, trying to shake off his morning voice.

He heard a shaky breath, and Dan shifted on the bed.

“’m scared,” he breathed, and Phil’s heart cracked down the center. He licked his lips.

“How can I help you?”

Dan hesitated, cocking his head to the side slightly, and Phil realized his cheeks were wet and tear stained.


Phil obliged, sitting down on his bed as gently as possible. Dan stared at him, burying his face in his arms, his searching eyes the only thing showing.

“W-Will y-you stay…?” He asked timidly, his voice catching.

Phil should say no. He knows that. But Dan looks incredibly beautiful, as messed up as it was, his face sleepy, but brought sharp by the fear haunting his features.

“Yeah,” Phil whispered before he could stop himself. Dan smiled the smallest smile possible.

“Thank y-y-you.”

Phil never really remembered it happening, all he knew was he woke up the next morning tangled together with Dan in his sheets, and Dan was clinging to him like he was the only thing in the world that was anchoring him to the ground.

It wasn’t anything they could really keep hidden. All of the staff knew there was something there; Dan’s bedside tables were covered with flowers and stuffed animals before long, when his friends and family swore they only brought half of it.

Somehow Dan’s eyes lit up like fireworks whenever Phil entered the room, and Phil wasn’t much different.

Phil found Dan crying one night, laying in the corner of the room.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He asked softly, sitting next to him, his tone laced with worry.

“Everyone-” Dan hiccuped, cutting off his own words. “Everyone k-keeps saying t-that people can’t cure you.” He wiped at his eyes, sitting up. “Because they know I-” he paused, a blush dusting his already rose tinted cheeks. Phil wanted to kiss them. “I l-like you. They say that love c-can’t cure you.”

He looked at Phil, his eyes wide and hopeful, as if silently begging for any kind of correction. Phil paused, taking Dan’s hand and playing with his fingers.

“Well…” he spoke slowly, cautiously. “They’re right. All the love in the world can’t cure what you have in your mind, Dan.”

Dan let his gaze fall, his hopes visibly falling as well, but Phil squeezed his hand.

“But… love can help. It helps you through the problems, it’s there for you when you need someone, and that’s what matters.”

After that, the friends, the family, the staff- they’d all tell you the same thing. Dan Howell had never trusted anyone like he trusted Phil.

And it seemed to be the same for the other.

Paint Job

Originally posted by r10t3r

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley x Reader

Word Count: 2194

Warnings: None I’m pretty sure

Au: GTA, FAHC!Jeremy

A/N: I’ve tried to make the reader as gender neutral as I could for all the different gendered people reading this:)

The first time he came in he brought his car in for a simple engine repair. Something you could handle in a heartbeat. You thought he would be a one-time customer that needed a cheap fix before he went on his way.  

The second time, a little over a month later was a little more complicated. His car had been vandalised. The windows were shattered. The body of his car had been beaten with what seemed to be a bat. The word ‘FakeHaus’ was spray painted on the hood. You didn’t question what had happened, you just took his money and got to repairing.

He started to visit more frequently, with more and more complicated jobs. His once a month visit became every day of the week. He never fell short on his payment which made you wonder what he did for a living.

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My second fic, yay! Always welcoming constructive criticism. Also, I do NOT give anyone permission to use this! This is a creation from my brain, to be used by me only. You may reblog, leave notes/likes, and tag others, but please do not steal. (I hate I had to add that, but with people always stealing others fics recently I felt it necessary.)

Wanna give a huge thanks to @sammiielli for giving this a read, and hopefully I improved on what we talked about. I didn’t want to bother you and ask you to read it over again.

Nothing like you thought

Pete Dunne/ unnamed OC. Regal also plays a huge role in this.

Warnings include: Cursing, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks, and semi smut. I think that’s it.

Tagging- @wildandfreepinkv0dka @i-am-devoted-trash

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Daddy's Baby Girl

Genre: Smut (extremely rated M - you have been warned)


“What did I tell you, baby girl?” Kris’ low and thick honey-like voice filled the bedroom as he locked the door behind him. He stepped slowly towards you, one foot in front of the other, with a special glint fused with a hint of menace in his scorching brown eyes. The way he walked was like that of a fierce cat, steady and with ease, which had a direct effect on your heart, making it beat dangerously.   

He finally stopped in front of you, tilting your chin up to gaze at your warm orbs. His other hand traveled down to the hem of your flowy, tiered dress in that same unhurried manner, rubbing the delicate material with this gentle fingers. “I told you not to wear this dress, didn’t I?” His hand skimmed up your inner thigh, his fingers brushing along the lace of your panties. You heard his breath hitch and the glint in his eyes darkened remarkably. “This dress is far too short for Daddy’s liking, princess,” he all but hissed through his teeth. His anger was beginning to surface through his calm and controlled facade.

“But Daddy,” you looked up innocently where you found a scowl marred on his handsome face, “You bought this for me.” 

"Only for me to see,” he barked, his jaw clenching. “I hate it that Kai and Sehun are fucking you in their minds out there!” he yelled. He pulled you flush against his chest as both of his hands traveled down to the bottom of your dress again. “They probably imagined how easy it would be to pull up this flimsy little dress, bend you over the couch, and fuck you senseless,” his lowered voice came as a visual threat in your ears. He leaned closer to lick and nibble on your earlobe, making you gasp and moan.

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Smile (2)

Jungkook x Reader



A/N: Enjoy mateys!

Prologue / 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. /


Jungkook wasn’t one to get jealous. Well that’s what he always thought in his own head.

“Hyung!” The male yelled after Taehyung let a greasy pick up line spill out of his lips towards you. It was normal if someone like Jimin were to do it, but Tae really?

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Toxic Love

Part One (560 words)

Pairings: Friend!ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel

Warnings: None

Summary: Jensen realises that his feelings for you may be more than just strictly friendship

A/N: Just a short first part to get this started, basically just this imagine with a few extra bits added. I promise the next part will be longer!

Jensen rushed along the corridor, in an excited hurry to reach the make up room. Sure the few weeks he’d had off between seasons were well earned and extremely needed but he had reasons to be happy that he was back. The biggest reason being you.

During his time off Jensen had found himself missing you more and more each day. Your character had only been introduced last season but your presence on set had such a positive impact that there was no question why everyone liked you. There were days where he thought about calling you just to ask how your day had been or to ask if you wanted to do something with him. Of course he’d invite a few of the others along such as Jared and Misha to avoid suspicion but he never did. He could never find the courage to dial your number.

When he finally reached the room he’d been desperate to get to he could stop the wide smile that grew on his face when he saw you in side. He slipped into a seat not far from the one you occupied.

“Hi!” You smiled when you saw him. He loved the way you were always excited, it made him feel like he himself could take on the world. “Enjoy your time off?”

“Yeah it was great.” He nodded in agreement with his words. He’d never admit that he felt like something was missing the whole time. You giggled as the set make up artist joking scolded you for not sitting still. Jensen found himself joining in the laughter, as if the sound of yours was infectious.

As you did as you were told, Jensen watched you as you sat patiently in front of the mirror, the artist working away on you. This was always his favourite time of day, because he never got caught staring.

He admired the way the eye makeup made your eyes stand out, not that you needed cosmetics for that. He’d always loved how bright and full of life they were, when your gaze was on him he felt like nothing else mattered.

You had freckles similar to his own that danced across your nose and splashed across you rose tinted cheeks. He ached to trace the pattern of them with his fingertips.

Your lips were his favourite, they always looked so plump, so soft. He’d dreamt about what it would be like to kiss you, to feel your lips trail along his skins setting all his nerves on fire. He’d thought about them sucking love bites down his body, marking their territory and he craved to see them wrapped around his length, while his hands tangled in your hair. He squeezed his eyes shut as he tried not to let his thoughts take affect on him.

He was drawn to you, every part of you screamed out to him. He had the way you walked memorised, he enjoyed the start of everyday because he knew he’d get to see you again and the musical sound of your laugh washed over him and made him feel at home.

At that point you turned to him again, make up finished and the warmest smile painted on your lips that took his breathe away.

He knew he was screwed then, he was falling for someone that wasn’t his wife.

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Toxic - Peter Parker (2/??)

Summary: You are Tony Stark’s daughter, well protected from danger until the famous Spiderman comes along.

A/N: Here’s part 2 x I got like 4 requests for this, so remember to ask me if you want another part! Just incase you didn’t know already, I first based this around Melanie Martinez’s Toxic cover and such, so if you want to listen to that whilst reading- go ahead. It’s not fucked up yet but I’m planning on making this a rlly angsty series in the next few parts

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

“I mean come on Pepper-”.

You blurred out your Dad talking to his girlfriend, as you swirled around the spaghetti on your fork, before placing some in your mouth. It’s been a few days ever since your birthday party and you haven’t stopped talking to Peter over facetime, text or just a normal call. No one really knew about what was happening between the both of you, nothing romantic had happened yet- so there wasn’t much to tell.

“Oh Tony stop it.” Pepper sighed at her boyfriends complaints, she turned to you with a smile. “So (Y/N), how are you?”

You returned the friendly smile, “I’m fine, this spaghetti is amazing by the way Pepper.”

“But we all know my cooking is better.” Your Dad coughed, causing both you and Pepper to roll your eyes.

“Last time you cooked a meal for us, we almost got food poisoning.”

Almost, babe. Almost.” Tony said to Pepper, whilst eating some of the spaghetti.

You felt a vibration in your jeans, knowing it was your phone. 

Do I see what it is now, or later?

The perks of having dinner at the Stark tower was that you weren’t allowed to be on your phone at the table. You shrugged, deciding to take the chance and you pulled out your phone under the table so that Pepper or your Dad couldn’t see.

You noticed it was a text message, from Peter.

Peter❤️ : Remember when I asked you on a date?

Your heart fluttered, as you replied as quick as you could.

(Y/N): I do remember that

Peter❤️ : Well, I was wondering if I could take you out tonight?

(Y/N): If you planned on taking me out to eat anything I don’t think thatll work bc I’m eating with my Dad rn

Peter❤️ : Nah it’s okay I have something else in mind

(Y/N): ooo okay okay, so what time spidey?

Before you could see what he was going to respond with, you heard someone clear their throat.

You looked up, to see both Pepper and Tony staring at you.

“Anything you’d like to share, (Y/N?)” Your dad mused, quirking a brow.

You were quick to make an excuse up, “Oh- my friend is asking if I can go to her place for a bit to hang out.”

Pepper smiled, Tony nodding.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Just don’t be too late back.”

You noticed your phone buzz, you saw that he had messaged you the time.

Peter❤️ : Anytime now? 

(Y/N): Sure!

Peter❤️ : I’ll meet you outside so start to head outside!

You looked up from your phone.

“Well, I’m getting picked up now- so if you want the rest of my food feel free.”

You stood up, dusting off your jeans and grabbing some red converse and slipping them on right by the elevator.

“Don’t talk to strangers!” Tony called, watching you about to leave.

“Of course I won’t.” You smiled, stepping in the elevator, watching as the doors shut.

You stuffed your phone in your back pocket, waiting to get to the bottom floor.

Eventually, the doors pinged open and you walked out, making your way out of the building.

Your eyes wandered around the streets of New York, looking for your friend curiously.

“He said he’d be outside..” You murmured to yourself, glancing around.

Suddenly you felt a strong arm wrap around you and before you knew it, you was in the air.

You gasped in shock, but you saw that your head was resting against a red and blue body suit, making you come to reality.

“Peter you scared me! A guy like you should wear a warning!” You exclaimed, thrilled by the sight below you as Peter swung you around in the air.

“That’s Spiderman to you, missy.” Peter joked, even though you couldn’t see his facial features- you could tell that he was smiling.

“Barely a man though.” You teased, keeping a tight hold on him.

“You sound just like your Dad.” He groaned, focusing on swinging you both to safety.

You couldn’t help but notice that New York was stunning when it was lit up like this, and from this view- it was beautiful.

Peter glanced down at you, he noted how gorgeous your (h/c) appeared to be as wind was combing through it, making the threads dance. Your (e/c) orbs were sparkling and reflecting the city lights below and he adored how you clung onto him as he wrapped one arm around your waist.

“Like the view?” He asked, continuing to swing as his eyes scanned for somewhere to stop off at.

“I do, I’ve never seen New York like this before.”

“Get used to it then, I’d love to take you on more little things like this.”

That brought a smile upon your lips and you watched as he landed you both onto a balcony. His protective arms slowly unraveled from your waist and smiled.

“Feel free to go inside.” He smiled, sliding his mask off and revealing his lovely facial features to you.

“This your place?” You asked, opening the balcony doors and following him inside.

“Yeah, my Aunt- Aunt May isn’t home right now so we’re all good.”

You nodded, smiling as you looked around his room.

“You read comics?”

You walked over to the shelf full of different comic books, Peter’s face flushed,

“W-what..? No-”

“Don’t be ashamed of it!” You giggled, “I find it cute that you do.”

Peter ran some fingers through his hair, “but it’s not supposed to be cute- you’re supposed to find me hot…”

You laughed at that, a bright smile on your face.

“Well, I guess I’m into nerdy guy’s then.” You smiled, turning away from him.

Peter felt his cheeks heat, clearing his throat.

“I’m just gonna change, I’ll be back.”

He then walked out with some clothes in his hands, possibly walking to the bathroom.

You decided to look around his room, smiling as you also noted a book shelf that he had, full of books that even you had read in the past. Even the posters of Star Wars on his walls made you smile at his geeky self. 

Oh how you was falling for this young boy.

You sat down on his bed, waiting for him to come back and a few moments later he did so, wearing a  biology shirt and some jeans, he grinned when his eyes wandered upon you.

“So, I was wondering if a little Netflix and Chill date was-”

Netflix and Chill?” You cut him off with a confused look, the heat once again rose to his cheeks and tinted his skin,

“W-what? Oh! S-shit I didn’t mean it like that (Y/N)!” He started to ramble, feeling flustered.

“Peter! It’s okay.” You smiled with a little laugh, your cheeks flushed a tiny bit also.

He rubbed the back of his neck chuckling nervously.

“A-anyway, what do you want to watch?”

Peter sat next to you on the bed laying back, waiting for your answer.

“Anything, I don’t mind.” You smiled, watching him set up the Netflix with his X-Box controller.

You noticed that he picked The Hunger Games, bringing the smile onto your face.

“I love this movie!”

“I’ve never seen it..” Peter mumbled, pressing play.

Your eyes widened, “Really?”

He hummed a response, before you both settled into watching the movie.

~ ~ ~

The credits rolled, and you glanced towards Peter.

“So?” You asked, with a smile.

“I need to know more.” He whispered, eyes on the screen.

“Well, there are four movies now-”

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” He started to fanboy, yes. Fanboy.

You laughed at him, turning so you could get a better look at him.

Just as you was about to speak, the door opened up and a woman in her mid 40′s was stood there.

“M-may! I never knew you was coming back this early-” Peter exclaimed, moving away in panic.

The woman looked shocked, before smiling,

“Peter! You finally have a girl over!”

“Yeah May- but please..”

“Well this is the first! Hello darling, I’m May! Are you Peter’s little girlfriend?” May smiled.

You smiled at the kind and gentle woman but hearing Peter whine in shame,

“May! She’s not my… girlfriend.” Peter flushed up, as you answered her.

“It’s lovely to meet you May, but no- I’m not his girlfriend.”

She pouted, “I thought Peter got lucky then, what’s your name?” She asked, leaning against the door frame.

“I’m (Y/N).” You introduced yourself with a clear voice, her eyes widening.

“(Y/N) Stark?” She exclaimed, making Peter roll his eyes and you giggling.

“Yep, that’s me-”

“Okay, time to say goodbye to Aunt May, (Y/N).” Peter interrupted, mostly wanting to get you away from May.

“Oh, already? Maybe she should come around for dinner one time!” She offered, gleaming at you with those kind eyes.

“I’d love too, May.” You grinned, standing up as Peter practically dragged out out of the apartment.

“It was nice meeting you!” You called out, before the door shut.

Peter let out a sigh of relief and chuckled, “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about it! She’s a sweetheart.”

Peter looked down with a soft grin on his lips, before intertwining his fingers into yours, holding your hand.

“C’mon. I’ll walk you home.” He offered.

“Peter, are you sure? I can walk-”

“Not at this time of night. God knows what could happen to you.” He spoke with a stern voice filled with protection.

Oh, that was kind of hot. Your thoughts spoke to you, making you gulp.

“Oh, you think?” He smirked, as you both walked.

“Wait, what?”

“You said that what I said was hot.” He continued to play with that smirk on his face, making your heart drop.

“Sorry, I-i didn’t mean..”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m glad you said it.” Peter squeezed your hand to calm you.

The two of you walked, simply just enjoying eachothers company- every now and then glancing at the other. His hands weren’t clammy or sweaty, they were just warm and soothed you so easily.

~ ~ ~

After roughly 15 minutes, you were stood outside of the Stark tower- beaming up at the spiderling.

“Thankyou so much for tonight.”

“It was nothing- it was just something simple..” Peter grinned, still holding your hand.

“It doesn’t take much to make me fall in love, Peter.” You whispered, letting your hand slide away from his, taking a few steps back.

“I’ll call you later.” You chirped, turning away and about to walk inside.

Just as you was about to open the door, you felt something clutch your wrist, and when you looked at it- it was a string of thick web.

Before you had time to comprehend what was happening, you was spun back by the web, falling into Peter’s chest and meeting his lips. The butterflies that you’ve had all night, now turned into fireworks being set alight in your chest. Your instinct was to wrap your arms around his neck, so you did- and his hands found your waist, holding it gently to him. The kiss was gentle, yet so blossoming and wild.

He pulled away, both of your nose and foreheads scraping against eachother.

“No, I’ll call you later.” He commented with a smile.

~ ~ ~

You finally made it back into the Stark tower after a wonder filled night, it was quiet though. Too quiet. That’s when you heard it.

“I’m heavily disappointed in you (Y/N) Stark.”

You turned, to only see your Father- looking serious as ever.

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin is playing frisbee with his dog in the park until he throws it in one direction and hits a stranger in the head.  

“And here it goes, go get it Monggu,” Jongin smiles as he throws the frisbee in the air and it whips across the emerald lawn. They’ve been out on this mid summer day, enjoying the warm rays of the risen sun and the outdoorsy smell. Nature is his second name, and it would be a crime not to enjoy the lovely days of summer when such a great day as the one today presents itself.

To the park was Jongin’s first thought when he got off from work at his animal shelter. Now, in the late evening, it’s him and his dog playing around in the grass. Nothing makes him happier, more complete and content than spending time with his companion, his partner for life.

The small puppy trots back toward him with the topaz blue oval toy in his mouth. Jongin receives it, and shuffles his hand through the dog’s hair on his head. “Atta boy,” he praises, eyes crinkling and reflecting the gleaming sunlight. “Go catch it again,” Jongin jogs back preparing to put more force into his throw. Which he does, but to his dismay, that force is too much and not in the direction which he intends.


Jongin’s eyes squints in mimicked pain when the frisbee slaps a stranger smack in the middle of the back of his head. The man turns around and bends down immediately as Jongin scurries toward him with worried steps and a stuttering tongue.

When he reaches the man, the stranger straightens, dusting off the toy in his palms. Jongin’s breath hitches when he catches sight of the man’s features, and he regrets hitting him in the head even more. Or should he? Because the guy is gorgeous and maybe he’s actually happy to have hit him.

“I-i’m so sorry, I was throwing it for my dog to catch and…” he bows, and when he raises his head, the man is adorning a smile. Even the cap shrouding the man’s features in a shadow doesn’t stop the radiance in his smile from showing.

“It’s okay man, accidents happen.” he hands the frisbee back to Jongin, who accepts it with rose tinted cheeks. “Cute dog there,” he says as Monggu circles around Jongin’s feet. The dog owner knows he’s losing it because he hadn’t even noticed Monggu anywhere near his toes.

“Haha,” he laughs awkwardly, “Thank you, you’re cute too,” slips from Jongin’s mouth and his eyes widen.

The man’s grin stretches further and he tilts his head, a flirtatious glint in his eyes, “Funny, I was thinking the same thing,” he says, and Jongin thinks he might collapse on the ground, “So, you got a name?”

“Jongin,” he brushes his nape.

“I’m Kyungsoo,” Kyungsoo reaches out to shake his hand, “Nice to meet you Jongin and your dog…” he points to the big oak tree a few feet away, “Is peeing over there,” Jongin snaps his head toward the tree and scurries over to Monggu, throwing a I’ll be right back over his shoulder. Kyungsoo chuckles.

callmeyoungwildandfree  asked:

Hey, please may i have 60 with Chanyeol 🙏😊

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

Chanyeol had set up a picnic in his studio in celebration of your four month anniversary, including cake and champagne. 

He fed you his home made chocolate cake while you leaned against his shoulder, taking each forkful without fuss. “Can I get this every month?” you laughed, moving to feed him now. “I don’t know, maybe?” he smirked, lowering the plate in your hand before cupping your father. “If I can do this every month, maybe I’ll do it,” he smirked, leaning in to connect your lips for the first time.

“How do you feel?” he asked shyly once he pulled away, his thumbs rubbing over your cheeks. “I feel like I can’t breathe,” you giggled, turning your head into his warm hand. “I got carried away. Sorry,” he mumbled, cheeks tinting rose. “I’ve been waiting to do that for four months.”

Keisha and Tommy One Shot! #PowerFanfic

“That tickles” a barely awake, extremely satisfied Tommy mumbled as she circled his nipple with the tip of her finger.
A lazy smile creeping across his face as he lay in her bed eyes still closed but clearly awake as she felt him slightly harden against her thing as she wrapped her smooth long brown leg over his muscular hairy one.

“Tell me something you like about me” looking at his slightly damp hair and rose tinted cheeks, he looked so innocent, almost peaceful, but I guess fucking all night would do that to a guy, she’d lost counts of the orgasms and positions they they’d got into, but now she was starting to wonder if that was the only reason why he came to see her.

He never came by when Cash was up, or had taken her to dinner, she was starting to feel like a booty call, which she wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t so terrified she was catching feelings for the motherfucker, or maybe it was just the good sick playing tricks on her, but she wanted to know what he thought of her.

“Did you hear me?” She pressed herself up to lay on his chest.

“ You see how I’m lying here with my eyes closed and shit…that means I’m sleep.”
Tommy grumbled, eyes still closed that stupid silly smirk on his face.

Keisha rolled her eyes and smacked his firm chest lightly.

“The fuck! That hurt!” Keisha had worked in a salon most her life, was mother to a 6 year old and was sure that Tommy was the most dramatic drama queen she had ever known.

“I barely touched you” rolling her eyes she flopped on to her back, coming to terms that they clearly weren’t going to have the conversation she wanted…needed.

“What you mad about now?” He rolled over, throwing an arm across her stomach and nuzzled her shoulder. “Huh? spill it, what I do now?” He continued, trying to lighten her mood.

Her mind was screaming, but she knew if she pressed, he’d pull away, Tommy didn’t spill his guts, he’d been a heartbreaker since he started hanging with Ghost since they were in school, before Ghost settled with Tasha, they were out there, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Black, White, the little Irish girls with the red hair, they smashed em all, and left their broken pieces in their wake.

At no point had any of them bar one, Tasha, managed to settle them, maybe it stemmed from Tommys mommy issues, but he would never let a bitch in, she didn’t think that was gonna change tonight, not even Big Red, managed to do that, and she had his nose wide open.

“Its cool, nevermind, let’s get some sleep.

She shit her eyes pretending to be over it all.

He was quiet for a minute, and she could feel him thinking, it was making her damn heart race.

” Your eyes" his deep voice heavy with Queens accent slowly cut through the dimly lit room, she pretended not to hear him at first, but curiosity got the better of her.

“That’s it?!” The annoyance in her voice at his less than adequate answer couldn’t be missed, and neither could his quiet laugh.

“Whadya mean that’s it, you asked me what I liked about you” he countered, his stupid smirk and big blues dancing with mischief.

“Well, like I said, nevermind, forget it ” with a huff she rolled onto her side giving him the shoulder.

The silence continued.

“Well at least that was the first thing I noticed, when I first saw you, wearing those tight as Jean shorts, that crop top with Bob Marley on it, with them beat up converse, I thought, she’s cute, I like her eyes.”

Keisha was awake now, wide awake, he was talking nearly 20 years ago, some Dominican kids thought a block party, it was the first time she saw him, didn’t think much of him, heard he was “That Tommy” everyone in the neighbourhood knew about the crazy white boy always with Jamie, but he just seemed pretty regular, she was in her thoughts as he continued, gently stroking her stomach and then her thigh as he continued to talk.

“But as time went on, I see they ain’t your best feature, they pretty as shit, but not the best part of you. You’re kind when you ain’t being a crazy loudmouth, yous a good friend, a great mother, smart business women, loyal, and you got heart, you special”. Keisha didn’t say anything for a second.

“I guess I like everything about you, man I dunno” Tommy shrugged and stopped talking.

Turning to face him, those hazel eyes of hers sparkling, she couldn’t help the smile creeping across her face.

“Thanks for telling me” with a kiss to his nose, she resumed her previous position on his chest.

“Keish, I know what you want from me, I ain’t gonna bullshit you and say I can give you a fairy tale and we gon’ be together forever or some shit, but Ima promise you something real, if you want it…it ain’t always gonna be perfect and pretty, but it can be ours, so whatchu sayin? You wanna be my girl or what?.”

Lakeisha chuckled, it wasn’t the most romantic gesture, but it was romantic coming from Tommy, his neck and cheeks slightly flushing from mild embarrassment of his declaration.

“Tommy I been wanting to be your girl” she replied with a giggle.

With a wink, and a kiss to her forehead, he slid between her legs.

“So I’m your man?” Lifting her leg he smoothly put it over his shoulder.

She breathlessly stroked at his chest from below him, the wetness already present between her thighs.

Barely above a whisper she spoke while he peppered her collarbone and neck with languid relaxed kisses.

“Hmmm…yeah.. you’re my man’ she moaned, as his hand found her glistening pearl of a clit.

“Say that shit again” he grunted as thrust into her deeply, and unapologetically.

Her stomach flopped and her chest heaved, as kept hitting that spot deep in her guts that gave her butterflies.

“Uhh … you’re my man” Tommy looked at her with nothing but smug primal pride.

He loved this time with her, when she was losing her shit, incoherently babbling and clawing at him.

He watched her, his dick growing even harder, she didn’t run from it anymore like the first time he hit, he was more than aware he broke all kinda stereotypes, and the first time he tried to get it in deep, let’s just say it took some time to adjust, didn’t help that Keisha was tighter than a fucking rat trap.

He took pride in the fact that his baby had found her stride, and could take the dick like a champ now.

It only spurred him on. He started to slam, delivering a punishing rhythm, the perfect blend of rough and sweet and watched unravel.

It wasn’t just the sex either, he liked just being with her, she wasn’t mixed deep in his world, and it was nice to have a different perspective a different view.

Having Keisha around relaxed him, with a deep kiss, he slid his tounge against hers as he gathered her other leg, and raised it over his shoulder, reaching down to cup her buttocks as he started to really fuck her with conviction, her moans and screams music to his ears.

Looking down he could see she was close.

“ You got something for me baby?” He groaned, coaxing the emerging orgasm from her, almost breathless at the beating he was putting on her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” With a silent scream, she came with the thunder, stars dancing behind her eyelids as she squeezed them closed from her climax.

Tommy couldn’t hang on anymore, that was it, with a groan that grew from the pit of his stomach, he buried his head in her shoulder as he came fast long and hard within her.

They both stayed in that position while they caught their breath.

Tommy slowly came to put his head between her slightly damp breast, his favourite go to place once they were done and he was ready to sleep.

“So I guess I got myself a boyfriend huh?” Keisha smirked, gently stroking his hair.

She felt his shoulders shake as he chuckled.

“ Yeah you do…so don’t let me hear about any other motherfucker around my shit, coz I’ll kill em.” He groaned, and knowing Tommy he probably had a genuine frown to match.

She kinda liked it. He was jealous.

‘Believe me you ain’t got nothing to worry about, trust me …what do you always say to me?“ She continued to stroke his hair as she waited for his response.

"I got you..” his voice was sincere when he spoke.

“Exactly, well guess what?”


“I got you too…”

She felt him smile against her skin, them both enjoying their little moment, before he spoke again.

“Sooo…which one of us is telling Tasha?”

The End…

@sparklemichele I did it! 🙈🙈 I literally just knocked it out, so any and everyone excuse the typos. Hope you like it!

CYOSTODA - Part 5: Dean Picks Truth...

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA

Word Count: 2056

Warnings: Sexual language. Suggested smut 

A/N: This is long overdue. But it was fun to write!!! Though I got my usual nerves when it came to the smutty part… so I cheated slightly… hope you don’t mind…

Choose Your Own Supernatural Truth or Dare Adventure Mastermess 

Part 1: Set up by @littlegreenplasticsoldier  
Part 2: Dean Picks Dare by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  
Part 3:
Leah Picks Truth by @revwinchester
Part 4: Sam Picks Truth, then Y/N Picks Dare @skybinx-blog


Stepping away from Leah, you turned to look at Dean. “So, pick your poison, Truth or Dare, Deano?”

As he was mulling over which one to go for, you plopped yourself back down beside Sam. 

 “You know I’d pick slow sex every time, if I knew it was going to be with you.” He whispered, before turning his gaze back to his brother.

Dean leaned back on one hand, taking a long drink as he stared you down, acting as if he hadn’t just whispered something that made heat pool in your lower belly. The seconds seemed to drag by, his eyes boring into your own as he took his sweet time making up his mind. You were starting to feel slightly uncomfortable, at least until Leah started clicking her tongue in time with the seconds ticking by, clearly becoming impatient to continue the game.

“You gunna keep eye-fucking Y/N, or are you gunna pick one?” she said, her voice sounding slightly sing-song as she caught your eye and gave you a shit-eating grin.

Both Sam and Dean chuckled, though a very faint pink tinge was just visible on his cheeks. “Alright, alright…” he grumbled, sitting up again and setting his drink on the floor and evening his weight between both hands. “I’m going with truth.”

“Aww, too scared to do another dare?” you jibed, trying to shake off the lull in the atmosphere.

He scoffed, recoiling his head as he turned to look at Sam with a clear ‘can you believe that?’ expression. “Nah, sweetheart, I just enjoy a bit of variety!”

You rolled your eyes, polishing off your drink before heading for a refill.

Leah was staring thoughtfully at Dean, head resting on her fist as she leaned forward. “How about…” she started, eyes flicking over to you as they narrowed, clearly trying to reach a decision. Slowly, her face broke out in a crafty smile. “Why don’t you describe an orgasm for us, Dean?”

Three sets of eyes widened as they turned to stare at her. “An… orgasm?” Dean asked, shifting slightly as he licked his lips.

“Yup!” she said, popping the ‘p’ as she did. “Y’know, assuming you’ve had-”

“Hey! I’ve both experienced and given orgasms, thanks,” he retorted, a slight huff in his tone. As he spoked, you caught Sam’s eye, and neither of you could stop the sniggering.

Keep reading