rose cat ears

A gift for @wildsfoxes for the @aftgexchange. I’m so sorry about how late it is!
It’s kind of a weird headcanon-fic-hybrid thing, but I used the prompt of Neil Christmas shopping for the foxes for the first time. Anyways, I hope you like it! Happy Holidays!

  • We’re going shopping, the text reads. At first Neil is kind of confused because he and Allison have standing shopping dates, on the first Saturday of each month (unless they have a game, in which case it becomes the first Sunday) and today is neither a Saturday nor the first weekend of the month. It’s a Wednesday.
  • Why? he sends back, before turning his attention back to the exy game on his laptop. He’s been watching some of the Foxes’ past games to try and figure out what the major issues are and what drills he can introduce to practice to help fix it. They’d won the game, but barely and he was tired of hearing Kevin complain.
  • Because it’s almost Christmas and also because I want to. Come meet me outside.
  • He thinks about it for a moment and then closes his laptop with a sigh. Andrew has class right up until his meeting with Betsy but he messages him quickly, just to let him know where Neil is going, and then pulls on his shoes, grabs his keys and wallet, and is out the door.

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