rose campaign



Fall/Winter 2017 campaign

sisters Adwoa and Kesewa Aboah, Missy Rayder, Jean Campbell, Eliza Cumming, Jasmine Daniels, Rose Daniels, Lily Nova, actress Naomie Harris and the Preservation Hall Brass Band by Alasdair McLellan

No Meowing During Sessions

So for context, there were two “animals” in a party of six people, a riding dog and a tibbit ranger (me) posing as a familiar. The riding dog belonged to the “bard” (actually a beguiler) and I ran around like a stray with a sorcerer who fed me meat when we first met in Waterdeep during our first session. Our first quest as a party was to find a missing girl in a cave. The beguiler and the sorcerer, who was incidentally my ex, were often on tense terms out of session to start with, and those tensions only rose throughout the campaign.

DM: Kit (me), as a ranger and a tibbit you can use your scent ability to add an extra modifier to roll for tracking.
Me: *doesn’t make the roll and goes in the wrong direction*
Beguiler: Well, Mariana (sorcerer), it seems like your cat doesn’t know what it’s doing. My dog rolls to track the girl.
Dog: *rolls a nat 1 and takes 2 damage stomping on itself*
Sorcerer: It seems that your dog is too stupid to avoid treading on itself. *snorts*
DM: Okay, would you like to roll again Kit?
Me: *rolls a nat 20 and catches the exact scent trail of the girl*
Sorcerer (ooc): I roll to scritch the Rosie and the Kit
DM: what is this thing we call the fourth wall *looks at their webcam like they’re in The Office*

From then on I was banned from meowing into the skype call ;w;