rose bud tea


Roses and Clematis around my garden this afternoon:

Top: Clematis ‘Twilight’ still going bananas on that obelisk.

Second Row, Left: Mystery pink hybrid tea rose that pre-dates our living here. It must have been planted awhile ago, though, because its trunk is bigger around than my wrist!

Second Row, Right: ‘Veilchenblau’ climbing rose. The flowers are very tiny, but it is a fast grower, so if you are looking for a climber that won’t take a long time to establish, this is a good option.

Bottom, Left: ‘Nostalgia’ hybrid tea rose bud. Note how the areas relatively untouched by the sunlight are still white. Beautiful color-changing bi-color rose. My favorite!

Bottom, Right: ‘Handel’ climbing rose putting out a lovely bloom in spite of aphid attacks. I’ve had to kill aphids off all my roses daily, which sucks big time.