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W/C: 2823 


“You thought it was cute, smiling at him the way you did. Didn’t you, babe?” He said in a venomous tone. You couldn’t get over the darkness in his eyes which seemed to have take over. “Just remember, no one can fuck you like I can.”

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Here is some stranger things/it crossover where Mike and Richie is twins. I like the idea and I wanted to give it a try. Uhhh I’m only proud of the first one the other ones I just…idk. 

 Here is some headcanons for it if you care lol.

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Secret Admirer {Flowershop! Chenle}
  • Pairing: Chenle X Reader
  • Request: ”…do you think you could do a flowershop au for chenle please??…”
  • Genre: Fluff; Flowershop! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 859
  • Summary: Your secret admirer keeps sending you flowers, leading to you asking Chenle to help find them.

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A million roses < one sunflower (T. Holland)

A cute lil story…

Warnings: None

Summary: Tom can’t seem to get the fact that you cannot be bought…

“Y/N, another delivery from your secret admirer!” Your colleague and friend, Cathy, shouted to you. You let out a heavy sigh. It wasn’t a secret admirer. It was actor Tom Holland. Ever since he saw you once in a play, he kept sending you roses or some other expensive presents to get your attention. In the start it was anonymous, but then after the fifth basket, he showed up at an afterparty and introduced himself. It wasn’t that he was bad-looking. Seriously, those brown puppy eyes and the incredible soft looking hair was made in heaven. He was just so full of himself. He tried to buy your love. You didn’t want that. You wanted him to earn it. 

So, when you read the note on the fifty roses, saying he couldn’t understand why you hadn’t called him, you almost did. To yell at him.
Cathy read your face quickly. “You don’t have to sweety. He’s out front” You rolled your eyes and got up from your make-up table.

Pulling the dressing gown closer to your body, you made your way out front. Where he stood. In his all his handsomeness.
“Holland” “Hey princess. You haven’t called. Do you not like my presents?” Tom asked you, a cheeky grin on his face. Once again you rolled your eyes.
“You don’t understand, do you?” You asked him. He looked oh-so confused. “The minute you stop trying, I will go on a date with you. You can’t buy mine, or anyone for that matters, love!” You told him. “You mean you will go out with me. But not when I give you presents?” He furrowed his brows in confusion. “Tom, I would rather get one sunflower from you, than a million roses from any other boy. Shame you don’t realize that” You said, then walked back inside leaving Tom stunned.

The next day, when you walked into the theatre, a sunflower was laying on your table. You walked over to the table confused. You had completely forgotten last nights conversation. Picking up the following card, a smile spread across your face.

“Dear Y/N. Sorry for my behaviour. Here’s a sunflower, just like you asked. Please let me take you out tonight. I will even bring my dog.




I’m a happy gal today. Writing an essay in my room after a day of getting up late, running 14 miles, and getting pizza and coffee with my best pal. Here’s a pic of my room ft. the bouquet of a dozen roses Em and I bought for half price at Wal-Mart and then split in two. My 9:10 is canceled tomorrow so I’m gonna take care of some mail and maybe get brunch with Taylor. I’m happy and confident and okay with the fact that it’s temporary.

p.s. that’s my Hinds band setlist on the wall WRITTEN BY CC

p.s.s. someone subscribed me to Teen Vogue and idk who it was so if it was one of y’all, plz own up so I can thank you haha

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Reinhardt with an S!O who's a writer. And he's super into all her books. So he shows up to every convention she's at to try and get her attention. Even bringing her little snacks.


It was a complete mystery to you sometimes, why so many people were interested in reading your books. In your opinion, there were so many people who were better than you and put out things that were more interesting. But enough people liked it, so much that you were asked to go to conventions outside of your book signings when you’d release a new novel. 

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More! drunk! Rey! - definitely not cecilia who wants to be drunk right now

wishful thinking// ao3

If Ben had thought that trying to keep a handle on a sober Rey was difficult, he doesn’t really know what the hell he had expected from her drunk. Drunk Rey, as it turns out, is a force of fucking nature; tearing through the Cantina like a pint sized tornado stuffed into an unfairly short leather jumper and a pair of glittery cat ears. Order 66 wails onstage, lead singer wearing an executioner’s hood in honor of the holiday as he leads the band through an (only okay) series of riffs.

“What the hell is your costume supposed to be?” Jess asks when she stomps up to him, Rose and Rey in tow, all three of them balancing sugar rimmed shots in their sticky hands. Ben looks from his nondescript band hoodie, to the three glittering women in front of him and scowls for a second.

“Clinical depression.” He answers right as the lead guitarist hits a sour note. Rey and Rose blink up at him, and there’s a second of stillness before all three of them are knocking back the shots.

“Wow.” Rose comments as she grabs empty glasses from her friends before passing them off to some poor, overwhelmed boy. “That’s unoriginal even for you.”

Ben shrugs only to swallow thickly as Rey drops her phone and bends to pick it up, skirt riding up illegally high on her hips with the motion. Hazel eyes flick over one shoulder as she snaps back up and flashes a grin his way. Over the next ten minutes she does it half as many times, grin only growing in size with each slow drop of her shoulders towards the dirty bar floor. It’s almost enough to make Ben wish he had a set to play, or a cig in his mouth, anything to distract him from the coil tightening in his stomach.

Finn shows up already drunk and grinning beneath the Stormtrooper helmet he’d bought for the night, and promptly buys everyone present a round (beer for him and Ben, shots of jameo for the girls). Which is all well and good, except for the fact that the trio is already swaying on their feet, cat ears (Rose and Rey) and sailor skirt (Jess) knocked askew as they flounce through the crowd back toward the bar. They’re back by the time Phasma has started to set up beneath the banner (Cantina Witch Trials scrawled across it in dripping red paint), and it’s with a whiskey sigh that Rey tucks herself into his arms, the tips of her cat ears just brushing his chin.

“Ben.” His name is sweeter than any drink on her voice, and he cannot help but snake his arms a little more tightly around her waist.

“Hey Sweetheart.” He mumbles, ducking low to speak against her ear as Phasma’s set begins in earnest.

“Will you drink some water for me?” And as if some spell had been broken, Rey pushes out of his arms to stand affronted between him and Jess.

Absolutely not!” She huffs, eyes twinkling even as she grabs her friend’s hand and vanishes into the already whipping pit. Ben Solo inhales slowly through his nose, makes sure that Rose has also joined the duo in the crowd, and turns to find water for the three of them anyways.

The next time he implores his girlfriend to drink something other than alcohol she leans in close enough for him to see the inner corner of one fake eyelash lifting, and for a glimmering second looks like she’s about to agree. Ben makes the mistake of preemptively smiling, and even before he’s moved the cool plastic cup halfway into her hands Rey’s whirling away again eyes even glossier than her lips when she blows him a kiss.

Ben wakes up the next morning with an arm full of Rey, false eyelashes stuck to his bedside table, and cat ears hung haphazardly off the headstock of his Strat. She’s breathing slowly, makeup smeared at the edges where he’d tried to help her clean it off between bouts of vomiting. It’s November first, nearly a year since Ben had watched her fly out of the warehouse district with fire at her heels and thought he’d lost her. Rey snuffles against his neck in her sleep, curls one hand against his chest in response to some subconscious stimuli, and Ben knows he’ll never love anyone more (even if they won’t fucking drink water).

Crazy little thing called love

You were not the party type. You never have been and you never will be. You would’ve much rather stay at home and watch law and order then go out. So when your friends asked you to go to the nice guy with them, you were very hesitant. Little did you know, that night was the night you met the love of your life.

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Double Date (Reader x Pietro/Wanda/Vision)

Word Count: 1242

Summary: Reader and Pietro go on a double date with Wanda and Vision.

A/N: Okay so I couldn’t stop thinking about this all day. Hope u enjoy babes.

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Oh! Happy 500! May I have some Christmas kaishin? (Take your time, but if you could have it before my birthday in a month you'll make me really happy)

I don’t think I made it in time for you birthday, but it IS Christmas…  Either way, happy birthday and happy holidays!!  Thanks for all your support this year!!  (Under the readmore as usual <3)

“Shinichi,” Ran said, her voice low and cautious as if soothing a stray cat, “I think someone might have a crush on you.”  Shinichi didn’t bother gracing that with a response.  His living room was filled with roses.  There was mistletoe over every doorway.  It was a floral nightmare.

He knew Kid liked teasing him, but this was a little much, even for him.

“Does he want to spend Christmas with you?” Ran asked, picking up one of the cards strewn across his kitchen table.  Shinichi dropped his head to his hands, shrugging.

“I can’t tell anymore,” he mumbled into his palms.

“I mean, it’s a couples holiday…  And there are all these roses…  And the cards…”

Shinichi was well aware of all of those things.  He just couldn’t make those facts line up with the Kid that was always messing with him.  They couldn’t be sincere.

If he’d bought Kid a gift, just in case, that was his own business.

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A Song called “Viina”

Fandom: Noragami

Pairing: Kazubisha

Summary:  Bishamon wakes up to hear someone playing the piano in the middle of the night. On discovering her exemplar being the source of the melody a well needed conversation is brought up as they face their past together in hopes of a better future. Maybe one with a lighter tune to coincide with it.

Notes: I wrote this because I was desperate for content backing up my head canon that Kazuma is musically inclined and knows how to play the piano. So, I wrote this~

Song Inspirations: “Is She Out There? by Anthony Greninger || Nuvole Bianche by  Ludovico Einaudi ||


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Imagine Claire introducing Jamie to lingerie

half-sassenach said: Imagine Jamie’s reaction the first time he sees Claire in 20th century clothes (and lingerie).

“So… I went to the shops today,” Claire began, leaning against the doorjamb to watch Jamie as he wrote in his books. It warmed her heart to see him at his father’s desk in the study in the home built by the same man. There was no danger here, though, no one to stop them from living their lives in peace. 

“Mmh?” Jamie was distracted, scribbling away with his pencil. 

She wore a silken robe and was fiddling with the tie of the thing, spinning it around in circles. “I bought some new undergarments.”

“Oh, good.”

She snorted softly. His books could wait, the bloody man. She padded into the groom, glancing gratefully toward the fire he had burning on the hearth. The house had been updated beautifully, but there was still a chill that could move through the place, causing her to avoid being naked outside the safety of their bed and the thick blankets they kept on it. Claire gently pushed a few items aside and slid up onto the edge of the sturdy desk. She pulled the edge of her robe up to show off the lacy tops of her stockings and the garters that held them in place. A bit further, and a hint of red lace was visible.

“Sassenach, what’re ye-” There. His eyes had locked onto her thigh, pencil dropped into the center of his book, and he leaned back in his chair, the wood creaking softly under his weight. Claire lifted her stockinged foot to rest delicately on his knee, toes wriggling up under the edge of his kilt. Dark eyes growing darker by the moment slid up the length of her leg, and Jamie reached out to slowly tug the robe open. Claire sucked in her stomach reflexively, but the swell of their baby was beyond her ability to hide anymore. And anyway, she knew he wouldn’t want her to try to hide it. He loved watching her grow week by week. 

“I dinna think I’ve seen these before, Sassenach,” he murmured, voice husky. 

“You have not,” she agreed with a soft snort. “I was telling you I’d gone shopping today. But if you think you might not be interested in what I bought…” She moved as if to pull the robe closed, but he reached up to stop her.

“Oh, well I’m thinkin’ I’d be quite interested, in fact. Do ye really need the robe?”

Smiling sweetly, she let the silk slide off her shoulders, then reached out to close his book around the pencil and push it aside. Then she scooted over into the center of his desk. Her other foot rose up to wedge up under his thigh. “Now, I know you don’t like the brassieres, but… I was thinking tonight you might be able to master the clasps.” 

His hands were warm on her shins, twisting around to her calves to trail up over the curve of her muscles. “Did I say that? That I didna like the brassieres? Because, let me tell ye, Sassenach, I’m thinkin’ I dinna mind them so much after all.” His hands continued on up over her knees toward her thighs.

“And ah, the panties? What do you think of those?” she asked, spreading her legs a bit more. Her stockinged toes stroked lightly up and down the inside of his thigh.

Jamie groaned and rolled his chair forward, lifting both of Claire’s legs to drape them over his shoulders. “I can see ye right through them, my God.” He leaned in and nosed at her, one hand lifting up to brush over her stomach. His hand continued upward to brush over her breast, pinching lightly at her nipple through the thin lace. “Aye. Aye, Sassenach. I like them verra much,” he sighed. 

With a kiss to the inside of her thigh, he lowered his head once more to show her just how much he liked the new lingerie.

Cute Things Seventeen Performance Line Will Do For A Date

So i got a pretty nice reception from the hip-hop line version of this, so let’s go ahead and tackle the performance line aye?


Hoshi: Hoshi seems like a chill Netflix and chill lololol type of person, so I think the date would be something chill like taking you out to a drive in movie. (Do they still do things like that I hope so…) Anyways you’d be prepared to watch a nice romantic movie with him and hopefully get romantic yourselves, but of course it’s Soonyoung, and life was never that simple and cookie cutter with Mr.Young. He’d drive up to the section playing new comedy movie that just came out and he’d already have his popcorn popped, awaiting a funny show. You’d find yourself getting slightly embarrassed at Hoshi’s shamelessly laughing and the fact that his popcorn munching sounded more like and elephant stepping on a pile of twigs… However, the goofiness is what you loved about Soonyoung so you enjoyed watching him more than watching the movie. He’d turn to you and smile brightly, with a little bit of popcorn stuck in his teeth he’d say, “This movie is awesome, do you like it?” You’d giggle while removing the popcorn from his teeth, “I love it sweetie.” (got a bit carried away here opps)

The8: MingMing would want to take you out on a stereotypical “perfect” date because he’d do anything to make you happy. awweee my babby. He’d take you out to an ice skating rink, assuming you had no idea how to ice skate. He would research days before on how to ice skate so he could teach you how to ice skate while you guys were on the date. He would timidly lead you out into the ice skating rink, and tell himself over and over again in his head not to mess up in front of you. The plan was to whisk you through the rink with him until you got the hang of it and could do it yourself however much to Minghao’s dismay, things didn’t go as planned.  While reaching for you to bring you closer to him, his nerves would get the best of him and he slips and falls to the ground after extending himself to far out. (Way to fuck up :() You’d gasp and he’d just sit there laughing while his face turned tomato red. You sit beside him and give him a hug while telling him it’s okay and how cute he is. You both get up off the ground and end up just laughing and talking about everything and anything under the sun.

Dino: Maknae Lee Chan would probably have no idea what to do for a date, so he’d wing it but it would somehow end up going really well. You guys would go bowling together, betting on one another before hand that whoever loses had to do a favor for the other. You guys would walk into the bowling ring with your game faces on. Although you were competitive and doing your best, baby Lee Chan knew his way around the bowling much to your surprise. He ended beating you by an almost unreal amount, causing you to resent the bowling at the moment. Dino does a little victory dance and you smile at his genuine happiness at winning. “Now I get a favor!” He exclaims and you brace yourself for something bad like washing all of Seventeen’s laundry for the next year. (uhm I’ll take the job sign me up) “Will you do me a favor and be my girlfriend jagiya?” *cries silently in corner*

Jun(I just…): I really wanted to just say the date would be him throwing you onto a bed and making you ride him into the fucking sunset, but I guess I’ve got to add plot so here we go: Jun would do a bed in breakfast kind of thing as a date early in the morning. He’d wake up super early and would have bought everything he needed to make you the breakfast ahead of time. You’d wake up to the smell of some delicious food wafting through the air. Jun would walk in with a tray of food, a rose laying on the tray, and a smile adorning his face. He’d lay the set up on your lap and crawl into bed alongside you. The tray was full of eggs, bacon, pancakes and orange juice. You dug into the meal, pleasantly surprised at the fact that the food was delicious.You finished quickly, wishing there was more but then you realize that Jun didn’t eat anything. You ask him, “Oppa did you want any? Are you hungry?” He bites his lips and sets the tray down, and after pulls you onto his lap. “Oh baby trust me I’m hungry, but not for food.” *lips fall off from smiling too much*


12:16 AM… Team no sleep. Junhui oppa come and get me I’m HeRRee. I can’t he’s the reason my bias list is going through a category 8 hurricane. HMU and ask me for a scenario I want to write for u guys!! :)

  • Emma: Hey Henry.
  • Henry: Yes Mom?
  • Emma: You said you were worried magic was going to tear your parents do know your Mom and I aren't a couple.
  • Henry: Aren't you?
  • Emma: Why would you think we are?
  • Henry: Have you seen you and Mom lately? Like in New York when you went out for that dinner?
  • Emma: Well we had to eat.
  • Henry: It was a candlelit dinner for two.
  • Emma: It was dark, we needed light.
  • Henry: And the bouquet of lilies and roses you bought her?
  • Emma: cheer her up?
  • Henry: Giving Mom your favourite sweater?
  • Emma: Well I didn't want her to be cold.
  • Henry: Is that why you two have to snuggle under one blanket during movie night?
  • Emma: Yep...warmth.
  • Henry: And the fact that you two fall asleep on each other?
  • Emma:'s comfy?
  • Henry *sighs*: Ma...face love her.
  • Emma: It doesn't matter, she doesn't love me.
  • ...
  • Henry: Did you hear a word I just said? She wears your sweater. She falls asleep on you and you go on fancy romantic dinners...Ma...she loves you too.
  • Emma: ..what do I do now?
  • Regina: You could always ask me out.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Emma: How long were you there?
  • Regina: Long enough to know you love me back.
  • Emma: Love you back? Does that mean?
  • Regina *nods*: I love you.

ink-n-paper-love replied to your post “Lmao I don’t watch the show anymore and the news about river upset me….”

I don’t want to cause you the pain, but it’s said she actually met most if not all of the Doctor’s regenerations. I searched and on her tardis wiki page one can actually read what her reactions towards the Doctors were. It was…what I expected.  It’s seems it’s basically what Moffat thinks of them, just said in Alex’ voice. Apperantly she set Nine off because she mentioned the Time War “and learned very quickly it was a bad idea to discuss it at all.”

fic: future visitation



They’re in a bar on Zuphrox Nine, somewhere he’s taken Rose and Jack to have a nice cool scotch or two after a hard day’s adventuring. Jack drags Rose towards a jukebox to pick out some tunes, and a woman slides onto the stool next to the Doctor’s. His eyes remain fixed on Rose Tyler - just to make sure she’s all right, of course, given that she’s a little tipsy after downing that bright pink concoction Jack had bought her. He picks up the tiny embellished umbrella Rose had playfully thrown at him after scooping it out of her drink, and twirls it around, opening and closing it absently as he watches her laugh and -

“Can I get you a drink?” says the woman from beside him, and he turns to her obligingly, giving her a quick and pleasant grin.

“I’m fine, ta.” He nods towards his untouched glass, and returns his gaze to his friends. Jack’s got her dancing, now, never mind the fact that no one else is on the dancefloor. Still, no one seems to mind, or pay them the slightest bit of attention. The Doctor feels a stab of something low under his ribcage, and realises with a pulse of alarm that he’s a little jealous. It’s only been days since Jack came aboard, since that lovely dance in the console room the Doctor had enjoyed with Rose. His eyes narrow on the way Jack pulls her in close.

“I can intercept, if you like,” someone says, and he jumps as he notices the woman with impressive curly hair is still right there next to him.

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Gom, kasamatsu and kagami asking their crush out to prom?

aw, how cute of them <3 writing this in hopes of maybe kuroko asking me to prom

Akashi: He had grown very close to his crush and had been thinking about how to ask his crush out for a while. Finally, he settled with ordering a box of fresh, red roses. When he decided the time was right, he asked permission from their parents to their room, and he himself, neatly arranged the roses to form the word ‘Prom?” on their floor. He tastefully scattered the petals everywhere, and finally took the final rose and held it himself, waiting for his crush to enter their room.

Aomine: They were walking home together, simply talking about everything. Until Aomine suddenly interrupts his crush’s long monologue. He had wanted to ask this, but never knew when to begin. He had to put his foot down. “Hey,” he began, slowing their pace. “Want to go prom with me?”

Kise: He was very excited to see his crush in a beautiful prom dress. But the thought of someone dancing with them made him only want to keep them to himself. He secretly requested them to meet him on the rooftop, away from the excited fangirls of the school. “Would you like to go to prom with me?” he asked, straightforwardly. 

Kuroko: They were sitting together in the library, discussing and sharing new books they enjoyed reading. Kuroko handed them a copy of a teen romance novel he said he had enjoyed, and urged them to read through the first few pages. Little did they know, we had found and highlighted words which formed the question: “Prom with me?” over several pages.

Midorima: He approached his crush with a steely determination, with a note in hand. But his cold demeanor quickly disappeared when his crush turned and noticed him walking towards them. “H-here’s your horoscope for today,” he said, handing the note. He wasn’t one to stutter, but he never thought he’d be doing something like this. “It will definitely grab their heart!” Takao had told him. His crush opened the note, to see the words. “Would you like to go to prom with me?” 

Murasakibara: As usual, at lunchtime, they sat together, with Murasakibara dumping lollies on a small blanket and eating them. “Hey, I bought these lollies with fun facts inside the wrappers,” he informed. They went through a large amount of lollies, reading all the facts every time they opened a wrapper. When all seemed to be gone, Murasakibara dug into his pocket and gave them the last one. “Look I found one more.” Inside the wrapper, read the words “Go to prom with me?” in clumsy, small handwriting.

Kasamatsu: He wanted to get it over and done with. He traipsed right up to their doorstep and confidently knocked on their door, a single rose in one hand. His determination fizzled a bit when their parents opened the door, but he quickly picked himself up and asked to talk to his crush. After their crush was at the door, he presented them with the rose and the question: “Would you go to prom with me?” 

Kagami: He had the thought in his mind, but never found the chance to ask. After basketball practice, he was drenched in sweat, but noticed his crush from afar. He suddenly remembered that he needed to ask. Kagami bellowed out their name and jogged to them, wiping sweat from his forehead. “Would you like to go prom with me?” he blurted out, panting slightly.

Bees - DP
   dreamadove asked a question

Hey Cori, have you ever written anything at all about Danny being sterile? I’m pretty sure I’ve read a fic on the subject somewhere but my memory fails me. Anyway, it seemed like the sort of thing you might have covered. Just asking.




Being the son of next-generation scientists, Danny had seen many things most people wouldn’t believe.  After the accident when he was fourteen, Danny had seen things nobody - living or dead - would believe could happen.  After four years of ghosts, government agents, time traveling, and attempted world-domination… Danny would have sworn he’d seen everything.

This, though, was new.  And Danny wasn’t sure if he should be chuckling in delight or gripping the edge of his seat in terror.

Vlad Masters - the Vlad Masters, the great and powerful and rich - was shifting nervously in his chair.  “Daniel…” the man trailed off, ending his fourth attempt at starting whatever this conversation was going to be.

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