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We really really really need a Rose! please apply if you’re able!!
1. you must be 13+
2. you must be active
3. you must own discord (if you don’t have it, download it and figure out how it works, before contacting us)
here is the application:

1. what character do you want to be answering for:

2. what would you like your mod name to be? (keep it short and simple):

3. are you 13+?(if not please do not apply.) I am:
**examples of your best art here**

(  Please contact AggressiveFlyingPizza#7651 (discord tag) )

if i get 10 ❤️s, i’ll record the answers !
  • what is your name?
  • what is your star sign?
  • what is your mother tongue?
  • where do you live?
  • what was the last thing you ate?
  • what is your showering routine?
  • do you crush on anyone right now?
  • describe your ideal date
  • go to the nearest window and describe what you see
  • who is your favorite fictional character?
  • who are the last people you messaged on tumblr?
  • give us some advice! 

“The search team (through rotated shifts) reported that the emotionless bat pony sat and talked by the crystals for hours. Her face held a stoic look, yet also showed a sign of hurt and betrayal. Moments later, she found what seemed to be a trinket, which may have come from the crystal pony judging from her reaction. Her grip on the trinket looked like it could crush boulders, yet was gentle as the calming wind. As she left the cave with the trinket, ponies reported many conflicting things. Some say that she was angry and hurried off; others mention her walking with sorrow. But one thing was for certain. Her eyes were steeled with reinforced determination; focused on her next mission.”

Beep boop continuation from this one with @phoenixswift and @whatsapokemon sorry for tagging you again rip. Initially my plans from the start of the comic included a conclusion with the grump bat. So I had to do draw this or I’d be annoyed with myself for not completing my imaginary plan 100%. I wasn’t suspicous at all asking them certain questions about reactions to crystal corruption and death. Not one bit~! But again, I had fun writing the mini-story, trying to come up with what Violet had to say, and redrawing the ‘Friends Forever’ picture whICH MADE ME SAD IN THE FIRST PLACE HEK!

I hope y-you a-all will a-accept? It’s o-ok if you don’t like it… I h-have plenty of roses for e-everyone!

@ask-the-classy-demon, @ask-bendythedancingdemon, @inky-demon, @ask-showstopper-bendy, @albatrossandfamily, @12pmetu, @asklilbendyandfriends, @radbendy, @ask-littlebendy

A-and so many more! P-please d-don’t be upset if I d-did not name you…Everyone is k-kind and you a-all deserve f-flowers!


Oh, poor anon… they didn’t ask for this.

(Annnd we’re back! Amber and Dance are open for questions. Go for it, friends, knock yourselves out. I’ll even take magic anons tbh but they will be answered in less detailed doodles.)

Please reblog if possible, and share the news that Amber is back again! Woo!