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Feyre: Hey Azriel, are you free on Friday? Like, around 8 pm on Friday?

Azriel: Yes?

Feyre: What about you Mor?

Mor: Yeah, I am.

Feyre: Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date

Mor: Did she just-

“White roses in the snow
never let me go.
Lyin’ in your bed and movin’ slow,
takin’ off our clothes,
givin’ you it all,
all I need is you and me alone.
Love is like a rose;
baby, let it grow,
no one knows the secrets that you know.
Come on, pull me close,
lay me in the snow,
I know you can feel it.”

— White Roses, Charli XCX. 

‘We were so young’. She said. ‘We were just two crazy kids in love. Who lost each other’. He replied. ‘We were selfish, naive, thinking our love could overcome anything. That our love would be enough.’ She whispered as tears stained her now red cheeks. He watched the women he still very much so loved reminisce their youth together, he missed it, when life couldn’t touch them. Back then he believed they would end up together. As she wiped her tears she looked at the boy she loved all those years ago, and it broke her heart that life, the universe tore them apart. They both knew they would always love one another deeply, what was heartbreaking was too much history had happened between them. That the universe tore them apart to never be put back together. He smiled at her and then answered. ‘Our love was enough’. What the universe didn’t comprehend was that soulmates would always find a way back to each other, that a love like that would never die.
—  Our love was enough.//t.c