rose and ruby

It was nice while it lasted.

Okay but why do we not talk about Em and Merc’s activities while infiltrating Beacon? Because I’m sure Cinder would’ve told them “blend in as much as you can. Do teenager things. Learn about our enemies.”



  • Ruby and Emerald passing notes to each other in class about how ridiculous Professor Port’s story of the day is. Em teaches her the proper way to sneak so they don’t get caught.
  • Mercury somehow ending up in a study party with team JNPR in the library because he does need to keep grades up to remain under the radar, and it’s pretty obvious he’s struggling, and because Pyrrha is a Kind Person she approaches him with study tips and even offers to let him read her notes and study with her and her team. Sure he uses this time to mostly study team JNPR but the school help is also beneficial.
  • Emerald and Weiss throwing shade in the cafeteria together and bonding over getting joy at the expense of other people. Emerald enjoys this much more than pretending to be friends with Ruby because she can at least be herself here.
  • Sun being jealous of Mercury’s moves and challenging him to a dance off that ends in disaster on Sun’s part
  • Em attempting to get close to Pyrrha, not only to study her, but because maybe she wouldn’t notice if Em stole away with some of her pretty jewelry. Old habits die hard. She never goes through with it but it’s so tempting.
  • Both of them mingling at the dance. Mercury knowing he should probably start keeping tabs on Yang (because she’s a clear heavy hitter) so he offers her a dance. It’s incredibly awkward but not in a bad way? They’re both not into dancing with each other but their personalities do mesh well and their conversation is at least entertaining for the both of them.
  • (Mercury goofing around with Em and trying to recreate the JNPR dance)
  • I certainly wouldn’t put it past Emerald to cause a little commotion one day and just use her semblance to totally fuck with someone. And because Cardin is such a known asshole, she figures that will get the best reaction out of it so she trips him up in the cafeteria and embarrasses the everloving fuck out of him. It’s a good day.
  • Both of them constantly having to make excuses for the fact Cinder is never in class?
  • “She’s really sickly so it’s hard for her sometimes. We just take her homework to her.”
  • This hilariously earns them a lot of sympathy points, which was unintentional, but works in their favor nonetheless.
  • Em and Merc start picking up mannerisms of some of the students by accident? And even start getting some inside jokes with them?

Long story short

I live for these kids getting to opportunity to do mundane kid things. Even if it’s all for a plot to destroy everything.

How would Blake and Ruby react if they read through a ladybug fanfiction? (Asked by anon)

Blake, nonchalantly: And that’s it. That’s the end.

Ruby, sitting in Blake’s lap, curled up with her hands covering her face, flustered and stumbling over her words: But…we…that’s…aaaahhhh!!!

Blake, kissing Ruby’s head with a bright smile: Do you…wanna read another?

Ruby, murmurs and hides her face in Blake’s shoulder: Yes…can you read it?

Blake, leaning her head on Ruby’s, clicking onto another story, her voice warm: Of course~


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