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Steven universe the trial sneak peak.

Y'all need to listen up to Zircon. She knows what’s up!


Buff drawings I did… last month or so for GeePM’s Final Buff Thread! (should’ve posted these sooner, heh!) ^^;

I’d like to take a moment to thank you, GeePM. First heard of you through @volcanicfires, decided to participate in one of your threads, and I’ve had fun since! I’ve met some cool people on your stream, and hey, you even inspired me to try streaming, so thank you a lot!

Anyway, on to the drawings!

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[Ruby, Blake and Yang all sit on the couch, watching as Blake plays Life is Strange] 

Weiss- [walks into the room] Ruby ROSE

[Ruby flops off the couch like a fish in panic, much to Yang’s amusement]

Ruby -  [yells quickly] I didn’t do it !

Weiss -No you DOLT [coughs] I……[looks away]

Ruby - =0

Weiss- I….I think it’s time to take our relationship….to the next level

Yang- [gleeful smile as she glances between her sister and Weiss] Ohhohohohohohoho 

[Blake smacks Yang]

Ruby - [taken aback] Are….are you sure ?

Weiss- Only if you are…..

[Ruby nods]

Weiss- [nods back] Allright, stay right here

[Yang looks at Blake in confusion]

Weiss- [walks back into the room, carrying Myrtenaster in the palms of her hands] I think it’s time we got used to each other’s weapons 

[Ruby squeals as she swipes Mysrtenaster out of Weiss’s hands, drooling slightly as she hold the rapier reverently ] 

Yang- Are you fucking seri……..

[Weiss glyph summons a wall around the couch]

Yang- [muffled behind the thick ice] I can’t SEE the TV

[Weiss adjusts the wall to encompass the TV as well] 

Yang - [muffled] Thank you 

Weiss- Now that THAT’S [jabs thumb at the Ice wall] Let me show you how this works

Ruby - [squeaky voice] Thank you, thank you, thank you , thank you. [hops in place with excitement] You know how much I love weapons, and your rapier [fans self] it’s such a marvel of modern weaponry and ….

Weiss- RUBY 

Ruby - [stops immediately] Yes

Weiss- [leans against Ruby, as she positions her body into the proper positioning] Let’s begin……

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