rose and ruby


Yeah, but we only use them when we mean it!

I had wondered for a while why Yang purposefully said “father figure” here.
It’s not just Ruby, Yang totally sees Qrow as a father figure too and I love it.

  • Ruby: Hey, Yang, guess who's got a date tonight!
  • Yang: Who?
  • Ruby: ME!
  • Yang: That's awesome! you excited?
  • Ruby: Yep!
  • Yang: Feeling confident?
  • Ruby: Nope, I've never been on one before, please help me I have no idea what I'm doing. Can you please come with me and watch from behind a bush and give me advice via an earpiece?
  • Yang: Don't worry, Ruby, You'll do fine on your own. Just put on some make up then go out there and be yourself.
  • Ruby: I can do one of those but not both.
  • Yang: Be yourself if you wore make up.
  • Ruby: Alright! Anything else?
  • Yang: Oh, yeah. You're going to want to bring protection. Some say it's the man's job, but they don't always-
  • Ruby, shoving magazines into her pocket: How many do you think's enough? Like, we're probably only going to run into muggers at the worst, so like, 50 rounds?
  • Yang: Actually you know what I think we should go with the bush idea after all.

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Qrow maybe being an over-protective father-figure to Ruby? She just giving him (Qrow) an unfair look, and Oscar just looking kinda embarrassed or unfair, as well?

I take your request and raise you a small comic!

I worked really hard on this plz send help 

ps drawing Oscar was my favorite part of this

  • Qrow, on the phone: Hey Taiyang. Been a while.
  • Taiyang: It really has. Years, even.
  • Qrow: How are the girls? I hear they're in combat school.
  • Taiyang: It's been... mixed. Ruby's got nothing but A's, but Yang's recently been getting D's.
  • Qrow: Don't worry, Tai, Ruby's still got a lot of growing to do.
  • Taiyang: ...
  • Qrow: Oh you meant their grades.
Hearing Voices Part III - Boop
  • Nora: There I stood, atop my mighty castle, the unquestioned Queen of all the land! The enemy approached. They would pay for their treachery. They would pay for their terrible puns. They would pay for the fact that the pie Jaune threw was supposed to hit Yang instead of Weiss!
  • Jaune: Nora! You threw…
  • Nora: THEY WOULD PAY! The enemy captain sent up a war cry, proclaiming that her victory would be delicious. Little did she know that it would be ME who would be dining on the delicious taste of victory!
  • Ruby: But I beat…
  • Nora: YES! MY VICTORY WAS CLOSE AT HAND! And with that the battle was begun. There would be no grapes left unsquished, no sodas left unshaken! It was to be a battle to the death! “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” I cried to my minions…
  • Jaune: (indignant) Minions?
  • Nora: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” I CRIED TO MY MINIONS! “Tonight we will drink udder satisfaction from the cup of glory!” We launched our first attack, sending an avalanche of watermelons like cannonballs right onto the would-be-usurpers’ heads, leaving them weak and sticky and wishing they had never picked such a woefully mismatched fight! As our front line infantry advanced, baguettes at the ready…
  • Oscar: (in his head) Aren’t you supposed to be telling me more about the Grimm?
  • Ozpin: I can’t get a word in edgewise
  • Ren: (telepathically) Welcome to my world