rose alley

Now it’s cut to what I assume is a military base, probably that lit up boxy structure the camera rose up from the alley to show.

Going from the dossier that was briefly shown, the guy in the alley is “The Freezing Alchemist,” so I guess he… does alchemy with cold things? Man I have no context for what “Alchemy” actually means in this setting.

At any rate, now we got a dude with an eyepatch and a kick-ass mustache. And behind him is… Well, it’s a map, but I can’t quite tell of what. I think it’s this city?

Beckett and Rose in the quidditch stands, where the group had been chilling and joking around, until Aiden Dolohov and the Slytherin quidditch team wandered on to the pitch for an early Saturday morning practice. 

Taken by Lorcan, before Rose stepped inbetween Alex and Dolohov.

I drew a scene from the amazing Zesty fanfic Ring of Fate! by the amazing @alley-cat-sunflower I promise you, if you liked the Bad Ending, and DezeRose, then you’ll probably love this fic as much as I do! <3 This particular scene is of Dezel and Rose’s new armatus.

(Also, yes that is the background from the game, Sorry I can’t draw backgrounds to save my life. I take no credit for it whatsoever. I’m also going to do an alternate color version with a monotone feel, or try to anyhow cause I hate the way the shading looks… I hope you enjoy it though!)

Three years after graduating Hogwarts, Rose found a puppy in an abandoned alley in muggle London. The puppy was very sick, near death, and Rose, being her mother’s daughter, couldn’t leave the poor animal to suffer. Rose had expected Scorpius to give the puppy a cold welcome, and he did. Yet the two ended up bonding far more than Rose could have ever imagined. Rose often found that the puppy, whom they named Edmund, got her place in bed, her favorite blanket, and Scorpius’ lap. Scorpius with his new favorite. Taken by Rose.


Advertisement and compilation of all the SU button designs! I’m really looking into getting them with a nice shiny effect on them, but might end up having to order matte. Let me know which one you are looking forward to seeing at AX!

Hey folks! I wanted to take a moment to let you all know I’ll be in Artist Alley for Rose City Comic Con here in Portland!

I’ll be sharing a table with a good friend (go check out her awesome Oaxacan inspired art!), and we’re both pretty excited. 

I’ll give out more details (such as where to find us and what will be there), as the date gets closer, but I wanted to make an early announcement while tickets are still available. It’d be really cool to see a few of you there!


Do you think Rose and Greg got married? They probably didn’t, but I like to think Rose would love the idea of a wedding. A ceremony where two families come together in love: that’s right down her alley!

Rose is definitely a little big to be carried down the aisle, but Greg wouldn’t mind. Also I would not put it past him to wear flip-flops at his own wedding. (“It’s the nicest thing I own!”)