They say time heals all wounds, however, anyone who’s been hurt can tell you from experience that phrase couldn’t be further from the truth. People who say so have never felt the same kind of pain of those still suffering. It’s a pain you never really heal from, a phantom pain, that when you’re left alone you feel it crawling briefly crawling just beneath the surface of your ribs, through your stomach, and in your chest. It is a timeless ill yet you endure it because time does not dictate when it goes away, you do. A date, or person can’t tell you when or how to get over it because it is for you to grow from, to prosper from, and raise above.

Sometimes…you just need a little push.

What are you doing?A soft toned Glitch had been standing silently to the side of Saemoii for some time after he trampled up the stairs like that of a woolly mammoth, still he wasn't noticed or heard. Saemoii holding his face when he got up there, but that isn’t what got his attention.

“Nothing.” Sae never even jumped, it was as if he know his dad was there but at the same time not. From the looks of it he was wiping his face, trying to hide and suppress his emotions but Glitch already felt the disruption of his son’s spirit the moment it begun. Crouching in front of Saemoii, Glitch saw the puffy nature of his eyes.

“You’re crying…” His voice was barely above a whisper, as if something had snapped a vocal cord in his throat. Seeing the little one sad hurt him more than anything.

Sniffling Sae turned his head as if embarrassed by his father’s observations, he was sure he hid it well enough.“ I know…I’m not supposed to..but..”

Slightly flinching at Sae’s words, Glitch rose a brow, his expression turning into a frown but swiftly that softened up. He never once would tell a child let alone any child that, only an idiot would.

“Khite..” He paused as he stared at Saemoii’s worried face and put two fingers to his chest.