Car Wash || Rosavier

Something was up with Rosa. Maybe it was being pregnant, past the food cravings, making her crazy with lust. Either way it was the first time Rosa had ever been dominant with him. Maybe not in the pushy, dominatrix sort of way, but it still had him drooling after her like a schoolboy. It’d been a few weeks since they’d found out she was pregnant and Xav, being the weirdo that he was thought of buying her a new bikini and taking her out to the beach to show off her tiny baby bump. Little did he know she’d throw it on and start washing the Ferrari with it.

But she did. He could hear the splash of the hose as she walked around the car and pulled the sudsy sponge out of the blue bucket and started pressing it against the car. Xav walked out of the house and went through the garage, walking out to see the sun shine over her glowing body as she bent over and let the water drip down her body. Without thinking, Xav bit into his nails, watching her and getting hard already, Rosa taking the lead where he usually did. He couldn’t help but watch, stare, at his gorgeous wife, like a page from a dirty magazine. Everything she was doing, every move and subtle bend had him reeling and wishing he could shove her against something, anything, and make her his all over again.