_//Voltron Legendary Defender characters as the cast of Brooklyn 99 //

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Percy Jackson AU

for absolutely no reason at all

  • Jake is a son of Poseidon (if we’re going straight-PJO Au, also I think Jake would love to talk to Dolphins) and pretty much the head of the camp; he likes to help new Demigods get their footing and has gone on more quests than almost everyone
  • By “almost”, I mean Amy, a daughter of Athena; the two of them have a rivalry to see how many completed quests/killed monsters they can get over the other.
  • One of the Camp Counselors is Holt. Nobody knows which god is his parent and tbh everyone’s a little afraid to ask. Gina claims she knows but won’t tell anyone. Holt’s there to make sure Jake and Amy don’t kill each other before the Monsters do.
  • Charles is a satyr; he brought Jake to Camp Half-Blood and the two of them are best friends. Charles is super protective of him and introduced him to Amy- another one of the kids he escorted. (Vivian is a nymph, and Nikolaj is a so-far unclaimed half-blood they decided to adopt)
  • Rosa is 100% a daughter of Ares. Amy is low-key terrified of her during Capture-the-Flag but otherwise they’re on pretty good terms. She and Jake were escorted to Camp together so they’re best friends. She goes on a lot of his quests with him.
  • Terry is a son of Apollo; he came to camp to help Holt be a Councilor. Pretty much all of the campers on his children, which does not help his stress at all. 
  • And finally, Gina freaking Linetti is a daughter of the King of the Gods himself, Zeus. I know y’all are thinking Aphrodite but consider: Gina knowing that she’s Daddy’s Little Princess and none of the other demigods can touch her, so her sass knows no bounds. She also knows the other Gods can’t hurt her when she’s within Camp boundaries (and all but Poseidon, Hera and Hades would be too scared to try) so she’ll often sit camp, summoning lightning in one hand and flipping Hera off in the other.

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posting a wip of some other fankids ive been making on the side to accompany the nerriston kids - there’s still three i havent drafted for yet but theyll be done soon!! i wanted to the post the wip because i cant finish any real art until after this one test

you can ask about them if you’d like [eye emojis]