If you hate protesters for blocking traffic and interfering with people’s commute, you’d also hate Rosa Parks for interfering with people’s commute.

If you hate Colin Kaepernick for sitting, you’d also hate Rosa Parks for sitting.

If you don’t support today’s racial equality movement, quit pretending that you would have supported the racial equality movements of the past.

one of my favorite things about Brooklyn 99 is that Boyle was obsessively in love with Rosa but she told him she wasn’t interested and he respected her boundaries, remained close friends, and he was able to move on and find love elsewhere instead of pining after her for 4 seasons before she gives in and they fall in love bc apparently him liking her means they were Meant To Be like just thank you b99 for actively not doing that

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Headcanons
  • Jake, Amy and Rosa are bi. Amy and Rose have both told each other and Holt. Jake is still in the closet, but the Precinct already know.
  • Rosa thinks Amy is the most attractive detective in the Nine-Nine. When she admitted it in a game of Truth or Dare, Amy squealed for 2 minutes.
  • Holt challenges Amy with various puzzles and riddles weekly. There is one riddle she still hasn’t finished. Jake says she will sometimes stay up at night trying to finally crack it.
  • Jake’s ideas of role play are stuff like ‘nurse/patient‘ ‘cop/criminal‘ ‘teacher/student‘ etc. Meanwhile, Amy’s ideas of role play are ALL super nerdy.
  • Gina thinks Amy is the smartest detective, but she will keep that a secret till the grave.
  • Rosa and Amy had a Game of Thrones marathon through Season 1-3 because Rosa insisted Amy would love it. According to Rosa, Amy broke a plate & window during the Red Wedding and threw popcorn at the screen every time Joffery appeared.
  • Whenever drunk Amy arm wrestles Terry, he lets her win.
  • Rosa & Gina have a pact to keep a close eye on Amy when she’s drunk. A pact that Amy insisted they make since she ‘doesn’t trust her drunk self.‘ Jake has joined the pact since he and Amy started dating.
  • Amy WILL lose her temper if you tell her that you have never watched Lord of the Rings. To a point where even Rose is slightly scared of her.
  • Jake watches Die Hard every Saturday. Without fail.
  • Holt and Amy are autistic.
  • Charles is insistent on teaching Amy how to cook properly. He has yet to succeed, but he is endlessly patient.