Vista interior del restaurante y bar ‘Restaurant 33’, av. Juárez, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1952

Mural de José Gómez Rosas

Arqs. Leopoldo Fernández y Juan Gochicoa

Fotos. Lola Álvarez Bravo

Interior view of the restaurant y bar 'Restaurant 33’, av. Juarez, Centro, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1952

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Pls eventually do a jake x amy hogwarts au

okay i’ve been!! staring at this for such a long time now and like i have no!! idea!! what an actual plot would be!! that would warrant an entire fic!! maybe tomorrow one will smack me upside the head or something but for now i’ll do this instead (PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE MY HEADCANONS AND YOU ARE IN NO WAY OBLIGATED TO AGREE WITH ANY OF THEM):

  • jake is hufflepuff. he tries out for the quidditch team as soon as he’s old enough but doesn’t actually make the team until his fourth year. he’s a chaser, but sometimes during practice he fills in for keeper and isn’t terrible at it. his strongest subject is charms, even tho he drives flitwick insane bc he refuses to learn any of the proper wand techniques and somehow his sloppy twirling mess always works?? he’s also very good at divination, even if he doesn’t always take the class super seriously. he’s good at anything that requires a lot of wandwork; he’s absolutely garbage with history of magic, but luckily hufflepuffs take that class with ravenclaws and he’s found a begrudging (but willing!) tutor in his tablemate, amy santiago.
  • amy is ravenclaw. she tries out for the quidditch team (because all of her brothers before her tried out and made it and u can catch her outshining all of them on a broomstick any day of the week tbh) and makes it as a chaser her first year of tryouts, but decides after her fourth year that she doesn’t particularly like playing. her wand techniques are perfect and she’s got an incredible knack for memorizing things (which makes history of magic a complete breeze, even with jake doodling in the margins of her text book almost constantly), but she’s not too fond of herbology and is completely awful with divination. but that’s okay, since jake starts tutoring her there in their fifth year after finding her crying in frustration over a divination paper toward the back of the library late one night.
  • charles is a hufflepuff and is also jake’s number one fan. he’s one of the other beaters on the team and follows jake around like a puppy dog for pretty much an entire school year. he’s excellent in herbology - he’s already so familiar with plants, since he got off on a bit of a tangent while pursuing his true passion, cooking. catch him in the hogwarts kitchens learning the refined cooking and baking techniques passed down through generations of house elves.
  • rosa is a gryffindor, straight down to her core. she’s a beater for the quidditch team pretty much from the get go: as if her intimidating scowl wasn’t frightening enough on the field, the captain just. gave her a beater’s bat. like they jsut gave her a bat and said ‘go for it’ and she only hits an actual bludger like 70% of the time. the other 30% is the other team’s players. she broke the record for most times ejected from a game for needless violence in a single season. way 2 go rosa. she’s v good in defense against the dark arts and has a knack for divination that she will deny to her grave. can most often be found trying to scale the wall barring off the restricted section with her wand held in her mouth while gina eggs her on from down below.
  • gina is a slytherin. she has no time for quidditch, and all the fanfare surrounding it, only ever being spotted at one game her entire seven years at school (which just happened to be the game rosa got ejected from in the first two minutes…almost like she was showing off for someone…hmmmmm). is incredibly talented but will fight u if u point it out in front of people. her favorite past-times are teasing and taunting charles, threatening other people who tease or taunt charles, and wondering exactly how many secrets are hidden in rosa’s hair. best known for the time she magically altered all of jake’s robes to flash in a disorienting rainbow of colors every time he passed beneath the entrance to the great hall during a meal time for an entire month, a spell so complicated that even professor holt couldn’t quite figure out how to entirely cancel it (the robes still spark faintly blue to this day)
  • terry is a hufflepuff and is a few years older than the group. he’s a beater for the hufflepuff quidditch team, and then is eventually awarded the position of prefect, and then quidditch captain, and then head boy. he gets along very well with amy, who he only gets to know after he takes a special interest in jake and learns that she’s been tutoring him. his strongest subject is transfiguration, but only if they’re transforming things into more aesthetically pleasing things; he is morally against transforming feathers into teacups bearing garish patterns. is the only person who has never been afraid of rosa, but is always vaguely intimidated by gina, even after he leaves hogwarts. catch him outside reading poetry to the giant squid or else painting the lake on a canvas set up on an easel like a nerd
  • holt is the head of gryffindor house and is also the defense against the dark arts professor. is extremely passionate about fighting dark arts, esp. since he faced even more discrimination during voldemort’s first reign for his race and sexual orientation. basically he’s like lupin and moody combined, but 10000000x’s more dignified in his mannerisms. takes a special interest in jake peralta, who turns up in his office one night with cursed robes. jake starts coming back regularly (at first for robe maintenance reasons, and then just because), and not long after amy santiago and charles boyle join him. gina linetti shows up after a while, just to lay claim to the first spell that has stumped ray holt in 35 years, and rosa diaz is there as well at the next visit. terry jeffords shows up, concerned at why two members of his house are so far from their common room. they form an unofficial tutoring group, as holt describes it in a letter to kevin. an unofficial family is the more accurate term.
  • hitchcock is a squib, but takes great pleasure in the social advantage afforded to the hogwarts caretaker. he knows literally every piece of gossip ever at all times, so when a rumor is flying, he’s the best person to go to. the only catch is that he’s absolutely horrible with names.
  • scully is the groundskeeper, and even though he possesses magical abilities, he’s an absolutely horrible wizard. he much prefers the company of magical creatures anyways, the wide-open rolling grassy hills of the hogwarts grounds and his small, cozy hut near the edge of the forest a better home for him than the castle ever was in his youth. hitchcock comes out every other night for tea. they’re inseparable.

like i could keep going but i thought those were the most important lmfao