rosary of the reaper

Yomi/ROTR Developer

Dear developer of @rosaryofthereaper​, you need to sort out the mess you have caused. Art theft and using others in the many posts that other developers have made with clear evidence of your unfriendliness to them. Fix this issue as soon as you can, I have unlisted my let’s play of your game from my channel as I am not prepared to support an individual who puts other content creators under such horrific, stressful moments.

Here are assignments you can do to make up for the manhole you have created:

1. Apologise with honesty.

2. Crediting Mitty and everyone else’s work that is not credited on the current public build of ROTR.

3. (Following on from 2) Take down the current build of ROTR and add everyone’s work you have not credited.

4. Pay for every single commission you have not paid for, no matter how big or small they are.

While performing all of these assignments will cease this manhole you have created, but when it comes to your reputation, for a long amount of time, no one who’s seen the evidence made by many developers of your interactions with them will want to interact with you. You cannot use Autism as an excuse for hurting others, Autistic or not Autistic you are still hurting others by using them as tools.

I hope for the very best Yomi, but right now I have no desire to support you or your project, I will even delete my let’s play of ROTR if you do not act on what you’ve done.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.

March 2019 Releases:

March is looking to be an awesome month, with both @rosaryofthereaper releasing a demo & @traumerei-project releasing their game. Follow both of these rpg horror projects page, developers on both blogs are really awesome people!

Rosary of the Reaper:


Above image found here



Above image found here

Have a wonderful March, happy developing and do something today that you dared to do yesterday, with each day transpiring, you are becoming a better person and I want nothing else other than people to be happy with what they do while challenging themselves. 

(Hopefully) Finishing this situation

Alright, lies have been spread, people are being harassed; so hold my ducking iced tea!

This is what I have to say about what happened while I was sleeping. I’ll try to cover everything I want to say in the most organized way I can.

First of all, regardless of what I think about Yomi’s public answer, I don’t think it was right to set it up as a “democracy” asking your followers to decide if you indeed should credit me or not.

It needs to be YOUR own decision, and you must take the responsability.

I don’t want to review and comment on everything you said there unless I am forced to after this, which I’d rather not since I want this to end. I want to finish this whole ordeal, so yes, please to credit me, Riicu and the clothing blog.

To all of you guys who are still not sure if I designed Mira or not, I’m here to answer you, since Yomi DIDN’T provide a truthful answer to that, and now people seem to think that I simply copied an outfit, instead of doing creative work design.

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Looking for more RPG Maker Horror games to play!:

So far, I’ve played and performed completed Let’s Plays on the follow games (Full Games!):

The Witch’s House
Mad Father (Free & Steam Versions)
Mogeko Castle
Good Bye Rebeca
The Crooked Man
The Sandman
It Moves
Mermaid Swamp
Ao Oni
Infectious Nightmare
The Boogie Man
Blank Dream
Amayado Bus Stop
Black Sempai
Bevel’s Painting
Shiro no Noroi
Red Book: Discordia Tales
Paranormal Syndrome
The Gray Garden
Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Yume Nikki
Dear Mariko & Crimson
Paranormal Syndrome 2
Black Winter
Dreaming Mary
Wizard of White Box
Cloe’s Requiem
Shuutai Headless
Mikoto Nikki
Pocket Mirror
Underworld Capital Incident
The Wedding
Prom Dreams
Until Daybreak
To Find Myself

And the following demos (canon):

Aria’s Story
The Doctrine of Perseverance
Doll House
Kago to Torii
Doll House

And these Pixel Horror Jams:

From Next Door
Desolate Village

Currently Playing:

Nightmare of the Snow
Forest of Drizzling Rain
Yume 2kki
Ghost School

Playing Soon:

Happy Birthday
Hello Charlotte (22nd November release, 23rd November…1st L’P upload)
Alice Mare
Restless Dreams (Demo, after Nightmare of the Snow is completed)

Awaiting Releases (Demo, Chapter by Chapter, and Full):

Melting Moon (Chapter 0)
Mica: Apoptosis (Chapter 5 Package)
Midnight Rendezvous (Demo)
Playground (Full)
Kago to Torii (Full)
Traumerei (Full)
Kinderszenen (Demo/Full)
Doll House (Full)
Expiatora (Demo)
Aria’s Story (Full)
Konstandin (Full)
Noel (Full and translated to English)
Aurora (Full)
The Doctrine of Perseverance (Full)
Yugami (Demo)
Restless Dreams (Full)
Rosary of the Reaper (Demo)
Land Sea Entropy (???)
Little Goody Two Shoes (???)
Jikos Spectrum (???)
Pitch Black (???)
Flux [Spectrum] (???)
Lux [Dream Girl] (???)
Qux [Midnight Rain] (???)


What other rpg maker horror games are out there in English that I have missed within my stack? As one day I hope to just be on brand new/new games rather than bouncing around on older games, then brand new games etc as they will be the ones that will get more views on my Let’s Plays (full game of Pocket Mirror is a prime example). :D

Any game as long as it has horror as a genre! :)