rosary beads necklace

your quinceañera (peter parker)

okay so I thought i’d do a peter parker one about him at your quince bc I’ve always wanted a quince but half of my family’s white and my hispanic side is not very traditional so i’m going to live vicariously through this headcanon bc what else can I do, it’s a little too late for a quince now.

ANYWAY I thought this would be pretty interesting bc I’ve never seen an imagine about a quince before and yeah so give me some compliments bc I need Constant Validation™ thanks!

  • you invite peter, ned, and michelle to your quince bc they’re the closest people to you at school
  • you even ask peter to be your chambelán de honor
  • he doesn’t know what that means but he agrees anyway bc he has a lil crush on you
  • he goes home and googles quinceañeras and tries to figure out what his role is going to be exactly
  • he freaks out when he reads that he has to learn how to waltz
  • he screams for may to help him with his dancing even though the party isn’t for another month
  • ned is one of your chambelanes and michelle is the dama paired with him
  • peter is really nervous like he’s sweating through his suit jacket the day of the party
  • everyone shows up to the church and peter can’t keep his eyes off of you, like seriously the boy can’t look away
  • the priest blesses the rosary bead necklace and your godparents put it over your head and they place a tiara on your head
  • peter can’t stop thinking about how you look like a princess
  • after the mass, you all go to the banquet hall where you celebrate
  • “you look beautiful, y/n, feliz cumpleaños” peter says nervously and you just giggle bc he sounds really white when he speaks spanish but you love it bc he’s cute
  • “these tamales are really good.” peter whispers to you when you’re all sitting down and eating
  • “thank you, me and my abuela made them.” you smile and peter swoons bc you can cook too ?? what can’t you do ??
  • you dance with your dad after the toasts, and he cries bc you’re a woman now
  • he reluctantly hands you off to peter when your dance is over
  • peter is freeing out, his left hand on your waist, and his arms are stiff as heCK bc he’s so nervous
  • he keeps looking at your feet, only looking up at you to smile for a second, he wants to make sure he gets the steps right he’s been practicing for the last month with may
  • “hay que lindo, ¿es su novio?”
  • “no, abuela, he’s not my boyfriend.”
  • “oh mija, he will be soon, trust me.” 
  • peter hears this conversation and he gets red as heCK bc he wANTS TO BE YOU BOYFRIEND SO BAD
  • peter watches closely as your dad replaces your flat shoe with a high heel shoe and he thinks about how beautiful you are in your dress and makeup and he’s just head over heals for you
  • you, peter, ned and michelle dance to your preferred song, much to michelle’s dismay
  • at the end of the night, peter is really nervous about giving you your gift, but he musters up the courage to give it to you, running away before you can open it in front of him. he hides in the bathroom for twenty minutes
  • it’s a locket with your initials on the front, and inside is a picture of him hugging you at the christmas party he had last year you loved that picture bc it was the day you realized your feelings for peter
  • you don’t see peter until he says goodbye to you at the end of the night
  • “thank you for inviting me, y/n, I had a great time, happy birthday.”
  • “thank you for coming, peter, it really meant a lot to me.”
  • “there’s one more thing that goes with your gift.” peter says not really believing that he’s actually about to do this. you just look at him in bewilderment and he presses a soft kiss to your lips
  • you both blush biG TIME when you pull away and peter looks down at the ground and you don’t know what to say.
  • “i’ll see you at school, y/n.” peter says and shuffles away from the banquet hall, taking a deep breath as he gets into may’s car parked outside.