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[Raeen Roes/ Angel Haze] - Hip hop, rap

[Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!] - Punk rock

[Gerard Way] - Pop punk

[The Shondes] - Alternative 

[Kokumo] - Classical

[Schmekel] - Punk/alternative

[Good Asian Drivers] - Alternative

[Butch County] - Hard rock

[Heidi Barton Stink] - Rap

[La Roux] - Pop/electronic

[Ruby Rose] - Electronic/pop

[JD Samson] - Electronic/alternative

[Kieran Strange] - Alternative/pop punk

[Rae Spoon] - Indie rock/ folk punk

[Jayne County] - Indie 

[Steam Powered Giraffe] - Alternative

[Antony and the Johnsons] - Art pop/classical

[Geo Wyeth] - Classical/art

[Evan Greer] - Folk punk

[The Cliks] - Indie

[Rosanonymous] - Indie/punk

[Rocco Katastrophe] - Hip hop

[Jordaan Mason] - Undefined genre


Rosanonymous - The Figurehead (“Hunter, Stop Being An Asshole”)

This song is about coming to terms with my body as a trans woman. While performing it Sunday night, I unfortunately had to interrupt the song to call out this asshole named Hunter who was harassing my friend.


Rosanonymous - You Are Loved (Defiance, Ohio) at the SF Queer Open Mic


Rosanonymous - The Queer Song - Live in the Oakland Rose Garden

This song is my manifesto. It’s about how, as marginalized people, we can’t help but make art, and it’s about how important it is that that art be heard and seen. This song is my favorite thing that I’ve ever made.

Please please share w/ all yr friends!

P.S. you can get a free song by me at

P.P.S. you should come see me at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley’s queer/trans* night March 2nd featuring Spoonboy and Annah Anti-Palindrome!


Rosanonymous - This guitar is only a machine

omg look everyone i have a new song listen to it


The G Word: A Study of Gender

Hey I got featured in this documentary on gender by a couple of my friends!

Also featuring awesome performers at the SF Queer Open Mic and a tiny clip of RVIVR being awesome.