rosanna wan


so. if you’re east asian (and got a vagina?) this’ll probs be a familiar scene. almost more than the racial catcall, i’ve been taken aback by the perspective of a few non-yellow friends on the scenario. responses to my recounts of such incidents have ranged from some laughing it off - “haha do people really do that? they’re just tryna be friendly tho, rite?” to a gentle nudging that i might be overreacting - “is it really racist?” yes friend-o. yes it is. and it’s a problem if you think it ain’t. 1) some asshat’s come up to me because they’ve looked at me for all of 2 seconds and categorised me under ‘oriental’, 2) assumed that means ‘chinese’, cuz there’s a heap-a-them so this chick’s probably one of ‘em, so she’s definitely gonna 3) speak mandarin. see, i’ve never heard of white folks being subjected to an uninitiated, presumptuous “bonjour” by strange creeps, so when somebody tells me, “oh maybs it’s nuffin n yr overreacting hun”, or thinks it’s nothing more than a funny anecdote, too banal to get irate over, OH THAT frigging riles me up. sure, i haven’t been called a *chink* here (oh, but i have) but the very same presumption’s being made. it’s the same label. and it’s said with the same gross grin every time because it’s a joke at my expense, yellow folks are meek and passive, so it’s an easy, low risk pass. so ftn. i’ve actually yet to show this aggression, because for so long, i’ve let it fly, just because the racial sling’s under a seemingly softer guise. and yet, if you do call me chink, that’s a different story. but this is what runs thru my head each time it happens. maybe next time.

*disclaimer: i’m not saying all the non-yellow folk i’ve mentioned this to have reacted the same way, but the fact that even a few have, considering the safe, liberal bubble i live in, has got me wondering how such a common occurrence goes unknown outside the asian community, and how many people would consider this inoffensive.