rosalogie asked:

A: my mother

dear mother,

i’m sorry i’m difficult and i’m sorry we had to get help but you knew it as well as i did. i love you and i would do anything for you. you are the strongest woman alive and i am grateful for everything you have done. we don’t get along at the best of times but you have never strayed from being my guardian angel when everyone else has left.

to the moon and back.

rosalogie asked:

Emily hehehe xx

you are super sweet to everyone you meet and everyone absolutely adores you! you are a typical girly girl and love to just live life to the fullest. You can also be a dare devil at times and go crazy with your friends. you cant wait to marry the perfect guy and start a family of your own. (: xox

Heeey. i really love your new and old blog! ive loved your blog for such a long time and i have always wanted to change to that blog style but i always have trouble starting up :s id also love to become friends with you because you seem like a really nice girl :) 

please consideer mee xo

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hii love, i really love your new blog (: Well it would be amazing if i were to have your Fresh-view blog because for a while i been wanting to create or change to a neon blog. I really like how the colors look and how your blog looks, its so beautiful. Please consider me (: I will keep in touch with you and i will never change the theme since you worked on it so hard (: thanks love. xox