inthenameoftheweeman  asked:

Embarrassing story: in my sociology class I sit near near two friends and next to them are two boys who tease me for not having a toaster(stupid, I know) We were discussing gender role last week and people were talking about who does what in the .. I started talking about how we share cooking at dinner time, and one of the boys started laughing at me and asked why when I cant even cook toast.... I shouted back “well, I don’t even have roast for dinner!” And then I realized the whole room heard and our teacher was like wtf

(i just wanted to answer the story in one ask cutie)

so ahahah i hate that when the class goes quiet and no one knows teh context of what you’re on about legit my friend was just talking and then the whole class went tired just as she said ‘nipples’ it was the funniest thing

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