A bandit’s worst nightmare in a void would be to dye, 
As all the colours come rushing and bleed deep, proceeding to stain their lives, with strokes of beryl, turquoise tints and compliments of shades of plum, 
A mixture of something new, unknown to man what exactly they’ll become, 

Drawing this made me feel really nice after I was really stressed out last night, I really like the way it came out!

PJ Liguori from the youtubes. drawing him calms me down and i dont know why hah

Go forth, tiny planet explorers!

This Isn't a Love Song
  • This Isn't a Love Song
  • Rosalinda Levy

I started writing this last year and i finished writing it while I had a fever like last week so it gets a little weird

I don’t think I’m very good at writing songs but I recorded it and I don’t know. Take a listen if you like.

This Isn’t a Love Song (And it’s not about you) 

(reverbs the fuck out of it so you don’t hear my laptop fan)