This is the image that made me hate Bioshock Infinite

Because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen 

I’ve always felt that there was something missing about Elizabeth that made her feel… boring or basic. It’s almost as if they started with an amazing and complicated character who they had to water down and simplify in order to fit her within the confines of a video game. I’m sure that’s partly true, but I believe that the majority of Elizabeth’s character flaws originate from the fact that they had no goddamn idea what they were doing when they made the third bioshock game.

Just the sheer amount of concept art shows that the production team was just throwing spaghetti at the wall and keeping what they liked. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an incredibly important part of character design! Some characters are drawn two or three times and then they’re done, while others get drawn and redesigned millions of times, usually because the creator isn’t quite sure what they want out of the character. My problem with Bioshock Infinite is that they do this with literally every aspect of the game, resulting in the jumbled up, incoherent mess that the finished game ended up being.

Consistently throughout pre-production Elizabeth is characterized as a compassionate, innocent girl who hides a terrible power. She is passionate, she is altruistic, she is powerful, she is dangerous, and that is interesting. She’s been lied to and manipulated her entire life, and is experiencing the entire world for the first time, while trying to do good in a society that she doesn’t completely understand. That is fascinating and creates a character that I want to interact with and one that I can relate to and care about, especially as a young girl myself.

In the early trailers we see Elizabeth use these catastrophic powers to take out whole groups of men, resurrect a horse, and even take out songbird, because she is motivated by her emotions, her thirst for justice, and her feelings for Booker. I cannot comprehend why they cut these amazing powers from the game. It works well with the player, it’s an interesting mechanic, it makes elizabeth more vital to the gameplay, and reveals Elizabeth’s motivations. So Why did this extremely powerful and strong female character get replaced with a companion who only chucks coins at the player and opens portals when the writers want to abandon the plot they are currently developing for another more convoluted one.

Tears are the main contributors to the jumbled up mess that Bioshock Infinite ended up being. At the beginning of the game the writers setup this extremely interesting plot based on criticizing religion and how it can be used to perpetuate racism, classism, and other societal evils, but instead they end up vilifying the leader of the rebellion just as much as they vilify Comstock, and make the player go through a wild goose chase that ends with the entire plot of the game never mattering because they wanted to explore alternate universes and make a last ditch effort to connect Infinite to the other bioshock games. Tears needlessly complicated the plot of the game and made the entire game redundant because apparently nothing you did mattered as long as Booker Dewitt drowns at the end of the game.

What makes me the angriest is that there is a very simple solution to all these problems. Ditch Booker Dewitt and make Elizabeth the protagonist. The game is about Elizabeth and her coming of age, so why am I playing as “No Memories Mc Dead Wife”? Get rid of the vigors and make Elizabeth’s powers the plasmid substitute, and get rid of the tears, or at least use them intelligently. Have the player, as Elizabeth, decide whether or not she wants to help the vox populi, have her decide if she wants to use her powers on people, have her decide what to do with Comstock. Let her have any agency in a game about her, instead of having her be kidnapped by Booker and having the only choice in the game be what necklace she wears. You can even keep the alternate universe plot, as long as the twist at the end doesn’t completely disregard every single decision made by the player and Elizabeth throughout the entire game. 

The “Tornado scene” is the only remaining inkling of the strong and dangerous girl who we saw in the early production, in the actual game

Ken Levine can talk all he wants about how perfect the Elizabeth we got was, but the truth is she was watered down and pushed aside in order to make room for a generic male protagonist. Elizabeth should’ve been an independent, compassionate, and dangerous character that had to make hard decisions in order to stick to her ideals even as the society around her fell apart due to a overbearing religious government, but instead we got a companion character who is constantly being undermined by Booker Dewitt, and tries to remain innocent and ignorant despite the obvious evils running rampant in her society.

Which Bioshock character should you fight?
  • Jack Ryan: I mean, you could, but you'd get your ass handed to you. Besides, hasn't this poor baby had enough? Don't fight Jack Ryan.
  • Atlas: Fucking do it. Fucking- I will PAY you to beat the shit out of this Irish bastard. Fight Atlas. Fight Atlas and win.
  • Brigid Tenenbaum: You could fight her, but why? She's done nothing to provoke you. The woman is probably dying of lung cancer anyways. Leave Tenenbaum alone.
  • Sander Cohen: Fight the creepy son of a bitch and bring me back his painted mustache.
  • Andrew Ryan: Sure, fight him. It'll probably change nothing, and you'll garner nothing but the knowledge that you're his test tube bastard, programmed from birth to do the bidding of a looming capitalist overlord.
  • Frank Fontaine: Kill the looming capitalist overlord.
  • Subject Delta: You could, but at what cost? He's a gentle giant. You'd be better off giving him a hug. He's just trying to be a good dad, okay? Don't fight Delta.
  • Sinclair: Sure, you'd win, but what pleasure would you derive from it? I mean, the man's tried to apologize for his wrongdoings. I guess if you're one to hold grudges, then maybe you could fight Sinclair.
  • Eleanor Lamb: She will kick your ass and smile while she does. Just... don't. Don't fight Eleanor Lamb, please.
  • Sofia Lamb: Sure, but it really wouldn't be that great of a fight. She's probably not that strong. You might have to fight off some splicers to get to her, but ultimately it really wouldn't be that satisfying of a victory.
  • Booker Dewitt: Kick his ass. You'll lose, but it'll be totally worth it to kick his teeth in a little bit. Fight Booker Dewitt.
  • Elizabeth Comstock: Look, you could fight Elizabeth. Or you could not mess with space-tearing punch-packing genius babes and leave the room with all bones intact.
  • Zachary Hale Comstock: Fight this man. Fight him to the death. FUCK Zachary Comstock.
  • Daisy Fitzroy: Fight her. But know that you WILL lose and it'll be devastating.
  • Rosalind or Robert Lutece: Don't fight the Lutece twins. They won't land a single blow, they'll just find a universe where you got your ass kicked and your nose will bleed until you die of anemia or something.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I fell in love with your art style as soon as I have set my sights on it, for some reason it's very pleasing for my eyes. It's such an inspiration for me :) I don't know if you take requests but if it's not too much, is it possible for you to draw the Lutece twins from the game Bioshock, if you haven't heard of it yet you should check it out! If you are interested :D I think it would be lovely to see them in your style! Thank you and I hope you are having a good day!

hey i love the lettuce twins