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The Legendary Rosalind “Razor” Sharpe

Caption: “Rosalind Sharpe… mother, lawyer… gun owner… the last not being that great a surprise when you consider just what kind of mother and lawyer this ruthless fury in Gucci is…”

[Daredevil vol. 1 #374 by Joe Kelly, Ariel Olivetti, and Ed Lazarelli]

    We wanted to do a Mother’s Day-themed post, and since we’ve already highlighted Matt’s mom, Foggy’s was the next obvious choice. He was raised by his step-mother Anna Nelson, but sadly, she is all but absent from the comics. There simply isn’t enough information about her for us to write anything worth reading. However, his biological mother is a whole different story, and– in our opinion– one of the coolest characters in Daredevil

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Okay but in that scene where Daisy and Coulson are talking about the ATCU and Rosalind Price and Daisy is implying that Rosalind would be Phil’s “type” and her reasons is that Rosalind is “Sharp, attractive, head of a big shady organization”. And that whole scene I’m just sitting there thinking



Head of a big shady organization

spiralwaves  asked:

now that the TV side of MCU is really expanding, any thoughts on matt's interactions with other heroes? street-level to avengers on up, though i'd love it if you covered spider-man (he does call him the avenger he's closest with). :D?

   Oh man! Great question. Where do we even begin? 

    First of all, we’re super excited about all of the heroes Matt is going to be interacting with in the upcoming shows. It’s been almost three years since this team-up was first announced, and we still can’t quite believe it’s happening. There is a lot of material we hope the showrunners will draw on, since so many of these characters are people Matt’s had a lot of history with in the comics.

    Let’s start with them…

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Foggy’s Backstory

I did some re-reading of Daredevil to get some canonical names because I was trying to sort out canon from fanon, and here’s what I found (SPOILERS for 1997′s storyline):

- Foggy’s birth mother’s name is Rosalind Sharpe. She is often referred to as “Razor” because of her vicious nature, but prefers that friends call her “Rose.” She had a hard time starting up in what was then the 50′s as a female lawyer so her early practice was pretty crooked, mostly defending mobsters, but she cut a deal to break her ties with the mob by covering up a murder.

- Rosalind’s first appearance is as unnnamed character at Foggy’s wedding to Debbie. When she shows up much later to offer Matt and Foggy a job, Foggy is dating Liz (Liv?) Osbourne, who is currently running Oscorp, and Rosalind conspires to break them up because she feels that Liz is somehow beneath Foggy.

- Foggy’s adoptive mother is named Anne Nelson. She is/was married to Foggie’s biological father, who does not appear in the comics. Rosalind and Anne do not get along.

- Candace Nelson, Foggy’s sister, is the daughter of Anne and possibly Foggy’s father, though it’s not totally clear if she’s actually a blood relation (i.e. they share the same father). Rosalind does not like Candace and wishes that Foggy would “unadopt” his adoptive family, specifically Candace.

- Foggy has apparently always known that Rosalind is his real mother, and became a lawyer because he was inspired to follow in her footsteps, which is why he immediately accepts when she offers to merge their firms. He doesn’t tell Matt the reason for some time.

- Just as some icing on the cake, Rosalind also hates Foggy’s dog, Deuce the Devil Dog (whom he originally purchased for Matt, who did not take him).

- Foggy grew up in great wealth, which resulted in some prejudice against him by his professors in law school. Matt helped him, and it’s implied that his family paid for Matt’s education from then on.

Final notes: Obviously the Netflix series decided to put a different spin on all this and had Foggy grow up working class to make him fit more into Matt’s world and Hell’s Kitchen, but the multiple references to his mother wanting him to be a butcher is either a nod to his career choice and the motivations behind it or is an opening left for Rosalind Sharpe to be a character.

WHILE WE’RE ON THE TOPIC: Matt’s mother’s name is Sister Margaret, or Maggie, but her given name was Grace. When she joined the church, she changed her identity and was given an ordination name from a saint, a standard ritual in the church.