rosalind motherfucking franklin

let me lay some shit on you about Rosalind Motherfucking Franklin.

you motherfuckers see this bitch right here? she’s the baddest motherfucker you’ll ever hear of. rosalind franklin was an x-ray crystallographer. what the fuck does THAT mean? oh, nbd, just a technique where you fucking cRYSTALLIZE MOLECULES and shoot FUCKING X-RAYS at that shit, while you sit back in your shades and your lead apron looking cooler than young clint eastwood and take pictures.

so what exactly did rosalind franklin do that was so FUCKING COOL???


rosalind franklin is most famous for her work on the structure of DNA, which she was conducting at king’s college round about the time THESE FUCKERS

were doing their work at nearby university of cambridge. who are these sluts, you ask???? these fuckers are james watson and francis crick, the men who would later win the nobel peace prize for determining the structure of DNA.

watson and crick wouldnt be anything but shit stains on the underwear of science if it weren’t for franklin’s crystallography of DNA, which was shown to them WITHOUT HER PERMISSION by franklin’s boss, who saw “no harm” in showing watson and crick SOMEONE ELSE’S FUCKING RESEARCH before it was published and without asking the researcher - because despite the fact that she was one of the best x-ray crystallographers in the lab, she was a WOMAN, after all, so her work must not have been very important.

WELL WAKE THE FUCK UP. using rosalind franklin’s crystallography and data, watson and crick managed to make a model of DNA with a double-helical structure - the model we use today.


she died in 1958 of pneumonia, ovarian cancer, and complications of cancer, thought to be largely due to exposure to x-rays over her career. watson and crick were awarded the nobel peace prize for their work on nucleic acids (read: DNA) in 1962, and because the nobel peace prize can’t be awarded posthumously, franklin’s contributions were not recognized.

why the FUCK does she matter? sit the fuck down and let me tell you, you little shit.

without motherfucking rosalind franklin, biologists everywhere would be sitting around with their fingers in their fuckin noses going ‘durrrrrr i don’t know how heritable material works’. we’d still be stuck in the 20th century with our medicine and genetics and biology.

so you can thank MOTHERFUCKING ROSALIND FRANKLIN for EVERYTHING. and you can bet your ass she’s one of the coolest chicks in history.