rosalind knight

So I’m watching the Granada version of The Blue Carbuncle and I just love this woman’s face

#my face when anything

seriously every expression she has is like


oh my god just take my gloves and stop talking Cusack you’re lowering the IQ of the whole street

ah i see you’re still breathing that’s just lovely

and then she gets angry and it’s like

i just can’t she strides around the room led by her chin

She’d be a brilliant Granny Weatherwax.


Rosalind Quinn
Rosalind met Gallus after hearing about how he had beaten the Hexagoon single handily from Patty. Knowing she had little chance to defeat the Wight Knight on her own being an inexperienced warrior; Rosalind approached Gallus offering to split the reward fifty-fifty if he helped her defeat the Wight Knight. Gallus ended up reluctantly agreeing to the temporary partnership.

Raphael Gabriel
Raphael had been in Stornway, waiting for the eastern gates to be reopened. Working part-time as a healer, Raph was checking the injured knights in Stornway Castle; when he ran into Princess Simona, who confessed her fears about two teenagers who went in her place to face the Wight Knight. Raph equally concerned went after them, finding them locked in battle with the Wight Knight; Raph begin providing battle support in healing.

Matilda Patterson
Matilda met the team when they came back to Quester’s Rest after facing the Wight Knight. Hearing Rosalind and Raph tell what had happened during the face off with the Wight Knight and about how the whole thing was merely a misunderstanding. Later meeting the three again in Zere, she offered to guide them through Doomingdale forest as she had just came from there.

anonymous asked:

2/2: apart from revealing that our hero liked gardening (aah...), it seems to me that there's so much in that little story, psychoanalytically speaking: the shadow of perfectionism (which as you know B. Murray also flags up), having to be philosophical about where you put your roots down etc. Would love to understand more about how he transitioned from New England preppy to Old England hobo.

*nods*  Thanks for sharing.  And I don’t know, about the latter, I haven’t been back to read through all the yearbook stuff properly, but there were a few photos where they’re all sitting there wearing ties and he’s wearing a bow tie and his hair’s too long.  And he’s the one not in all the Phi Kappa whatever societies, but the one that’s claiming to be different and more democratic - so maybe he was, as B. Murray says, not really liking it and itching to get away in the first place.

But, yeah, it’s interesting.  From a social history POV, it must have been a culture shock!  The comparative standard of living between the US in boom and the UK in post-war shakiness, especially for someone coming from a particularly privileged background, must have been quite something to get used to.  Bomb damage, housing shortages, the rubble still in evidence, smogs, rationing still going on, plus the fact that there was a lot of anti-American feeling in Britain at the time, because the last thing people had wanted was the US dragging the UK into the Korean War.  But, hey, one day we’ll find an interview!  The internet has coughed up interviews for far more unlikely people all over the place.

Anyway, thanks again for reminding me of Underworld.  I watched the In Studio feature today and it was fun all round, far more so than other in studio things I’ve seen, funnily enough.  And I also found these today, from the British Library’s oral Theatre History collection:

Rosalind Knight:

Braham Murray:

If you haven’t already listened to them, the Rosalind Knight one is particularly cool as everything’s she’s talking about is basically all the things the group did together and what it was like at the Old Vic Theatre School and so on.