rosalind cosplay

Look at this beautiful nerd:

Not only is she super cute…

…She’s also the greatest Rosalind Lutece cosplayer:

And her talents don’t stop there!

She’s also freaking amazing at crossplay. Here’s her amazing Ash Williams:


And her spot on Burial at Sea Sander Cohen:



She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her cosplays. She brings characters to life that other people don’t. Take for example,Sofia Lamb, the villain of BioShock 2:

She also makes the cutest Jack Wynand/Ryan from the original BioShock:

@punkrockula is super amazing and I’m so unworthy of calling her my friend. Her cosplays deserve so much love. I’ve watched her work on them first hand. She puts so much time, effort, and love into them. 


R. Lutece (BioShock Infinite), Cosplay

Photo Set 1 of ???. Photography by maecatt

My identical twin sister have been wanting to cosplay the Luteces pretty much since the game came out. So pleased with the result!

All shirts, ties, skirts/pants, and undergarments made from scratch using historically accurate patterns (yes, there’s a corset under there!). Robert’s jacket was a thrift store find, with a matching skirt. Fabric from the skirt was used to construct Rosalind’s jacket. Hair-styling by myself. (Yay, no wigs! Though I wish we had done photos on the second day, hair was even better…)

Period patterns from Truly Victorian and Sense and Sensibility Patterns. Cage necklace from Esty, cuff-links made to match. Shoes are thrift store/internet finds, painted to match. Rosalind’s vest from literally the back of my closet.

Infused With Greatness // BioShock: Infinite

We had this plate, coin, heads/tails sandwich board and infusion bottle for our old Robert & Rosalind Lutece cosplays and figured they would be perfect for a Genii Locorum photo! The hand towel was also something we used when we wore these costumes again to a con and didn’t have the sandwich board with us (since there’s the part where you meet the twins in a restaurant and Robert is cleaning the bar with a hand towel and Rosalind is standing there holding a shield infusion bottle out for you on the plate the coin had been on when you met them outside earlier)~ 

Basically, the Luteces are our favorite part of BioShock: Infinite so of course our first B:I photo had to revolve around them! :)

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the GL section on our shop linked on @geniilocorum!


Booker, are you afraid of God?”

This is my wip so far, excuse the corset top its just a stand in at the moment! its not the final one, im still waiting on the shoes and corset and i also have to style the wig! This was literally opened then thrown on xD