Jack and Signe = Luigi and Daisy

Mark and Amy = Mario and Peach

Felix and Marzia = Rosalina and Baby Luma (Because why not)

Anyways, I decided to draw stripes on Jack’s hoodie because I saw this one image of Luigi wearing something similar to that and it looked cute :) I was gonna do the same for Mark, but then well, I became lazy. The only female I could think of aside from Peach and Daisy was Rosalina, so I made Marzia her XD (Originally, I was gonna make Pewds wear Rosalina’s outfit, but well, in the end I changed my mind because I wanted to make this post all cutesy and romantic, because I had this urge to do so.

Doodle for the next Nintagious playthrough series!
You can find the time-lapse process of this over there, too!

Continued with the extra shading depth here, though not with much different from the Sonic Colors doodle. I think I need to do a simple study on it to experiment with things like line weight (I thought the “middle lines” were too thick on Sonic Colors, but they feel too thin here) as well as just how dark the shading should be (it feels too dark to me, here).

Seventeen as Mario Characters

Do you ever regret your life choices? Because I do. This started as a joke and then got hella carried away. But I’d like to thank my wife @kpophurtsme / @incorrectastro for making these sick photoshop edits. Without her this would not be nearly as funny. If any of you actually show this to Seventeen, I will crawl from the hell I live in and destroy you, got it? Good. Enjoy you meme loving weirdos!

S.Coups: Mario

Jeonghan: Princess Peach

Joshua: Luigi

Jun: Princess Daisy

Hoshi: Yoshi

Wonwoo: Lakitu

Woozi: Bowser

DK: Donkey Kong

Mingyu: Waluigi

The8: Rosalina

Seungkwan: Toad

Vernon: Goomba

Dino: Luma

(Seventeen I am so sorry)


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