Overheard in the Cullen household, 2nd ed.

“Don’t eat all the jelly beans. I repeat, -do not- eat all the jelly beans. You can play in the dirt as much as you want, but that bag better not be empty until at least Friday.” - Esme to Nora and Renesmee

“You want a PRIUS?” - Rosalie

“Oh, honey, we can do better than that.” - Alice

“Come on, Jasper. Crab and seafood festival. You know there’s got to be a beer drinking competition.” - Emmett

“I can see the rain. I CAN SEE THE RAIN. Oh my gosh I can see the freaking rain. I am freaking out.” - Nora

“What would it take to convince you to watch something other than Stranger Things for a while, Ness?” - Bella

“Look, all Nora watches is Discovery Health, Disney, or that mermaid show. I’m doing you a favor, mom.” - Renesmee


Last night (½)

I sat with Renesmee between Bella and myself. We were rereading Lord of the Rings for the fourth time as a family, and we took turns reading it out loud. Emmett and Rose were listening, idly playing backgammon. Nora, who was normally absent from such a gathering, sat in the corner of the couch, half listening to us read aloud and half lost in her thoughts. I kept catching pieces of them in passing, like a record that wouldn’t play quite right.

The images in her mind, the memories she called forth, were easier to see. She jumped onto the cars of moving trains. She went to church services, letting people try to befriend her, but never getting too close or telling them much about herself. She sang on stage at some dive bar, posing as a college student trying to make ends meet for tips. Avoiding guys with ulterior motives, or knocking them out and running away if the situation called for it. She didn’t trust anyone.

Then I heard a question she asked herself: -But what am I good at? What can I /do/?-

Radio silence.

Renesmee was reading again. I recognized the passage, but I kept Nora tuned in. Her focus shifted rapidly to her medical knowledge. How magnetic resonance works, down to the spin of protons. Cranial fissures. The structure of the optic chiasma. Corpora quadrigemina. Massive lists of drug names: asparaginase, methotrexate, lisinopril, levothyroxine, gentamycin, atenolol, dexamethasone…

“How?” I asked. She didn’t notice I was speaking to her, so her list went on: cytarabine, midazolam, ethosuximide… “Nora?” She looked up at me. “How do you know all those?”

It took her a second to realize I had been listening. “Oh. I, uh… it’s interesting.”

There was an undercurrent to her thoughts I could barely read. Her mind moved a mile a minute, and her thoughts tended to layer. It was hard to keep up; I had to tune Renesmee out for a moment. “What’s cytarabine?”

“Antineoplastic.” Her answer was automatic and effortless.


“Umm… Something to do with blood pressure. Beta blocker, maybe?”


“Treats hypothyroidism.”


“Versed. It’s a sedative.”

Rosalie slowly turned around and raised an eyebrow. /Where the hell did this come from?/ I heard her wonder.

Biografia De Rosalie Hale

Nome Completo: Rosalie Lillian Hale Status: Vampira Data de nascimento: 1915 Data de transformação em vampira: 1933 - tinha 18 anos Originalmente de: Rochester, Nova York. Cor do cabelo: Dourado. Cor dos olhos: Dourados/pretos de vampiro. Altura: 1,72 Descrição física: Alta, parece uma modelo; seu cabelo bate no meio das suas costas. Habilidades pessoais: Tenacidade. Membros da família: Casada com Emmett. Apelidos: Rosy ou Rose. Fonte da mudança: Carlisle Cullen. Hobbies: Mecânica - ela faz melhoramentos em carros. Carro: BMW M3 conversível vermelha. História Pessoal: Foi bastante explorada em Eclipse. Rosalie foi trazida para a família Cullen como companhia para Edward em 1933. No entanto, um nunca correspondeu ao outro de outra forma que não fosse como irmão e irmã. Em 1935,Rosalie encontrou Emmett sendo atacado por um urso e levou-o até Carlisle para ser salvo. Ela casou-se publicamente com Emmett várias vezes, e ela adora se mostrar e ser admirada. A verdadeira qualidade pessoal de Rosalie é a beleza. Como a habilidade de Emmett é a sua força, eles dois são imensamente mais físicos do que intelectuais, o que os torna o par perfeito. É Rosalie que diz a Edward que Bella está morta, e de certa forma o manda em uma missão pra se matar. Ela desculpa-se depois. Ela também é a única entre os membros da família Cullen a votar contra Bella se tornar uma vampira, dizendo que essa não é escolha que ela teria feito pra si mesma.

OH.MY.GOD. Words aren’t enough to describe what I’m feeling now!! NIKKI REED HOLDING ROB’S CROTCH!!!! (O.O) I know its an old photo, but still!!!! I cant believe my eyes! well this just proves that the rumors were true! and this is probably why Kristen and Nikki aren’t BFF’s anymore!!! It’s funny how Nikki always said that Rob and her weren’t as close as the others! (really nikki! cuz i think this is as close as u can get!) there’s a whole bunch of photos (Rob-Nikki) and they never did seem happy.. even in this photo Rob just looks drunk, like nothings going on - maybe nikki put sth in his drink lol just joking.. 

Could someone wash my brain out with bleach, please? - I really don’t want to remember this! My eyes are burning! 


Hello buds and pals! Here is my poorly put together 2016 follow forever! The year may have beat us to the ground, but just like Taylor after falling down stairs, we will get up and try again! (I probably ruined everyone’s aesthetic with this stupid gifset but I’m trying to be funny just let me be funny for once.)

Here are the blogs that I really enjoyed this year! I’m sure I forgot tons of important people, so if you’re not on this list, it’s not because I didn’t enjoy your presence! I follow a lot of people and make lots of mistakes! Please forgive. :) Also, sorry for not directly mentioning everyone. I couldn’t be bothered with that, so I’m hoping everyone finds this eventually lol. Anyway, here it is.

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