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name: natalie

a four letter word: nice

a boy’s name: nathaniel

an occupation: nurse

something you can wear: nylons

a food: nectarines

something you find in a bathroom: nail polish

a place: new york

a reason for being late: not waking up

something you shout: NO

a movie title: nausicaa valley of the wind

something you drink: negroni?

an animal: nautilus

a type of car: nissan

title of a song: nightclothes // radical face

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OH.MY.GOD. Words aren’t enough to describe what I’m feeling now!! NIKKI REED HOLDING ROB’S CROTCH!!!! (O.O) I know its an old photo, but still!!!! I cant believe my eyes! well this just proves that the rumors were true! and this is probably why Kristen and Nikki aren’t BFF’s anymore!!! It’s funny how Nikki always said that Rob and her weren’t as close as the others! (really nikki! cuz i think this is as close as u can get!) there’s a whole bunch of photos (Rob-Nikki) and they never did seem happy.. even in this photo Rob just looks drunk, like nothings going on - maybe nikki put sth in his drink lol just joking.. 

Could someone wash my brain out with bleach, please? - I really don’t want to remember this! My eyes are burning!