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I can never choose a favorite song, but right now I'm really into Can't Stay Away by Kiefer Sutherland! 🌊 🎶 (Jessica)! Congrats on 900 followers!

thank you!! i’ll listen to it! 

blog aesthetics:
location: library I garden I chocolate factory I lake I castle
drink: wine I tea I coffee I champagne I lemonade
fabric: lace I silk I cotton I leather I cashmere
season: spring I autumn I winter I summer
metal: gold I silver I iron I rose gold I platinum
city: new york I london I athens I paris I venice
smell: popcorn I lavender I cologne I roses I rain 

name playlist: 
J: just one yesterday by fall out boy ft. foxes
E: ever after by marianas trench
S: say yeah by tooji
S: seasons of love by the Rent cast
I: i gave it all by aquilo
C: cold coffee by ed sheeran
A:  as the world falls down by david bowie

900 followers celebration!

OH.MY.GOD. Words aren’t enough to describe what I’m feeling now!! NIKKI REED HOLDING ROB’S CROTCH!!!! (O.O) I know its an old photo, but still!!!! I cant believe my eyes! well this just proves that the rumors were true! and this is probably why Kristen and Nikki aren’t BFF’s anymore!!! It’s funny how Nikki always said that Rob and her weren’t as close as the others! (really nikki! cuz i think this is as close as u can get!) there’s a whole bunch of photos (Rob-Nikki) and they never did seem happy.. even in this photo Rob just looks drunk, like nothings going on - maybe nikki put sth in his drink lol just joking.. 

Could someone wash my brain out with bleach, please? - I really don’t want to remember this! My eyes are burning! 


Hello buds and pals! Here is my poorly put together 2016 follow forever! The year may have beat us to the ground, but just like Taylor after falling down stairs, we will get up and try again! (I probably ruined everyone’s aesthetic with this stupid gifset but I’m trying to be funny just let me be funny for once.)

Here are the blogs that I really enjoyed this year! I’m sure I forgot tons of important people, so if you’re not on this list, it’s not because I didn’t enjoy your presence! I follow a lot of people and make lots of mistakes! Please forgive. :) Also, sorry for not directly mentioning everyone. I couldn’t be bothered with that, so I’m hoping everyone finds this eventually lol. Anyway, here it is.

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