‘So, you’re Wesen?’ you asked, looking between Monroe and Rosalee, confusion knitting your brows together. ‘Which means I can see you… even when others can’t?’

Monroe nodded, casting a worried look towards Nick. ‘Are you sure we should be doing this?’ he asked, a frown slipping onto his face.

‘I can take it,’ you said, causing Nick to smirk slightly. You rolled your shoulders slightly. ‘So, can I see it now, please?’

‘Remember,’ said Rosalee, carefully placing her hand on your lower arm, ‘it’s just me and Monroe.’

You nodded, trying to prepare yourself for this. It was something that you’d seen happen a few times before – once when you were acting as a witness on one of Nick’s cases, hence why he was now helping you – but it didn’t help much.

They shook their heads slightly and their faces changed. There was something so natural about the way they did it that you had to remind yourself that for them this was the most ordinary thing in the world. It was what they were used to.

‘See, still us,’ said Monroe as they changed back, him moving a little further away from you.

‘That was… that was brilliant!’ you said, unable to keep in your excitement. It was good to finally know that you weren’t just seeing things.

‘I think it’s gonna be easier to train you than I thought,’ said Nick, smiling over at you and tapping the book in front of him. ‘Though, you might wanna try looking through some of these to help.

You darted over to him, your eyes on the page of the old book as your excitement built. ‘This is amazing,’ you breathed, looking at the old drawings and a few of the names of the Wesen.

‘Well, it’s the best reaction to being a Grimm I’ve seen,’ said Monroe, causing Rosalee to chuckle as they hugged each other.

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