rosalee and monroe

What I look for in OTPs is the emotional connection between the characters. Yes, physical connection is nice, exciting, and important. But it’s the emotional connection that sells it for me. Emotional connection is based on deep trust, honesty, understanding, love, and respect- it’s a difficult thing to achieve. I think that’s why I can’t ship every couple in every show I watch, not matter the gender/sexual identity/orientation. I need the emotional connection, that thing that tells me these two characters belong together, that the way they behave around each other is natural and not forced.


Something I feel the need to point out.

When the “spell” was undone, Nick right away went to Adalind, and Monroe was quick with telling Rosalee he loved her. Both men wanted to assure their ladies they were there for them.

The genuine love was no longer overshadowed by the illusion. 

Nick didn’t even look at Juliette/Eve. Adalind was his only focus.

Nadalind is endgame. 


Nadalind x Monrosalee

Grimm 6 x 07

Cheers to these lovely couples!