Alright. Just how rich does your desktop have to be? I picked these in the Latour garden before doctoring them to my taste. He had far too many … Might print it into a toiletries bag. Apologies, I have had to put my official “Rosablue” pawmark on the image because some scoundrels have decided to pass it as their own … If you want a clean one you will find it on Ello


Now we have a new shape to our toiletries bag, we will need to slowly work through all our patterns, produce a new item in as many as possible so we can update the website … Today it feels hard to believe that when we were starting out I had time to produce 18 different tartans for fictional scottie dogs … (patterns from top: kaleidoscope, cadiz, kiko & scotties)


Fabric Press News: We are refreshing the product offer of our Fabric Press service. The idea is to provide a more personal offer that will allow designers to test their ideas on more unusual products.

So here are just some of the items from our own Rosablue catalogue that we hope to extend to our full custom service. The list includes both adult and child aprons, toiletries bags, child skirts and small dresses and the pencil cases we have found make such popular gifts. We are also considering adding a limited service for chair slings, mobile phone covers and small shoppers.

The service is for more experienced designers and most of these items will require the customer to supply repeating patterns rather than single images (as always, we will expect artwork to be supplied at final print size and in JPG or PDF format). But we hope the results will be worth the effort, for our customers and our workshop. Like all our products, these too will be printed on 100% cotton and will be fully machine-washable.

How soon will all this be happening? We hope to have the first version of the website by the end of February. So, if you know a designer you think might enjoy trying out the service, pass it on.