As everyone knows Still Star-Crossed has been struggling with ratings and is in danger of not being renewed for a second season. So lets have a trending party on twitter which will let it known how much this show is already loved and that we want a second season. 

Let’s trend on Monday the 19th “StillStarCrossedSeason2″ 

The tweets might be counted as spam if only it includes the hashtag and random letters and numbers. So the best way to trend is to have sentences or words included in the tweet! If the phrase or sentence is repeated however it will only be counted as one so shake it up with each tweet! Also retweets don’t count in adding numbers to the trends. 

Don’t forget to mention writers, producers, actors, and networks in tweets so that they can catch on! Here are some of their twitter handles:


Remember if you tweet these people some of them may even get involved in our trend! Ive seen actors help out before! 

We will be having this trending party start before the show airs! After we also will be live tweeting during the whole new episode and telling our reactions and saying what we like about the show and want more of! (Don’t forget to use #StillStarCrossed and tagging ships and such!)

So let’s come together and show our support for this show! Lets work to get a season two!

(if you need more information contact me or @mindykahling)

Still Star Crossed is gold for my multi shipping trash heart

So just to nail this down…

Rosaline x Benvolio - Rosvolio

Rosaline x Escalus - Roscalus

Escalus x Rosaline x Benvolio - Roscalio (?)

Rosaline x Isabella - Rosabella (?)

Livia x Paris - Parivia (?)



CRACK VIDS! YAY! We have a bunch of awesome people like @lafiametta and @leopoldfitz writing fic, we have amazing edits served up hot by @veronagifs and @dailystillstarcrossed but I haven’t seen any crack vids yet! :O

I thought I’d give it a shot but this is the first one I’ve ever actually made to completion and uploaded, be gentle, haha. Hope it’s okay.

PSA: Audio for the first and third bits is pretty shitty but I don’t live in the US and clips with their real audio are hard to come by for new shows and, well, anything really. Anyway!

listen, isabella was jealous of rosaline/escalus. she loved rosaline, not only as a friend but as someone she wished to kiss, and when escalus and rosaline were so close - joking about marriage and the future and love - 

isabella was not only jealous that escalus would get to be the prince, would get to rule, would always be their father’s favorite - escalus had rosaline.

isabella likely pushed her father along. accidentally mentioning those stable visits, suggesting escalus get education elsewhere.

but rosaline’s dad dies. and then her mom dies. and suddenly, rosaline has been taken in as a servant - and isabella knows that as princess, she’s not supposed to associate with them.

when rosaline reaches out, isabella has to remind her that there are rules.

and when rosaline never talks to her again, isabella has to remind herself that this for the best.

sweetheartlegendflower  asked:

Hey, I know I already said this but WELCOME BACK! So glad to have u back. Now firstly i gotta know, how did rockwell escape the mind control worm? Also is it possible to have a pic of the whole family with the kids being teens? Now that would be awesome. And turtle teens, have u guys gone on patrol with ur parents yet?

Well what happened was that Rahzar, Fishface and Rockwell were on the search for Bebop and Rocksteady because they ran off with the kids to return them to the Turtles since they didn’t really wanna see them become killers in the future. So when they were on the search for them, Rockwell could sense that they were near Murakami’s and instantly found Mikey and took him. But when Mikey was captured he started insulting Rockwell to the point he got him to spit it up and be freed.

Amy: Yeah we have, only when we’re needed. Our parents don’t want us to go so often since Jiro and Zach are still in training.  They would want to tag along.