‘I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone’

So, I heard you guys liked crying. And I need to replenish my stock of tears. Keeps the skin youthful, you see.

Taken at Katsucon 2015

lome-lindi as Prince Edymion (fb)

Rosabella as Princess Serenity ( dA / animexx )

Photography by SoulFire Photography ( dA )

OMG a twilight au where Rosalie and Bella go on the run when Bella asks her to help her keep the baby

Alice can’t find them in her visions and they do stuff to confuse their scents (I mean Rosalie is there so)

And I bet they’d figure out the blood thing quicker

Rose and Bella falling in love on the road and being co-parents

Rose convincing Bella to pick out a better name than Renesmee…wow literally all of this is gr8

 'Endymion, you are my first love, my only love… even if we’re reborn, in another life, we’ll find each other… and then… We’ll fall in love again… ’

Taken at Katsucon 2015

lome-lindi as Prince Edymion (fb

Rosabella as Princess Serenity ( dA / animexx )

Photography by SoulFire Photography ( dA )

oceanfae asked:

can you tell me about an au where Bella decides to run away with Rosalie in order to get out of the toxic environment that surrounded her during her pregnancy and how they survive without money n stuff and eventually become mommies

Of course i can, my child. (more of this au)

Okay, so here’s what I think happened. All along, Bella has been a little wary of Edward. Then he left, which broke her, and she quit listening to those feelings of concern because she was just happy to have him again. But, you know how a lot of women in abusive relationships have something happen to them that finally crosses the line, and they realize where they are? I think this is what happened with Bella here, except that she still had a way out. Edward wasn’t listening to what she wanted, and was trying to control her actual physical body. She wouldn’t have liked that. This is why she called Rose and asked for help.

Rose really distrusts Edward. She’s not remotely surprised that he’d do this. Not to mention she would do anything to have a child, so she’s immediately on Bella’s side.

But if the rest of the family agrees with Edward—they seem to, from what she’s hearing—she won’t be enough to stop them. Not in close contact.

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I wish I could share the entire concert, mostly because I am terrible with delayed self gratification- but I need to reserve one spot for another artiste. Last one from the Carnegie Hall concert tonight, here is Anthony Warlow singing with an incredible accent, Frank Loesser’s Rosabella from The Most Happy Fella. I think he needs more love and I am a tad disappointed that his Broadway stint is with Annie. He is one of the most versatile musical theatre actor I have ever had the joy of watching. 

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Whoop I think it’s time for a rosabella AU…

So imagine this: Bella and Jacob are in a musical at school. A musical, as a matter of fact, called “Labyrinth.” She needs to go practice her lines with Jake, but her jealous bf Edward won’t let her! So she very angrily wishes the Goblin King would come take him away. You know. With lines from the play.

Except dang—Edward actually disappears, an owl comes into her room and transforms into Rosalie in a poof of glitter. Rosalie, obviously, is the Goblin King. She says Bella can get her boyfriend back if she makes it through the labyrinth in 13 hours, but Bella is like “uh what if I don’t want him back tho?” So Rose says she can pick her own prize, and Bella is like “cool I’ll let you know when I make it through”

Rose, being a chill and slightly bored Goblin King, agrees to this.

Plot commences, obviously—Alice and Emmett are probably goblins along the path who help Bella make it just in time to the center of the labyrinth, except Rose is being all tricky and leaping from staircase to staircase with Edward, who looks very put out by the whole thing (it’s v possible Rose got fed up with him being a pissbaby and actually turned him into a baby) so finally Bella does her best to recite the final line, completes it, and wins, right?

So Rose is like “I’m a king of my word, what do you want” so Bella is like “first turn Edward back to his real age and send him home ok…” And then she asks if she can stay there with Rose; it’s v sweet; the end

I'm admin Rosie the Wolf Girl, and I'm here to tell you about Rosabella Starblood.

Name: Rosabella Starblood
Age: Around 19
Gender: Female
Species: A Vampiric werewolf (Tis a long story, go ahead and ask about it!)
Love interest: Her husband, Arion Starblood
Siblings?: Floura and Emerald Ombra (Both deceased)
Hobbies: Drinking to forget about her past(Ask about it!) Killing small animals, getting into trouble

Ask about anything else!
Triggers: Bad; Whips, slavery, the word Master, beating, chains, reading, education
Fairly good; Wolves, elves, wine, tea

Admin: Rosie the Wolf Girl
OC Signature: ~Rosie