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S4 Finale

The last scenes in the finale should be two separate love confessions. Gina will have Jake over and confide in him that since her accident she’s realized she’s in love with Rosa. She makes him promise not to tell anyone, even Amy. Meanwhile, Rosa breaks down and confesses to Amy that she left Pimento. At first Amy thinks Rosa’s upset because of the break-up, then Rosa admits she felt she had to leave him after Gina’s accident because realized she was in love with Gina. Rosa likewise threatens Amy not to tell anyone, including Jake. (This way Gina’s accident can serve some larger plot-purpose.) 

Now it’s S5 and high-jinks ensue…

Jake and Amy are terrible secret-keepers, but trying their best to honor their friends respective wishes. 

Amy relates some of Jake’s recent sketchy behavior to Boyle who mistakenly thinks Jake is getting ready to propose! (Of course he already wrote his best man speech YEARS ago!)

Amy’s secret-keeping is getting to Jake as well who shares with Gina. Of course, Gina swears she had a friend who acted similarly while she was trying to keep her pregnancy secret. (Insert snide and meta-comments such as “how did she think we wouldn’t notice she was pregnant?” because Chelsea Peretti is currently pregnant.)

Without knowing Rosa’s feelings, Jake goes on a bunch of stakeouts with her where he constantly talks about Gina (because he totally ships it). However this only makes Rosa feel like Amy told Jake and that he’s is trying to get her to confess herself that way it doesn’t look like Amy spilled the secret. Naturally, Rosa then shuts down when he talks about Gina in protest to the couple which makes the unaware Jake super concerned about Gina’s chances!

Then there’s Amy who’s even more helplessly awkward! She keeps planning “girls nights out” and then finding increasingly poor excuses to bail and leave Gina and Rosa alone. Now Gina is the one convinced that Jake told Amy everything. 

And Holt and Terry are essentially just going: “why are our cop-children (and gina) like this?”

….and of course once Gina and Rosa get together we’ll have to deal with Boyle’s insecurities because he and Genevieve were always Jake and Amy’s go-to double date partners and now he feels they’re being replaced by Gina and Rosa.


La strage di Erba - Erba Massacre

Erba, Italy
11 December 2006, it’s 20:20.
The top floor of a house is on flames, two neightbours run inside in order to help. They find the door open and a man on the floor who is alive but unable to speak. His name is Mario Frigerio, has his throat open but he keeps pointing at the top floor from which screams can be heard.
One of these people happens to be a firefighter but on the stairs he can’t overcome the smoke and fire wihout any protection.
There’s a woman who screems for help but the two neightbours have to leave the apartment and call the emergency. The woman will soon stop screaming.

Once firefighters and police arrived what they find is a gruesome crime scene. Four bodies and a survivor who is taken and brought to the hospital of Como. He survived the cut on his troath thanks to a malformation of his carotid which allowed not to bleed to death.

The victims are Raffaella Castagna (30), her son Youssef Marzouk (2), her mother Paola Galli (60) and survivor’s wife and neightbour Valeria Cherubini (55). All were stabbed to death and their throaths opened.

This case is very controverse. The first suspect is Raffaella’s tunisian husband Azouz Marzouk. The community is shaken and strongly believe in this solution, north-africans were never tollerated and racist hate spread.
What’s certain though is that Azouz on 11/20 was in Tunisia and he had to come back to Italy to know about the brutal massacre of his family.

Two days after, the survivor who had to undergo a series of surgeries is interviewed by carabinieri (italian police) to describe who attacked him.

His wispering voice says: “He was black, strong, he had a great amount of dark hair

Officer: “Have you ever seen this man?”

Survivor: “No never”

An officer is appointee to question friends, family, neightbours of the victims. A couple of neightbours Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi are well known for the bad blood between them and Castagna family. Soon after the massacre they show no interest and this makes police suspicious. Investigators notice bruises on Olindo’s arms and a cut on Rosa’s finger and these can be taken for defensive wounds.
Olindo and Rosa say that on the 11th they went to Como and they ate at McDonald’s and showed a bill to prove it without that anybody had asked about it and this made investigators even more suspicious. Also, the hour on the bill was 22:22, two hours after the massacre.

Someone from the Carabinieri force inteview again the survivor and this time the officer talks about Olindo Romano (who meanwhile became a sort of suspect with his wife) and the survivor’s starts crying.

Apparently the killer is someone who he’d known at least for 7 years and didn’t recognise on 11th because he was shocked.

The story gets even more weird.
A stain of blood is found on Olindo’s car by the RIS of Parma (literally: Unit of Scientific Investigations of Parma). This stain is considered to be untouched and it was placed it before all investigations startet but instead there are prooves that an officer entered the car and might have left it there.
No more stains or prooves against Olindo and Rosa are found. All in their house is clean and in the apartment where the massacre took place no fingerprints are found.

Rosa’s family reveal that she had a troubled youth and was raped at 15 years old and never helped recovery. As far as her relationship with Olindo it was morbose and both had they’re everything in one another without any close relative or friend. Both uneducated, nearly illiterate, shy and socially awkward.
In 2005 during new year’s eve Raffaella Castagna was attacked by the couple who thought her family was doing too much noise. Civil action was taken and within few days after the massacre the two families had to attend in court.

On the 11th of January 2007 Olindo and Rosa confess to the murder.

Both say that their partner had nothing to do with it. Olindo is known to have read all the proceedings but Rosa is illiterate and can’t confess, her story will result full of logic errors.
They both will withdrew saying those confession had been extorted. They’re behaviour is really strage, in court they laugh and talk to one another without caring about the situation. They look as if they are somewhere else.
Olindo will confess four times and after that he still will professes his and his wife’s innocence.

Despite everything, on the 3rd May 2011 both are sentenced to life in prison.

This case is one of the most absurd cases with the craziest ending. In 2012 Azouz Marzouk in a spontaneous inteview said “Olindo and Rosa, they are innocent. I’ll fight for them” since than lawyers ask the review of the process.

I wish that the female fans of the WWE would start some sort of an online petition for the WWE to treat the divas right. Give them longer matches; make them have the importanace they once had. A reality show is not giving them relevance.