rosa musou


Well I was asking myself how the Umineko characters would look like if they actually had their Ougon Cross 2P Outfits like their true color palette.
SO I just edited them like this. That´s how they would look like.

And to say it easier. I just gave them their true hair color while their color scheme is the one of the Ougon cross alternative costume.

Have fun.

Well then, that´s part 2 of the ougon cross bla bla.. you know what I mean.
The last two just look horrible, it´s painful. Im so sorry guys, but i didn´t have the sprites of bern and will, so I had to improvise and well it looks horrible. But i tried my best to make the colors look like the ones in Ougon cross. And im too lazy to actually make them better, unless I get the sprites of course. But for now that´s all. 
Anyways have fun.