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Here Part 2

It’s finally here, part 2 of Here. Sorry it’s taken so long to get it up but I’m finally happy with it so hope you enjoy it, I x


The room erupted in applause and Harry, along with the rest of his table rose from their seats. Harry saw his sister wince as she stood out of the corner of his eye. He looked to her placing a gentle hand on her back to steady her, she smiled telling him she was fine before turning her smiling face to the stage and clapping her hands together with everyone else. She’d been moaning about her heels since stepping out from the car earlier that evening and although Harry had made fun of her for wearing them in the first place he did pity her slightly and he felt compelled to make sure she was ok.

Harry turned his own attention to the stage but was distracted by Louis. He had his hands cupped around his mouth, whooping loudly whilst everyone else simply clapped. Lottie turned her head sharply to him and pulled his hands from his mouth and shook her head.

‘Stop it you’ll embarrass her Lou.’ Harry couldn’t help but laugh as Lottie frowned at Louis, as if she was telling off a small child. Louis simply rolled his eyes at her before continuing to clap sensibly, over the top sensibly, whilst staring down at his younger sister. Lottie took her turn to roll her own big blue eyes at Louis before turning her head away from him and focusing her attention on those on the stage rather than her immature older brother.

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Fresno Lá Fora X Exo

F: Hi, Where are you from?
K: South Korea
F: Oh you’re Exo?
K: Yes we are.
F: My name is Fresno, we are together in the World Act category.
F: It’s only you two?
K: Yes.
F: Where are the other 10 members?
K:(surprised) Oh you know us? 
F: Of course I know.
K: Yeah they’re in Korea.
F: Oh. (Introduces to band members.)

Watch Kris talk and Suho look lost in English.