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brooklyn 99: 

  • firsts thoughts: cute funny show
  • first episode i watched: the pilot
  • last episode i watched: funeral
  • an episode that makes me cry: i have yet to watch an episode that has made me cry
  • an episode that makes me smile: all of them this show is pure
  • favorite episode: thanksgiving, beach house, and the party 
  • the worst episode: can’t think of one
  • favorite season: one
  • worst season: if i had to pick one it’d be three
  • favorite moment/storyline: “DITECTIVE DIAZ I AM YOUR SUPPIOR OFFICOR !!”
  • a story moment/storyline that shouldn’t have happened: this show only does good things
  • saddest death: none
  • cutest moment: this show consists of cuteness, but like every time rosa does something sweet
  • favorite quote: “there is so much crime in new york. no one should live here”
  • first character that i ever fell in love with: jake
  • my ‘baby light of my life’ fav character™: rosa
  • my ‘hand selected from the trash’ fav character: uhh the closest thing to this is gina i guess
  • my ‘literal angel never could do me wrong’ fav: amy
  • most hated character: the vulture
  • otp: rosa/gina or rosa/amy
  • brotp: rosa and jake
  • notp: uhh don’t have one
  • unpopular opinion: don’t think i have one
  • something i would change: HAVE ROSA DATE A GIRL
  • thoughts now: one of the best show on tv right now, its funny and has overall brilliant characters

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