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Le persone più tristi sono quelle che non credono in niente.
—  Nicholas Sparks- Ricordati di guardare la luna

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Must-Watch Movies:

It is now mid-holiday in Australia and although we might have homework or plans, it’s also great to take a break, cook up some popcorn and watch a great movie! So here are some movies everyone needs to watch! Click on the movie and you will be redirected to its IMDb! Enjoy!

Yalta Conference- USSR declares war on Japan after Germany’s surrender. USSR promised lost territory.

Potsdam Conference- Vague decisions on what happens to the lost/conquered territory after the war. Truman attends.

Satellite Countries Created- Countries in Eastern Europe that were heavily influenced by the USSR and Communism.

Iron Curtain- Figurative line between the Western non-Communist European countries and the Eastern Communist European countries

Containment Policy- US foreign policy with the steady goal of containing Communism (ideally, not defeating it, but preventing it from spreading).

Truman Doctrine- Political support for non-Communist countries in the Middle East and Eurasia (this includes supporting dictatorships).

Marshall Plan- Economic aid to European countries after WWII

NATO vs Warsaw Pact- NATO: band of Western nations (this was NOT the United Nations). Warsaw Pact: Band of USSR and its allies

HUAC- House (Of) Un-american Activities Committee.

McCarthyism- Senator Joseph McCarthy’s claim that he had a list of over 200 Communist working in the US government (or army).

Domino Theory- The theory that declared that if one European country “falls” to Communism, the others will commence to “fall” also.

Brown v Board of Education- A court ruling that declared Plessy v Ferguson  as unconstitutional.

Montgomery Bus Boycott- A 13-month mass protest that was sparked by Rosa Parks and ended in the Supreme Court ruling that bus segregation was illegal.

Baby Boom- Period from 1945-1960 that experienced increased births and a lowered death rate. This encouraged a period of “have 2.5 perfect kids and move to the suburbs” type of conformity.

The Feminine Mystique- A book by Betty Friedan that sparked the second-wave feminism movement.

The Beat Generation- a rebellious movement composed of poets Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac. Their works were primarily anti-materialism, anti-war. and anti-capitalism. 

Fundraising: I'm trying not to get nerdy and academic up in hurr...

I’ve been thinking a lot about the backlash that Ms. Sparks has gotten on Tumblr regarding her requests to help with MiniSparks’ gymnastics fees. Now, I should be upfront and say that I don’t know Ms. Sparks nor did I contribute to her Chip In fund ( I didn’t know about her until this whole brouhaha). However, I felt compelled to write something because the anger towards Ms. Sparks is something that has bothered me for days. 

I should also add that I was a professional fundraiser for many years, writing grants for nonprofit organizations. I also managed a million dollar fund and over saw small grants to emerging organizations. I’m also writing my dissertation on fundraising (keeping it vague because I don’t want to be identified by my very specific topic). So, I see this from the perspective of a funder/grant seeker/academic.

People and communities fund raise for various events in a variety of ways. Community bake sales, grant proposals, corporate giving and individual donations are commonly used to fund programs, events and individual adventures. Some types of fundraising include detailed documentation to account for expenditures, while other types of donations require nothing at all. As a grantmaker, had I given money to an individual for a gymnastics program and part of the money was used for a pedicure, I wouldn’t have blinked–especially since said pedicure was a result repetitive training, which can be hard on the feet.

Why is asking for money for a child’s sports activities different when you are poor? If Ms. Sparks was a middle class white woman asking for funds for her child to participate in Olympic type training, would things have been different? If her fundraising events had taken place as a lemonade stand or a proposal to a charitable organization, would people have reacted differently? Why does her socioeconomic status bother a small sector of people?

Here’s a tip about requests for donations. If you do not believe in the cause that comes across your plate, don’t donate! However, don’t knock people’s attempts to raise money for causes they believe in. A cause can be a little girl or a movement for world peace. This is the American way, dating back to the founding of the United States of America. It is the generosity of the American spirit that moved Alexis de Tocqueville in 1835 to remark that the United States was one of the greatest countries in the world.