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Monster Kids Network

Do you have a darker kintype? Are you between the ages 13-20? Then you’re welcome to join this network! This Network is now active, and is accepting members! You are welcome to join if you have a monstrous kintype. System members are allowed to join as well, so long as other members without monstrous kintypes do not come into the chat.


  • Please read the rule page before joining
  • must follow this blog if you wish to join, but you may follow even if you don’t want to join.
  • fill out the application
  • reblog this post (please boost this even if you aren’t a darker kin too! I’d like to see this spread around so more people can see it! If you are just boosting, tag it as such so i know you dont want to join)
  • specify if you are questioning

Perks of joining the net:

  • New friends! (skype chat)
  • a judge-free environment to express your darker thoughts, so long as it doesn’t conflict with the blacklist
  • possibly movie and game nights
  • help for any questioning ‘kins

Everything will be tagged as: Monsterkidsnet

Your P A S T

Your past was A L L
lessons you needed
to expand your
in order be who you
were divinely S E N T
to this planet to be;
a Hero.

-Lalah Delia

Divination 101- Types of Divination (E)

Eromancy- using air and water.In order to practice Eromancy you must utilize both air and water. It is easiest to use this form of divination on the ocean where you can see the air play havoc with the waves and the water itself. However a breeze across a lake will do. If you watch the surface of the water and see the patterns created by the air

Extispicy- divination using the entrails of sacrificed animals. Also called Haruspicy. A diviner would pick an animal specifically for a divination. Small rodents were used most often (Mice, rats, bats, and similar) though birds and livestock would be likely. Some more discerning diviners would pick an animal based upon the question itself. The most used of these was an animal sacrificed on a specific holiday. The entrails would be laid upon a specific stone and read by a practiced hand.