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Many people in today's busy world are worried about waking up next to pineapples. Here at Bonjour we'd like to assure everyone that that is not a thing to be worried about. Close to 67% of Bonjour! journalists wake up in a room with at least one or more pineapples. Please join us at 7h00 tomorrow morning and bring your pineapple sleeping buddy with you!

oh god, great

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Ugh, what did they say? Whose ass do I need to kick?

apparently I’m not allowed to tag things “art”. I need to tag them “my art”. I never considered this because just writing art is way shorter?

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At any point, because the art doesn’t have to me anything to anyone besides the artist when you get right down to it. If they can’t respect your style and choices or they don’t understand that every little thing doesn’t have meaning then nothing you say will convince them…