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When you dedicate a whole segment on your dvd to just marvel at how great Jiang Wen is. Based on this post.

Disclaimer: I do not know any Mandarin.
I just translated the subtitles on my dvd from Dutch to English. 

It’s 2:30am and I’m staying up late working on one of my assignments when I really don’t have to be putting this much details into it lmaoo… Not only that, but I’m also sick too… so idk why I’m not resting rn. Anyway this is like one out of five character designs I have to do for one of my classes, and honestly… four of the designs are OCs I already made up, but no one has to know that… haha.

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….

he did not think this through

Young God- Halsey
Arabella- Arctic Monkeys
Flaws- Bastille
I melt with you- Modern English
Cherry Wine- Hozier
Boy with a coin- Iron and wine
Unbelievers- Vampire Weekend
Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood
Immortal- Marina and the Diamonds
Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine

And I will come back, every time– // Listen at 8tracks

the rogue one squad built a rebellion on hope, and when they couldn’t carry that hope anymore because their chances were spent, luke, leia, and han brought it to the finish line. luke didn’t “get all the glory;” he had that greatness thrust upon him in the cruelest way possible: he lost his two parental figures, and he lost obi-wan (another paternal figure) in a short span of time. but he never gave up. he easily could have, but he knew that he’d fall down a hole he’d never be able to crawl out of. he never hardened; he was never resentful of his sensitivity, even though many predicted it would be his “undoing.” he turned it into a strength instead, and i think that’s a really beautiful way to write a character. the rogue one squad would be proud of him.


I had a thought, what if Rchimedes was capable of mind reading instead of his “future vision”

The final battle would probably go something like this, right? ;D


Happy Early Birthday dude, here’s your Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie :)

Thanks for being awesome, and I hope your birthday goes over well.

Lego Batjokes Prompt #231

*Joker enters bank nicely dressed, no make up*

Joker: Good morning, my good sir. I’m here to ro- I mean, I’m looking for a job.

Bank Worker: Okay, sure. We have all the tellers we need right now but we are currently looking for a janitor. Are you interested?

Joker: Sure thing. That way, I guess you could say that I’ll be making clean money, huh? Ahahaha!

Bank Worker: Um…yes, I guess? Here, let’s go through the application form. What is your name?

Joker: …Robin.

Bank Worker: Okay. And, Robin, what is your last name?

Joker: *sweats* Thebank??

Bank Worker: …so…your name is Robin Thebank?

Joker: Well, shit. *pulls out small, colorful explosive and screams to security camera* I’M SORRY BRUCEY BABY! I just can’t control myself!


Submitted by Anonymous

  • han sung: miss ah ro, are you okay?
  • sun woo: you seem stressed out.
  • ah ro: that's because i am. taking care of you guys is already hard enough work. it's hard to smile when there isn't anything to smile about while you're stressed.
  • han sung: *stares*
  • ah ro: ... what are you doing?
  • han sung: *stares*
  • sun woo: *stares along with him*
  • ah ro: guys. whatever you're doing, stop.
  • han sung and sun woo: *stares*
  • ah ro: *smiles* guys, i said stop!
  • sun woo: there's that smile.
  • han sung: yay!
  • ah ro: *laughs while ruffling his hair* jeez, han sung, sun woo. thanks for that.