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I'm trying to sell a student flute and a step-up flute and I'm having problems selling them locally. Someone (I think it was you?) mentioned some kind of online flute sale group at one point, do you happen to know the name of it? Or other similar ways to sell the flutes online? Selling my old flutes seems like a much better way to get money for my new one than, say, selling my organs on the black market.

There is a facebook group (flutes for sale), that’s the only online forum that I know about right now.  

I found a new ( new to me at least) dress in the dance for life consignment room! I’m getting the skirt reworked a bit so I’m not wearing it tomorrow but I am so very happy about this dress

I had my heart set on this really pretty purple siopa and I got it approved by my teachers and everything and I was heading back to the room to tell my parents and my dad showed me this dress that has been brought in while I was talking to the teachers…I’m so glad that happened because according to our resident teacher dressmaker, this dress looks like it was made for me. This is the dress she wanted to make me last summer but that never happened.

But now I have this one so everything is okay ^^

Oh hey look, it’s my new dress I’ve been babbling about constantly. These are some of the pictures my dad took of me to use for our feis ad this year. Plus me being silly while he figured out the lighting.

Although since I haven’t seen the ad, he may very well have used one of the ones with my hands in the air, with text saying “I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing!”. I hope not, but you never know.

The crown I’m wearing doesn’t actually go with this dress, it belongs to a dress I borrowed for a show and at the time had not returned. Still hoping for the proper orange one to turn up before tomorrow.

Because why not?

This is my solo dress, or it will be in a week or so when it’s done being altered. Used, yes, but it belonged to someone else from my school who didn’t wear it for too long. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it this much, but now that I’ve actually worn it I absolutely love it!

Truth: I hate orange. But for some reason orange is totally okay in this context. Is it my first choice of color? No. But I think this dress is lovely, regardless of its orangeness and it doesn’t bother me in any way.

Made by my wonderful, amazing dance teacher (who is standing behind me)

Getting clothing things for my birthday is pretty awesome~

The detailing is hard to see but there are buttons and a bow and stuff

Also so very excited to wear this dancing this month it’s got a swirly skirt and it’s going to look so cool ^^


2013 was definitely one of my best dance years. Ever. 

1. St. Patrick’s day from this year, with the rest of the Tacoma champs class (I’ve been dancing with them for ages even though I wasn’t in the championships at the time…). This may have been my last year of St. Patrick’s Day insanity because of the whole college thing now, but at least it was a great St. Patrick’s Day!

2. First prelim at Dance for Life! And not only was it a fun first prelim, I placed 5th out of… 9 people, I believe. 

3. The cliché beach leap picture from Feis na Mara. You can’t go to a beach themed feis without taking at least one… I didn’t dance my best and didn’t place here, but it was still a whole lot of fun!

4. Portland feis in October. I didn’t sleep well night before I danced (an alarm clock woke us up and then something went wrong with the lights at 3 or 4 in the morning) and got there late, but somehow I managed to make things work for me and got 5th again. 

5. Festival of Trees show, which I haven’t done in years since I always had rehearsal conflicts. It was so much fun being back on the gigantic stage where I did my first ever show. And of course this year I finally got to be one of the big (relatively speaking….) girls with the sparkly dresses. 

6+7. Holiday class feis! I got second to the wonderful Maiti that day and had a whole lot of fun. Plus the trophies are incredibly gorgeous! Definitely the prettiest thing I’ve ever won. 

My favorite parts of the year were definitely getting my solo dress, competing at Dance for Life (my own school’s feis is a great place for a first prelim I like to think), the set dance workshop where I learned a really awesome Three Sea Captains, and becoming closer friends with all the lovely SRS girls.

I also enjoy how my wig gets progressively better and better throughout the year… hadn’t really figured it out yet at DFL. (not sure what to do with it now though since I just cut my bangs… whoops.)

My least favorite part of the year was having to leave the port orchard dance studio because of school conflicts and not being able to go to the Oireachtas because apparently that’s a great weekend for concerts that I have to play in. 

Looking forward to 2014… except for the treble jig. Definitely not looking forward to the treble jig. We’ve never gotten along.