finally, the legends s3 trailer we deserved
  • hngh
  • i FINALLY understand what an anachronism is
  • rip: we don’t need your help
  • legends: D:
  • mistress is just trying her hardest oh my god
  • mistress, crying: please, i have a license, let me handle this
  • sara: FUCK YOU
  • mick really hates clowns my lord
  • mistress oh my go  d someone save her
  • she just wanted to help but instead the legends are taking out all their anti-rip aggressions on her no one deserves that
  • grodd in vietnam and thats the that on that
  • stein: mentions dying
  • me: bursts into tears
  • #RIPgrandpa2k17 #YouWillBeMissed
  • tell me why helen of troy is not kendra in a past life
  • mick “i’d do her” rory
  • the body swap is everything i have ever wanted out of life, ever
  • jax “damn i look good” jackson
  • mick the vampire slayer
  • nate “woah mick” heywood
  • high nate is literally something i didn’t know i needed until right here right now but my god,,, it’s good
  • rip: you guys suck
  • sara: RUDE
  • mistress: you’re under arrest
  • ray: why are you so mean D:
  • poor mistress has to get beaten up by sara too??? i feel for this woman
  • rip just wants his children out so they can be safe what a dad i love him
  • “we screw things up for the better” 
  • ray “howdy” palmer
  • me as snart, continuing to haunt mick’s dreams
  • note: why did zari not say a single word in this entire trailer
  • i’m so used to giving and now i get to receive 
Gilmore Girls Revival Highlights


Kirk and his new business (Uuuuber) 

The “Paul is forgettable” running joke (It went a little long, but it was definitely a highlight in “Winter”) “I just forgot the entire conversation we just had” - Luke

Lorelai throwing bagels at Kirk whenever he says uuuuber

Berta played by Rose Abdoo!!!!

The giant picture of Richard

Richard’s funeral (The first time of many that I cried during this revival!)

Lorelai and Emily’s big fight in “Winter” (It’s always fun hearing these two amazing actresses go at each other for some reason :) 

Kirk at Friday Night Dinner/playing soccer with Berta’s kids

Every scene with Paris!

Louise Goffin (Carole King’s daughter and fellow singer of the theme song) as The Town Troubadour’s sister! “But i’m your sister!” “No proof of that”

Hep Alien together again!!

Emily in jeans and tshirt, getting rid of anything that “doesn’t bring her joy” 

Paul Anka dressed up as Luke


All the scenes  of Lorelai and Emily at a therapist

The Spring Food Festival! “Singapore is just being a dick” - Kirk

Mr Kim!!!!!!

Liz and TJ joining a vegetable cult

Lorelai and Luke at the Black, White, and Read bookstore watching eraserhead/everyone bringing food from outside the movie theater

Another “Film By Kirk”

The Gilmore Guys cameo

Paris teaching a class at Chilton and having a breakdown in a Chilton bathroom

Doyle is a screenwriter!!!!

Jason Mantzoukas’ cameo!

Lorelai charming people into giving her the things that people are waiting in line for.


April breaking down in front of Rory

The whole town meeting where Taylor first talks about Stars Hollow The Musical

The therapist (Kerry Butler) auditioning for Stars Hollow The Musical

Esther (The woman who never stops filing, at The Stars Hollow Gazette)

The scene with Lorelai and Rory delivering the papers (with “These Boots Are Made For Walking” playing in the background)

Every scene with the “thirty something gang” (especially the “i drink your milk shake, I drink it up” scene) “We love everything Paul Thomas Anderson does”

The entire “Stars Hollow: The Musical” (I get why people think it was too long, maybe it’s my love for musicals but I thought it was just long enough :)

The meeting after the musical!! “What do you want it to be? Less perfect? -Donald

Jess taking Luke’s hat off his head and tossing it away

Rory writing a book about her and Lorelai’s life


Jess unhooking the WIFI!!! And everyone’s reaction

The entire Life And Death Brigade scene with “With A Little Help From My Friends” playing in the background (especially Finn, Colin, and Robert’s badass entrance)

Logan taking a mental picture of Rory before they end their relationship

Lorelai’s story about her boyfriend breaking up with her on her 13th birthday, skipping school to go the mall, her father finding her and buying her a big pretzle with mustard and taking her to a movie 

Lorelai proposing to Luke (and Luke’s entire rant just before)

Emily finding contentment in Nantucket. (The scene where she listens to “Some People” from the musical Gypsy. Which is a very empowering song)

Rory walking through the empty Gilmore mansion and all the flashbacks of Richard!

Michel giving all the applicants for his job a hard time, because he doesn’t want anyone else to have the job.

Miss Celine!!! “Lorelai, I need to finish pinning that dress, I don’t want you to lean over and have your Deanna Durbins tumble out in front of the clergy”

Luke being friends with Kiefer Sutherland and Lorelai’s reaction, her impression of Kiefer Sutherland is gold. Lorelai dancing so she can fit in her dress and telling Luke to leave when he suggests she not eat ice cream.

Dean’s cameo (I’m so happy that he’s found happiness in his life! He deserves it!!!)

Sookie’s cameo!!!! (As if I hadn’t cried enough during this revival!!!) Michel’s reaction to seeing her and eating the fat free granola with his hands.

“Reflecting Light” playing in the background while Luke and Lorelai elope!! (Whatever company makes Kleenex should pay ASP for all the money they made off of this revival!!)

And yes even the ending and the last 4 words. (My only disapointment is that we might not get to see Lorelai as a grandmother)

Sometimes you just have to embrace all the cliches

All of them.

(Also known as Haha Oops I Got Sucked Into Hot Topic By This Shirt And I Couldn’t Just Look At It I Had To Buy One And Now I Have A Lost Boys Shirt I Guess)

Getting clothing things for my birthday is pretty awesome~

The detailing is hard to see but there are buttons and a bow and stuff

Also so very excited to wear this dancing this month it’s got a swirly skirt and it’s going to look so cool ^^