We can watch
We can watch
We can watch
We can watch them go by.
From here.
From here.
From here….. [x]


Aly and I killed ourselves with just thinking/art-battling this idea out.

Regarding that, Rory helped Dill utlitize the healing properties of his tar, which worked easier and faster on Demeter kids because of their plant-affinity.

Rest of the campters, not so much.

It worked but not as quickly as ambrosia/nectar/magical Apollo healing light….which are some hard things to live up to, to be honest.

Dill doesn’t mind, but he still helped in making some salves anyway.

pandamunk  asked:


“I can’t tell whether this was a great idea or a horrible one.”

“I’d like to go with great.”

“I’m gonna concur with that.”

The three ladies were sitting next to each other on the couch with a glass of wine in their hands. It was hard to tell they were sitting in a couch at all, rather than being lost in an ocean of white fabric, lace, frills and tulle. On top of each of their heads perched a tiara with a large veil.

“Great store policy,” Rory grinned, sipping from her glass. “Good on you to find one that does home-deliveries.”

“Yeah, it said so on the sign,” Thyme chortled, pushing the veil out of her face. “I had already picked one out, but when they said you could take a few home to try them on there, who am I to say no to that.”

“Good decision,” Ange agreed, observing her elbow-length gloves as she stretched her arm out in front of her. “I have the hardest time telling if these are really cool or really tacky.”

“Ladies, we should be proud of ourselves,” Rory declared, sitting up. “I do believe we went out of our way to find three pairs of the epitome of frilliness and lacey…ness.”

“A toast,” Thyme said, lifting her glass, “To three bodacious babes who can rock these things like nothing else.”

“And who managed to weird out the pizza delivery boy when they answered the door with ‘I do,’” Ange added, hoisting her glass up next to Thyme’s.

“And to the by far classiest sleepover I’ve ever been on,” Rory joined in.

“Hear hear!”

- - -