Who all is going to the Official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff this weekend?

The Official Doctor Who Convention with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat (And So Many More!®) begins March 24 in Cardiff, Wales. Here’s everything you should know (so far):

There’s going to be Tumblr Doctor Who meetups on March 23rd, 24th and 25th! Tumblr Whovian Rebecca is taking the initiative to organize several Tumblr meetups in Cardiff including ones that you can attend without a ticket! As we’ve kind of said before, we expect all Tumblr Whovian meetups to look exactly like this:

Take pics to prove us right. Or wrong. Meetup info here:

There are TARDIS tours all day Monday, March 26th! It’s free to conference attendees only but you’ll get to visit the actual TARDIS set. Please go. For the love of Gallifrey PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO! And post pics to Tumblr so the rest of us can see.

Speaking of which, if you are among the Whovians attending the Con, be sure to take photos, livetweet, livetumbl, post recaps and Matt Smith sightings! We’re going to be watching the following tags for updates and will reblog stuff as it comes in: doctor who convention, dwcon, doctorwhocon, cardiffcon, KONY2012 RORY2012.

We’ve handed over “coverage” duties to our siblings from the Doctor Who Facebook page and Anglophenia blog in exchange for watching their cats for the weekend. Follow us for exclusive behind the scenes stuff we’ll be getting from DW Facebook and Anglo (or follow them if you’re into the Facebook or blog thing.) We may also post pictures of their cats.

(gif of Maru not necessarily representative of actual experience with normal cats.)

Ok. We think that’s it so far. Anything we’re missing? Let us know. We’ll be reblogging this post whenever we have new info.

Allons-y, Alonsoses!

Reminder: our coverage of the Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff begins at 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific! (9am Cardiff time)

If you want to be up for it with us, awesome! We’ll do shots of jelly babies (SUGAR!) and green tea (LIGHT CAFFEINE!) together! But if you don’t, no worries! This is a blog! Everything will still be there when you wake up! Exclamation points are fun!

Matt, Karen, Arthur, and Moffat have two Q&A panels that we’re hoping to livetumbl. We’ll post updates as soon as we can.

Also: Doctor Who Facebook is going to stream live gameplay of the Doctor Who Worlds in Time and The Eternity Clock in the morning so we’re going to embed that when it shows up.

If you’re in Cardiff, remember to tag your Tumblr posts dwcon, dwcuk, and doctor who convention. Any sightings of Arthur Darvill or Rory Williams cosplay should be tagged RORY2012.

And again: we’re supposed to be watching Anglophenia’s and the Doctor Who Facebook’s cats while they’re away but we lost both of them. If you see them, please let us know. Thx.