Supernatural meets Gilmore Girls
  • Rory: Oh my god... Dean?
  • SPN Dean: Uh... Yeah?
  • Rory: No... I mean him
  • SPN Dean: Who, Sam?
  • Rory: No, Dean.
  • SPN Dean: No, I'm Dean.
  • Rory: No, he's Dean. I should know, we dated.
  • SPN Dean: I should know, he's my brother.
  • Rory: Dean?
  • SPN Dean: Sam?
  • Jared Padalecki: I can explain

Gilmore Girls (2000 — 2007)
Thanks for the good times. 


Imagine if they had gotten back together. Imagine her, a journalist for the New York Times, and he, an author, traveling the world and writing together. They had a connection one could only dream of; one that Logan and Dean could not bring to their relationships with Rory.


It’s scary to be in love, that much I know, but it’s also wonderful and special and if you can’t say it or fully express it then you’re never gonna be able to experience it and I want you to experience everything that’s great because you’re so great. I’m not saying you say “I love you” at the drop of a hat. It has to be right and real and it has to take a lot of thought. But someday with someone it will be right.