there is something so satisfying yet unsatisfying that literati’s first and last kiss parallel each other so well it… it drives me CRAZY like their first kiss you knew it was just the beginning for them, you waited alllll season for rory to break up with dean and be with jess like damn like she impulsively kisses him like it’s all her decision !!!!!!!! and then in PA they’re both just hanging out, laughing, catching up, talking about his book. and then he whispers i’m glad you’re here and leans forward a little and then she goes “yeah me too” or what not and leans in and then they’RE KISSING and it’s like they’re finally coming together like they both made this decision to lean in and meet in the middle it’s like they’re doing their first kiss right this time. it is time for them to be ! together ! but NO it ends just like the first, with rory running away (not that she runs runs in PA but ya know) can u believe their love story basically ended the same way it started ??!?!?!?! im distraught

Supernatural meets Gilmore Girls
  • Rory:Oh my god... Dean?
  • SPN Dean:Uh... Yeah?
  • Rory:No... I mean him
  • SPN Dean:Who, Sam?
  • Rory:No, Dean.
  • SPN Dean:No, I'm Dean.
  • Rory:No, he's Dean. I should know, we dated.
  • SPN Dean:I should know, he's my brother.
  • Rory:Dean?
  • SPN Dean:Sam?
  • Jared Padalecki:I can explain

I feel like Rory’s relationships with Dean, Logan and Jess can basically be summarized by what would happen if they went to a bookstore together…

Dean would follow Rory around the bookstore for hours, eventually getting bored, sitting down and bargaining with her - she could stay a little longer if she’d agree to do what he wanted later.

Logan would tell Rory to go look around while he hits the bar next door, and hours later, when she still doesn’t want to go he talks her into leaving, promising they can come back and do the same thing next week.

Jess would be browsing the bookstore with her, and they’d each be giving each other warnings like “five more minutes” or “one more section” that they keep breaking until they’re kicked out because the store is closing.