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bro what would the evan characters be like drunk??

the evans drunk…

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  • was SUPPOSED to be the designated driver
  • ^ violet had to drag their asses home instead
  • contributed to music selection, nirvana hella
  • he’s very emotional
  • he sits in the corner rocking back and forth mumbling about how death is inevitable
  • “aYe mmmnn BARTENDER! can i have lemonade”
  • sings shes a rainbow to his guinea pig
  • talks to everyone like they’re ben
  • “and today i felt sad, like a different sad”
  • “yaint your therapist, tate”


  • BIGGEST mood swings
  • crying in the corner and stripping on the table a minute later
  • will probably give anyone a lap dance
  • once downed 11 beers and cartwheeled out the window
  • can NEVER remember the night when he wakes up
  • “damn i hope i didn’t do anything too embarrassing!”
  • “wow im sO hor- is that a DOG?!”
  • gets drunk off of one shot
  • is suddenly in love with everyone in his sight
  • just like,, goes up to random people and sits in their lap or hugs them


  • oh boy. this bitch either wildin or sobbing no inbetween
  • is always carrying a solo cup even though they’re at a bar
  • “BRO do you have a juul?!”
  • “kyle you’re a frat boy not a 14 year old”
  • hes the human embodiment of the song “don’t threaten me with a good time” by patd
  • pours beer over his head and says hes showering
  • surprisingly doesn’t drink a lot
  • “can someone suck my dick pleeeease?”
  • follows people around and asks for hugs


  • well we’ve seen him drunk
  • angry drunk, punches things for fun
  • sits at the bar and sobs about his life sucks
  • “i have fuckin… CLAWS for HANDS, march”
  • “kitty come give me a huuuug”
  • talks about how he misses the freak show sometimes
  • snorts cocaine and bangs his head on the bar
  • forgets everyone’s name and has resorted to just calling everyone “you”
  • “hey uhhh YOU! with the blue hair”
  • drunk jimmy tries to console kyle


  • surprisingly quite calm
  • slurs his words a LOT
  • his accent gets so heavy you cant even understand him
  • very tolerant to alcohol
  • has to drink like 13 beers to get drunk
  • stands on the table and gives a toast to john lowe even though he aint there
  • he gets extremely intellectual
  • “GOD ISNT REAL!” *throws shot glass*
  • “mmnm the world is full of crude bastards”
  • a mess


  • kyle on steroids 2.0
  • “hey guys guess who brought COCAINE?!”
  • is literally going to die from alcohol poisoning
  • “have you met my friend kyle? hes great. there’s no one better than my friend kyle”
  • on the dance floor the entire night
  • knows the choreography to single ladies
  • recites all of his lines from roanoke nightmare and tries to kiss kyle and says “hes guiness”
  • “i am married to EVERYONE in this room”
  • his form of dancing is standing on the bar and screaming the lyrics to africa


  • basically walked in naked
  • “im ready to get fucked tonight”
  • lets kit give him a lap dance and makes sure to let him know the next day
  • humps the TV to the extreme
  • screams to communicate
  • “what do you mean this isn’t a strip club?”
  • leaves halfway through to go to the strip club
  • tries to start fights
  • gets in political arguments
  • dyes his hair uncontrollably


  • sings the words to time in a bottle whilst crying on the couch
  • has 3 moods: crying, laughing, and kinky
  • “am i catholic or protestant? god i just don’t know!”
  • ^ if you know where that’s from you’re going to straight to hell
  • spends his entire credit card
  • remembers everything the next morning
  • claims that he is actually peter maximoff
  • “i can run really fast, watch!” *falls over*
  • seduces everyone
  • dances very poorly in the middle of the floor

enjoy! these were fun to write

sharing a bed //tate langdon

warnings: none

a/n: this gif has upped my gpa, cleared my skin, and i’ve dropped 10 pounds

  • facing each other
  • his fingers lazily skimming up and down your arm until you fall asleep
  • doesn’t actually need to sleep but will gladly lay with you whenever you ask
  • trying to stay up as long as you can so that tate doesn’t get lonely
  • as much as tate appreciates this, he can’t help but feel a bit guilty when he notices your heavy eyelids and poorly hidden yawns
  • —“baby can you please get some sleep? i can see how tired you are”
  • —“but tate then you’ll be alone”
  • —“I’ve been alone for years babe i think i can handle a few more hours”
  • —“tateeee”
  • —“y/nnnn”
  • —“fine”
  • falling asleep to whichever record he chooses to play that night on the vintage record player that you two found in the attic

Evan Peters speaking out about how much American Horror Story had such a huge affect on his health and how he ‘doesn’t feel good’ is heartbreaking. I love Evan and I love the characters he plays, however I would much rather see him happy and healthy than have another season of AHS and I’m sure any fan of his would agree with me

sharing a bed //james march

warnings: none

a/n: i don’t have much to say aside from can i please please please have a james march

  • despite being a ghost, james quite enjoys his sleep
  • often begging him to tell you stories about anything and everything just to hear the sound of his voice
  • the sound of his smooth voice is more than enough to lure you to sleep
  • james loves when you lay on top of him with your head on his chest and his hands on your back
  • taking advantage of the fact that he showers every evening, meaning you can easily run your fingers through his dark locks
  • —“james do you think bugs that die in this hotel turn into ghosts too or-“
  • —“dearest, i love you. truly, i do. but it’s 4 a.m do you think we could discuss this tomorrow?”
  • —“..sorry james”
  • —“nonsense my darling, i admire your odd sense of curiosity, just not at such an early hour”
  • rubbing his hand up and down your back to coax you back to sleep