rory and jess


Bughead ❦ Literati // Betty & Jughead + Rory & Jess parallels ❧ interrupted by Mom while making out 

Oh my gosh.

- Rory cheated on Dean with Jess by kissing him.

- Dean cheated on his wife with Rory.

- Logan has cheated on Rory.

- Rory cheated on Logan by kissing Jess.

- She repeatedly cheated on Paul with Logan.

- She also had sex with some stranger while dating Paul and having sex with Logan.

- Logan has repeatedly cheated on his fiancé with Rory.

- And then there’s jess who (yes he was a jerk because he sort of broke up Dean and Rory but Dean and Rory were already falling apart especially since Rory had feelings for Jess.) when Dean and Rory broke up instead of kissing her he broke up with his girlfriend, even though he was just using her and probably had no real feelings for her. Just lust. But he still broke up with her before anything happened between him and Rory.
He didn’t cheat on anyone and Rory wasn’t just his side piece.
I love Jess Mariano.