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5.08 - The Party’s Over

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I really wish we'd had more Mick/Amaya interaction. Not even in a shippy way, but there was that whole bit when she said about taming Mick's animal side and then we just saw none of that at all. That would have been nice to see, someone working *with* him for once. And actively trying to help him.

I agree wholeheartedly, though it’s also just something they do a lot of on this show: drop storylines and then are like “oh yeah these two people care deeply about each other but we never showed it to you.”

I mean we had such a great story with Ray and Mick developing that dropped off the face of the planet as well? It really confused me? And it was a carryover from last season so it was odd how little they interacted after the cold gun was dismantled, except for stuff with Axel the rat.

Anyhoo, it is a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Mick and Amaya’s friendship developing after she gave him the bottle of booze and he was hallucinating. Maybe he tried to avoid her, knowing he was unwell, and dealing with the hallucination of Len telling him to steer clear of her? That’s obviously conjecture though.

And I do wish that we’d had more insight into the ‘animal side’ of Mick. I got the impression that Amaya, with her closeness and love of animals, her connection to the animal kingdom as a whole, sees having an ‘animal’ side as very different from most people, who mean it in a far more brutish way. Mick himself means it in a self-deprecating way, and I liked the idea that Amaya could change that association for him, make animality something beautiful and powerful instead of something worth derogating.

But yeah, Legends writers, amirite?

You know the more I think on it the better I think Legends of Tomorrow would have gone better if the Legends had killed Savage in Night of the Hawk.

Naturally killing Savage in 1958 would have caused a Time Quake AND a Time Paradox. I mean the Legends probably had enough time to go “wtf is happening Rip?” and for Rip to be like “I always intended for things to happen this way and I’m sorry I wasn’t more honest with all of you.”

Jump to new timeline Rip Hunter that is on the run from Chronos, not knowing why he went renegade against the Time Masters but understanding it must have been a damn good reason for him to have intentionally made a Time Quake/Time Paradox. Que Chronos sparing Hunter’s life and revealing himself to be Mick Rory.

Mick really doesn’t have the patience or the tolerance to explain everything to Hunter because Rip needs to go save the team from the other Hunters/Pilgrim. Chronos can’t go because he’s a Time Remnant that managed to avoid the Time Quake/Paradox by being in the Vanishing Point but Time is catching up on him. The people he wants revenge on are essentially dead and Mick was never one for enforcing the law.

So Rip goes and saves/gathers the Legends and explains as best as he can that they seriously messed up the timeline and are being hunted by the Time Masters as a result. They can’t keep running without the rest of the Legends getting erased from the Timeline and Rip highly doubts turning himself in would be enough to spare them.

Rip smuggles the Legends on the Waverider to the Vanishing Point so they can sabotage the place and then rescue Rip. (Let’s just pretend the Oculus does not exist at all, m'kay?) They succeed but this now leaves Time without protection and a Thanagarian Invasion to worry about. Climax of the first season are the Legends breaking off in teams to destroy the meteorites and delay/stop the Invasion for at least a couple more centuries so humanity has more time to build up its defenses.

And then season two could be pretty much the same with the Legends trying to protect Time and screwing it up as they tried anyways. The Spear of Destiny and Legion of Doom and all that good stuff. (Except maybe Rip being a lot more honest/upfront with why he needs their help and explaining things because Good Lord, they are all Time has left anymore to protect it. And it’s all Rip’s fault.)


together or not all || a rory/amy fanmix

for friends who fell in love, for running through the stars with the doctor and with each other. for living and dying and waiting and loving. for forgetting and remembering, for coming apart and coming together.

for the girl who waited and the last centurion.

(for @stars-inthe-sky. happy birthday!! <333)

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After 1 particularly nasty fight between the Legends, the Music Meister whammys the whole team into one huge musical fever dream to make them come together. No one knew Rory had such a beautiful baritone voice, and no one is allowed to talk about it after they wake up. That is unless they want to be set on fire. 


“We just sort of felt like we wanted to leave it in that way because it was really less about who the father was and more about Rory repeating her mother’s history.” - Amy Sherman-Palladino

so basically i wasted all that time watching Gilmore Girls because Rory was always meant to end up like her mother. i love Lorelai but NO, THANK YOU. Rory’s life has always been the complete opposite of her mom’s. unlike Lorelai Rory had all the love and support of her loved ones, not to mention the financial security. try to sell your shit somewhere else, Amy.

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Rorie! 1, 11, 14, 15, 16, 22, 20, 18?

Went with 20 because  >_> Nightmare despair abomination Rorie from mine and @cornbeefroast‘s dual inquisitor au. 

Also, this was my original end story canon for Rorie ages ago. Before trespasser was released. Anchor gone wild, swallowed up by despair, and yeah. Fun for the whole family!

Reasons Why Christopher Hayden is Not a Good Guy

Alright gang so it’s that time of the month again. Yes when Christopher apologists are blooming and singing and making ridiculous arguments in support of this idiot. I’m gonna try and not go all meta on this but I can’t make any promises.

1. Literally ran off to California leaving Lorelai alone to raise their daughter at 16.
Listen I don’t give a crap that Lorelai didn’t want to get married, or that she ran away to Stars Hollow for that matter. If Christopher had any interest in being a father he would’ve been there the whole time. When she ran away why didn’t he say, “um excuse me you have no right to take off and keep my kid from me??” Instead he just goes across the country and “keeps in touch.”

2. Literally did not visit Stars Hollow for SIXTEEN YEARS.
His parents live in Hartford. There’s no way he wasn’t around. And yet….

3. Literally did not celebrate Christmas with his daughter until she was 22 years old.
Not only that, but I’m p sure he NEVER celebrated a birthday with her. A couple cards, a couple phone calls.

4. Literally abandoned his wife and turned off his cell phone while her father was in the hospital for a heart episode (his SECOND btw) because he was mad at her. Like okay cool you can be mad about the character reference if you want (he really has no room to be mad but whatever), but for him to be totally unavailable during that entire process is unforgivable. What if something had happened to Rory? Or shit what if something happened to Lorelai?? While Christopher was off licking his wounds terrible things were happening and, shocker, he wasn’t there for Lorelai and Rory when they needed him the most. And THEN he had the audacity to “check in” (one of my favorite exchanges - “I’m not the 6:40 to Buffalo”) and then just BAIL AGAIN. No, “I’m here for you during his hard time but I am still very upset but we will talk about this later.” No, like always, he blows in and blows out without a second thought. AND he’s not even really sorry?? He basically just blames Lorelai for him having to have some space and turn off his phone.

5. Literally blames the brokenness of their marriage solely on Lorelai.
The scene where Lorelai and Chris decide to end their marriage (and also the fight that resulted in it) infuriates me. Lorelai is crying and apologizing and shouldering all the blame and Christopher just lets her. He doesn’t take responsibility for any problems within their marriage. Of course it’s all Lorelai’s fault cause she’s the screw up, right? She didn’t enter into this marriage with her whole heart so obviously its demise was her doing. She tells him over and over that she loves him and is committed to their marriage but it’s all her fault. Right.

6. Literally got into a fistfight with Luke after he was already married to Lorelai.
??????!?! Luke has every right to want to beat the shit out of Christopher, but Christopher “won” so wtf? He’s bitter and petty and jealous so he’s allowed to assault another human being?? Like yes Luke totally went and assaulted Christopher after Lorelai slept with him and that’s not cool (despite how much I love it), but at that point Luke himself had done NOTHING to deserve that. He literally was not speaking to Lorelai and had not for a while, minus a couple of moments of desperation??

7. Literally coerced Lorelai into getting married.
I’m not saying that Lorelai wasn’t at least a little into it, but he cornered her. He emotionally manipulated her. He whisked her off to Paris and had this big, over the top romantic gesture put together NOT THAT LONG AFTER SHE HAD JUST BEEN ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE therefore making her very vulnerable. What was she supposed to do? Say no and get stuck with him in Paris and then make an awkward trip home with him? Not only that, but she got married WITHOUT RORY. Lorelai NEVER would have done that in her right mind. She literally put off her and Luke’s wedding for months until she could make things right with Rory. She was not ready to be married period, let alone to Christopher, and he totally knew that but he also knows Lorelai and knows how to prey on her weaknesses. He even says, “I thought I could handle being your second choice but I can’t,” or something. ?????

8. Literally did not attend Rory’s HS graduation.
Not much to be said about this one, but while you can just attribute it to David Sutcliffe’s availability, keep in mind that him not being there is fine, expected even. Like, “Oh David can’t film then? That’s fine Chris just won’t be there.” That’s the kind of character that he is. Him not being at his daughter’s graduation is nbd. The audience just accepts that he’s not there.

9. Literally made a scene at Emily & Richard’s vow renewals.
“He was drunk!”
“Sloppy writing! Out of character!”
Alrighty friends. Being drunk doesn’t excuse bad behavior, it just provides a reason for the behavior.
And this is so not out of character. Lorelai has never been really serious about a man ever, which is what Emily told Christopher. Christopher’s wife left him and his dad had just died. So he’s in a bad state emotionally. He sees who he believes to be his true love being totally in love with someone else. He sees the life he wanted slipping away. That mixed with alcohol would make anyone act out. We have also seen in the past that he has the capability of flying off the handle when he literally humiliates Lorelai in the diner by screaming at her in front of everyone (which should get its own bullet point but I digress).

10. Literally made himself unavailable to Rory.
He always had to be the one to call her because his numbers were disconnected. Or they had no idea where he was. He had to reach out and make arrangements for them to spend time together - she could never just say hey let’s have a weekend. But that’s also due in part to his track record of making promises and then not following through. What kid wants to constantly be let down? So how does one or two phone calls a week and maybe one or two visits (NOT in Stars Hollow) for decades make him a good father?? Or a good guy? Lorelai specifically said she has always had an open door policy but he just chose not to use it. Even if you excuse his lack of involvement as a teen/young adult, there’s still a good 6-7 years from ages like 25-32 when he could’ve made more of an effort.

Then there’s just the fact that Christopher is incredibly selfish and immature. I love Lorelai but I do not like who Lorelai is when she is with Christopher - she is not her best self when she is with him. He also rarely wants to spend time with Rory just to spend time with Rory - he’s always got an agenda. Not to mention that he pretty much cheated on Sherri twice with Lorelai and then tried to bail on Gigi to try and make it work with her. PLUS there’s the fact that Rory felt like she needed to go and tell him to stay away from Lorelai because he always messes up their lives, “It always ends the same way, mom’s crying and you’re not there.” I feel like that says A LOT. I won’t even go in to the stupid things he did with Gigi.
Then there’s how how he SLEPT WITH LORELAI when she came to see him after she gave Luke the ultimatum. If Christopher really loved Lorelai the way he says he does, and if he was really as good of a friend as everyone thinks he is, he would’ve simply comforted her and been a shoulder to cry on. Like yes of course it takes two, but a “good guy” would not have let it go that far. A “good guy” would’ve seen what a horrible emotional state she was in and would not have let her use him as a fall back or safety net or revenge or whatever. But Christopher is Christopher so he manipulated the situation to get what he wanted, even afterwards when he pestered her about giving their relationship a real shot.

Also, I’m not saying he’s THE WORLD’S WORST HUMAN BEING. LITERALLY DIE. He’s human so of course he makes mistakes. I’m just soooo tired of reading about how great he is and people apologizing for his actions.

As you can see, I have very strong feelings about this. And these are all pretty much basic facts in the show. You don’t have to give it a lot of analysis to see these things.
So PLEASE pardon me when I complete the world’s biggest eyeroll every time someone sticks up for this loser or makes excuses for him. I’m gonna break a record someday.

***Note: NOTHING against David Sutcliffe - he is actually really great. When he was on Private Practice I was really rooting for him and Addison and really liked his character.

****Not calling Christopher fans idiots, I’m just calling his character an idiot. It’s a free country - you’re allowed to like whoever you want.

*******I’m not interested in having a debate about this - everyone is entitled to their opinion. But no one is ever going to change my mind or provide any evidence that I will think is valid. So please don’t bother reblogging or commenting if you’re just gonna argue.

Logan will always be the one for Rory. She had YEARS (nearly a decade) to find someone new who could take Logan’s place in her heart and no one did. With all his flaws, it is still Logan that she loves. Not someone else. 

And now Logan and Rory are tied to each other for life. I still can’t believe this is real. There will be a person with his hair and her eyes, a person who will be a part of both of them.