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I really wish we'd had more Mick/Amaya interaction. Not even in a shippy way, but there was that whole bit when she said about taming Mick's animal side and then we just saw none of that at all. That would have been nice to see, someone working *with* him for once. And actively trying to help him.

I agree wholeheartedly, though it’s also just something they do a lot of on this show: drop storylines and then are like “oh yeah these two people care deeply about each other but we never showed it to you.”

I mean we had such a great story with Ray and Mick developing that dropped off the face of the planet as well? It really confused me? And it was a carryover from last season so it was odd how little they interacted after the cold gun was dismantled, except for stuff with Axel the rat.

Anyhoo, it is a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Mick and Amaya’s friendship developing after she gave him the bottle of booze and he was hallucinating. Maybe he tried to avoid her, knowing he was unwell, and dealing with the hallucination of Len telling him to steer clear of her? That’s obviously conjecture though.

And I do wish that we’d had more insight into the ‘animal side’ of Mick. I got the impression that Amaya, with her closeness and love of animals, her connection to the animal kingdom as a whole, sees having an ‘animal’ side as very different from most people, who mean it in a far more brutish way. Mick himself means it in a self-deprecating way, and I liked the idea that Amaya could change that association for him, make animality something beautiful and powerful instead of something worth derogating.

But yeah, Legends writers, amirite?

Watching Gilmore Girls as an adult has made me care about Jess more and consider how awful his early life was and how damaging that would have been, but it also makes me more protective of Rory and the way he treats her, so it’s very confusing to me because on the one hand I’m like, “He needs to be loved and he is HURTING!!” but on the other I’m reminded of all the mean boys who manipulated me the way he does Rory and how long it took to recover and I’m like, “Get AWAY from her you little rat bastard!”


So i just finished Mr Student Body President and. It’s really funny and good. It has Jeremy Shada (Finn and Lance’s VA!!!) playing the main character. And i have a few headcannons sooo.
Spoiler warning!!!!

-Tyler doesn’t have many friends. He was probably bullied when he was younger and has like, social anxiety. So he doesn’t really know how to make friends.
-Hadley has a really big family. Really big.
-That time when Tyler was left alone at winter break? Yeah. Alone for two weeks. Hadley probably sent him a rec list of movies to watch. (He watched like two of them. But the thought was nice.)
-Hadley doesn’t use the built in emoji’s because she has a Samsung phone and most people have Apple. So she just uses stuff like :) , >:( and :\ (although mainly :| )
-Tyler probably has like 5 tshirts. He totaly dresses like a nerd out of school. Like. Shirt+Jumper combo.
-When he’s not interning for Tyler, or doing school stuff, Rory is a masive comicbook fan. His faves are The Flash ones.
-Tyler lacks the co-ordinance to play dodgeball but he’s a good swimmer. He just doesn’t.
-Hadley plays guitar. She just started and her older sibling is teaching her.
-Rory has a collection of gameboys. It’s just that. They break. So easily. And are kinda easy to find. Soooo.
-Tyler is like a musical prodigy. He’s very good but insists that no-one can know.

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"Luke and Lorelai doesn't have a healthy relationship. I don't get why people like them so much," a recent post from starshollowconfessions says. Agree or disagree?

I think it depends on if you’re talking about original series or AYITL. And this is going to get fairly long, but in short … in the original series, their relationship wasn’t very healthy the further you got into season 6, with a lot of the damage being done in season 5. But in A Year in the Life, their overall relationship is a lot stronger.

And because I am clearly Hermione (or Rory), here’s a really long essay about the differences between their OS relationship and their communication issues in AYITL.

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After 1 particularly nasty fight between the Legends, the Music Meister whammys the whole team into one huge musical fever dream to make them come together. No one knew Rory had such a beautiful baritone voice, and no one is allowed to talk about it after they wake up. That is unless they want to be set on fire. 

Rory’s commitment issues and Logan’s proposal

I’ve been wondering around when we fans over analyze the proposal back in the end of season 7. Some of us wish she had said yes, some of us know she had to say no. So I thought I’d give it a shot and write it long to give my opinion on why Rory is still (even in the revival) a commitmentphobe and really wasn’t ready then to marry him. 

Warning: this is going to be long! ;)

I think the proposal shouldn’t have happened because the Logan Huntzberger we know and love from all the previous seasons of the show wouldn’t have proposed without discussing marriage first the two of them, he wouldn’t have proposed in front of a bunch of strange ladies from the DAR on the graduation party thrown by the grandparents, he would have made a grand gesture yes but just for them. maybe using the help of the guys of the LDB but nothing as public as it was. I think it was rushed as a way to break them up and make the focus (forcibly IMO) lay only on the girls. I think that the Logan we know and love would have asked her to go with him yes, but he’d have probably proposed later down the road because he wanted to show her the world, he wanted her to have the world and share it all with her. No matter what, he loved her more than anyone, simple as that.

I’m going to try to break down the main arguments around the proposal and the refusal of it so if you wish, keep on, it’s about to get interesting!

He said he’d go wherever she went how dare he turn the tables on her when he said he’d join her! How dare he take the job in California!
Actually they agreed they would factor each other in but in reality, as Paris pointed out, Rory wasn’t willing or really ready to factor him in (”carry that thought out, would you go with him?”). Yes he said (very clearly) for this one you make your decision based on what you want. That was when she was debating between the projo or waiting for the Reston fellowship. He said clearly “if you go to New York maybe I’ll go live in New York if you go to Providence maybe I’ll go live in Providence”. She got neither, she was up in the air she had NO job and no nothing, no idea what to do next except apply for whatever job that would take her. She initially considered interviewing for San Francisco papers, when they were shopping for her suit with Lorelai, Rory said so, and this was before her interview with the ProJo, having the possibility of applying to the fellowship and having already scheduled the interview with the Providence Journal she was still looking so she wanted whatever paper would have her. Thing is, after she turned down the ProJo and the fellowship didn’t come through, she had nothing, she was up in the air and he got this fantastic offer. If things had been the other way around he WOULD have gone with her, but she didn’t have anything! And is not like he wanted her to come and twiddle her thumbs daily until he got home from work. He wanted her with him so they could find a life together so they could work and live together in the same place. Was it so outrageous that him having a good thing and her having nothing yet, he wanted her to go and try out luck for work there in the same city, with him? Why was it only ok if Logan was the one to do that and not Rory?

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Rorie! 1, 11, 14, 15, 16, 22, 20, 18?

Went with 20 because  >_> Nightmare despair abomination Rorie from mine and @cornbeefroast‘s dual inquisitor au. 

Also, this was my original end story canon for Rorie ages ago. Before trespasser was released. Anchor gone wild, swallowed up by despair, and yeah. Fun for the whole family!