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5.08 - The Party’s Over


I’m so frustrated that Lane was barely in the revival at all. 

She was a big part of the original series, she was Rory’s friend when Paris made her miserable and then Paris gets to be a fairly big part of the revival but not Lane. That’s such bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong because I love Paris, but Lane was there from day one. Just like Rory she also had big dreams and ambitions but in season 7 it seems the writers just gave up on her and just made her pregnant because that way she’d be stuck in Stars Hollow forever with Zach who is working a job he hates to support them. I just think Lane was done so wrong in both season 7 and now in this revival too. I’m kinda pissed about it tbh.

Logan will always be the one for Rory. She had YEARS (nearly a decade) to find someone new who could take Logan’s place in her heart and no one did. With all his flaws, it is still Logan that she loves. Not someone else. 

And now Logan and Rory are tied to each other for life. I still can’t believe this is real. There will be a person with his hair and her eyes, a person who will be a part of both of them.
22 Unforgettable Shipper Moments of 2016
From ‘Gilmore Girls,’ to ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ we rounded up TV’s best shipper moments from 2016

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#4. Jess Isn’t Over Rory, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

For the majority of the Gilmore Girls revival, it seemed like only one of Rory’s exes had a chance at a future with her: Logan, whom she was sleeping with despite the fact that he was engaged. And yet, in the end, another ex stepped forward as a possibility. After Luke asked Jess if he was “over” Rory, Jess assured his uncle that he was … only to stay one moment longer on Rory’s front porch so that he could gaze upon her longingly. And for Team Jess, that moment means hope for the future, even if we don’t get to see it. —Samantha Highfill

  • Mick: None of these people are my friends.
  • Mick: *literally calls Stein his friend and says he likes him multiple times*
  • Mick: *carries jax when he's hurt and looks super concerned for him*
  • Mick: *listens to rip's instructions about not killing*
  • Mick: *warns Rip that Druce wants to kill the team*
  • Mick: *refuses to leave ray*

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Rorie! 1, 11, 14, 15, 16, 22, 20, 18?

Went with 20 because  >_> Nightmare despair abomination Rorie from mine and @cornbeefroast‘s dual inquisitor au. 

Also, this was my original end story canon for Rorie ages ago. Before trespasser was released. Anchor gone wild, swallowed up by despair, and yeah. Fun for the whole family!

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Okay now I want to hear all your opinions for the controversial ship meme thingy! :)

Because my blog is strictly-not-so-strictly Gilmore Girls/Buffy the Vampire Slayer content only, I’m just going to focus on those ships:

Ship that you have as an OTP: Buffy/Rory (sorry but i had to!) Luke/Lorelai, Tara/Willow, Angel/Cordelia, Paris/Rory, Jess/Rory, Buffy/Spike, Xander/Spike (um yes Buffy and Spike can have two otps because I said so!), Richard/Emily. Hmm, but since I had to choose one OTP it would be Buffy/Rory I guess. It’s not real but hey I have my thing!

Ship that you’re indifferent to: Hmm…I guess Cordelia/Doyle (don’t know if you’ve watched the Angel Series yet). I mean, I love them both, but since we didn’t get to see enough of them together I’m mostly indifferent towards the ship.

Ship that makes you sad: Tara/Willow :(

Ship that you find disgusting: Amy/Skinless Warren. @luscious2 reminded me (from BtVS Season 8 if you wanted to know). Ick.

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: Xander/Cordelia. I suppose I can low key ship them at times but because of all their issues I could never get into them.

Ship that you secretly like: Lane/Zack sssh

Ship that you used to have as an OTP: Buffy/Angel. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, but if they were meant to be the show wouldn’t have found ways to constantly tell us that they’re not.

Ship that you find most sexy: Sprusilla! (Spike/Drusilla)

Ship that you can never see happening: Paris/Rory. I’m sad :(

Ship that is canon but you don’t ship: Xander/Dawn

Ship that is unpopular, but you still like: Giles/Joyce I think? I mean is it so unpopular?

Ship that is taboo: I putting Spuffy under this because while I love the ship I often get scared of posting stuff on it because of how polarizing it is.

Ship that pisses you off: Connor/Evil!Cordelia

Ship you’re curious about: Faith/Tara definitely thanks to the fandom.

Ship that needs more love: Xander/Anya. I don’t know; I just like them. They’re another low key ship that many seem to dislike. I’m also cheating and putting Lane/Zack under this.

Ship that is most misunderstood: Bangel

Thanks for the ask friend! :)

Under the Bridge- Iris and Rory

It had been one of those weeks where Iris didn’t really want to do anything really. After binging on drinking she found herself laying in bed, but she didn’t want to be alone either so she asked if she could go over to Rory’s. She had shown up in her sweats but she looked like a mess and she instantly curled up next to Rory in his bed and she had been like that for hours. She knew that there was work that she should be doing for class but she wasn’t in the mood to do anything. “Ro, you can’t tell mom and dad about this.” She said quietly as she ran her fingers through his hair just like she use to do when they were younger. She hadn’t had days where she stayed in bed all day in a while and she knew that Rory worried about her, but she didn’t want him to but it’s not like he’d listen to her even if she tried to explain everything.



I know there are already a lot of Luke and Rory gifsets, but I had to make one because I love their relationship. Luke loves and cares for Rory so much, and in no way is he obligated to do so. Luke isn’t Rory’s biological dad, but in my mind he is her dad in every other way. He was there for Rory for the little things and for the big moments in her life (like her high school graduation). And Rory also really cares for Luke (see quote in 2nd gif on left) she appreciates that he was there for her and Lorelai and she loves him too. These two just make me so emotional! 

Literati versus Rogan: A summary

Team Logan: Logan was great for Rory during her college years and I think they had one of the best relationships of the series, but if literati are endgame, I’d be fine with that too. I’m just happy we are getting a revival :)  



I’m planning a time jump for the Solomon Wshacy, to get me sufficiently interested in it again so I can conrinue playing on a regular basis. So there you go: Rory, Julie, Chloe, and Fern - all grown up! I don’t want to do an actual heir poll, this is just me trying to find out if you lot have a specific favourite or not?